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  1. I played on Galileo as Bitman JE with Knights of the white wolf also scorned for a while
  2. Hi there. Yep its me the only real Bitman :) Also Fase in KOWW. Still playing EVE from time to time as bitman also. Hope to cya IG soon

  3. Very well done guys, keep up the good work
  4. Yeah and you somehow forgot to make a poll
  5. u really start getting on my nerves. maybe i should spam your log ? Im sure there are other ways to get your issue solved. Like try to talk to the people that are involved in this. at least stop hijacking threads.
  6. Missed the most important option on the list for me: I couldnt care less. so thats my vote
  7. Why u think this is called stresstest? This is not supposed to be as comfortable as u would like it, that i can understand The universe is a harsh environment and sometimes u get a galactic earthquake. lol Guess we just have to change tactics. And don't think the devs wont react to this, just because they wont let us know.
  8. and what would be IYHO the purpose is this ?
  9. Let me get this right, u making all this noise because u want a cosmetic intervention? U would be perfectly happy with a JE if it would look like a terran? And u perfectly happy with the JE ship if it would look like a terran ship? U sure u dont wanna be a JE that looks like a Nightelf at daytime flying a JE ship that looks like a Golem? whats wrong with the jenquai look?
  10. Can anybody explain to me what this is all about ? Are some people really think this game would be better if we where all the same? I can't hardly imagine that. There is a very simple explanation for this. Most of the so called terran technologies are actually stolen from the Jenq and other races with help of the Progen forces. the next question would be how the jenq aquired all this tech. and how come the progen can build stuff at all in the first place, cause they only know how to shoot and stuff like that. Im kinda getting really bored right now. if i want a progen and a terran and a jenq i make one. It worked just fine for years on live. So what is the problem? Maybe one day, once we are live for a while we can evaluate, but even that would be more a job for the staff. The rest is politics and should really not be discussed on this forum
  11. I kinda understand both angles on this. U have to give parts of it away as an incentive, but u also have to keep the details hidden. The question is, where to draw the line? there is a good compromise on teh net7 db. also some important info is not directly accesible, like the missing list of Buff for an item in the itemlist, so that i can compare itembuffs on the fly, without switching back and forth all the time. There is also info available over who drops what in a sector. So if the map would connect to net7 db it could use all available info within the map that would include what to buy where and so forth. That way the devs keep control of what will be public. I would love to be able to make personal notes at specific locations about things i figured out. That would enable me to look up things on my map if i wanna help somebody else to find it. As u maybe noticed im talking in the I form, which means i am entirely speaking for myself. After i apologize for my bad english i would like to say that i found both tools (net7db and the interactive map) extremely usefull. live long and prospect
  12. U have to make a game account to play. Click here for more info
  13. Well, to get this back into the spot, JORG is still recruiting. We now have players from both timezones (euro/us)and things getting comfortable. So if you are a real Jenq, why not join the family ? live long and prospect Bit
  14. I think it is entirely up to u, where u place the downloaded files. The list of 5 links contains the same file, so u only have to down load it once anyway. During installation u should keep the default locations given by the installer though.
  15. Since u will need facts, here are some. I have 3 accounts with EVE of which i only use 1 actively for about 12 hour a month lately. Im not swimming against the grain with this. cause multiboxing is encouraged by CCP. (prolly because it generates extra cash:) I play EVE 7 years the last 4 exclusively single in a one man corp. U can do that in EVE. as a matter of fact many players do. Put aside the fact that most of the stuff u buy on the market is made from other players there is not much interaction with others. The last 2 Years i run T-DOP as a production fascillity for t2 drones and ships in a small highsec system 2 hops from Jita. Refueling the POS and shuffling parts and products back and forth to Jita take me about 12 hours a month. My totall net annual profit is around, thats because im so lazy. More then 90% of all the other players never make that much, as u can see in the financial annual reports made available to everybody. I think it all has alot to do with personal insight and skill. If u have the skill to run multiple boxes and u are good enough at it to solo-group combat, that is skill and efford, its not an exploit. running multiple accounts on live on a single box was never a problem. It kinda became one with the net-7 startup, specially on vista and W7. still works like a charme on xp. without any VM. Never used it for more then extended storage anyway. To be totally honest this whole discussion about multiboxing makes no real sense to me. Neither does the macropart because i think most people mean bots if they say macro. Im not a native english speaker so this little differences are very important 4 me 2 understand what the subject is about. in order to judge propperly we also need a common frame of reference, which we obviously don't have at this moment. The fact that Macros (bots) and multiboxing are combined in this subject only adds to the confusion. I guess this is what u get if u want to achive to much too fast:) u all fly safe and fight victorious
  16. its all clusters, we programed that way.
  17. Since i miss the abillity to think logical, i figured that multiplayer games are designed to have multiple players taking part. That is the fact. Its like in real life. we also live on the same planet, but we mostly don't cooperate alot with each other. even worth, we mostly work against each other. It's ego and thats another fact. Many MMo's have no endgame, best example is EVE.It might be possible that many people still play mmo's to win. the question is only, what are they expect to win? the ting with the weather is, that if it rains the streets get wet. On the other side, if the street are wet it might not be from the rain. Yes mmo's are created for multiplayers, but that doesnt mean that they all play together. I personally like to play together with others as much as i like to play alone. even without the capacity to think logical i can imagine alot of people also behave this way. Maybe im a troll too?????? u tell me Mort, because im obviously mentaly handicaped
  18. Would i subscribe? no i wouldnt. Why would i leave a community that takes so much care to keep a game alive that otherwise would be dead ? For a crapload of flashy gimmiks, and another upset? This is not bashing. In my eyes its just simply telling the truth. So i rather stick to people with a heart. Loyalty 4tw and my respect to all who keep this emu ticking.
  19. Like i said its all between the ears. Yes we fail as humans because we try to compensate our natural incompetence with weapons and violence. We fight for peace while we all know that u wont "get" peace. It is something that u either have or u don't. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a closer look at home. and in gods name don't be so scared. Live is only a game it sux......... and then u die Btw. We have some nifty wartoys in europa too, but its not that our livelyhood depends on it. Besides that i never wanted US cruisemissiles in my backyard anyway. Its a matter of how I look at things. its all between the ears
  20. Nice try Daywolf The only problem is that US troops in europe are not really defending anything and only cost the europeans lotsa money. (US actually get payed to be there) This compensation, they won't get anymore, so they end up with even less cash. Considering the amount of debts the US allready has , that would probately lead to more problems and leave europeans with an even bigger budget for even better healthcare But u kinda right, if the US would decrease millitary spendigs from roughly 75% to about 60% of the annual budget, they could offer free insurance to most people and even could sanitize the national debts. But that would probately raise the unemployment rates to soaring heights............. and so on and so on. I think the real problem is located between the ears. flame on, lol
  21. It's JE and JD for me. Maybe a TT for building, but im not so sure about that
  22. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. And yes, i still get rather stoned then drunk
  23. I had 2 accs on live and if i remember well i made new user 4 windows and run both accounts as different user.
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