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  1. Glad to hear it Woodstock. All the best wishes for you and yours.
  2. I'm the only one I know of in my guild that logs on.  I don't get to get on as much as I'd like, but I am sporadically here.     Guild is JuJu, since I forgot to add it in the original post.  :P
  3. Thanks for the warning on the ammo.  I'll see  if I can get it to eat some too.  Anyone filed a bug report on it yet?   For those of you that didn't know, there's a tutorial wih pictures here for using the terminals in game.   Zin    
  4. After using the ingame mail system (NTA Terminal) recently i have noticed after sending/claiming an item, there is a long long string of computer "installed" messages.   Some say "device Installed", can't remember hearing any engine installed or reactor installed messages.  Mostly it's just "installed, installed, installed".  I was just curious if this is normal, as I don't remember hearing these a couple or three months ago when i was last on.   Thanks   Zin
  5. Totally guessing here but are you on a laptop maybe that you can try a different wireless connection?  Maybe the hotel's firewall has a rule that's conflicting with the proxy?  Again just a total and complete guess but if it's doable maybe worth a try.
  6. Have you tried deleting the global.th6 file in   ...\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles ?  Barring that you can try deleting ALL the .th6 files in the folder (if you've not tried this already, of course)   My apologies if you have tried already.
  7. It's not that big of a deal to hit a button, really. Just sucks that there's dumbarses even on our little emu that do whatever they can to spoil stuff for the rest of us.   I was gonna rep you, Stanig for your "one widdle button" post but it disappeared, I see now you don't know why either, so I'll rep you here instead :P
  8. Ahh thanks for the clarification, WhiteTrash.  I had it read as One leader and one non leader could be grouped.  Ah well.     Totally agree, Rossdie.
  9. According to the patch notes it's supposed to be 2 now behind the same IP that can group gate.   My wife and I have found a different experience, however.  When we're grouped/formed and whichever of us is leader gates, the other gets a message "You cannot follow your group leader through this gate!". The leader still has the form selected on the other side fo the gate, though (LOVE THIS)  and the other only has to reform.   Just wanted to let the Devs know it's not working as it was listed to be in the patch notes.
  10. This is awesome thank you,   Let's get this thing filled up :P
  11. I usually never have problems but I am noticing the same trend.   Midnight to 1 sometimes 2 am EST, I get lots of gatecrashes, Net-7 tray icon always indicates "Awaiting Master Handoff", but I sit there on the galaxy screen.   I let it sit for 15 minutes one time, no difference.  Have to right click net-7 tray icon, terminate client, then log back in.   If it helps for informational purposes, I have used both the name address "sunrise.net-7.org" and the ip address of the server, with no difference.
  12. Best wishes to you, and thank you!
  13. Also is there a way to set the columns to be formatted a particular way?  Like this and that column are automatically center-aligned and colored the appropriate shade of red, blue, or green?
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