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I Apologize To All For My Lack Of Playing .

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I am sorry to all for not playing and being with my EnB Family due to real life stuff. Last Wednesday I had a Laminectomy on C3,4,5 and S1 .

The 2 hour surgery took just over 6 hours.

The Surgeon said when they cut me open and spread the muscle apart the scar tissue not seen on the mri's or x-rays bulged out at them.they removed almost 10 lbs of bone and scar tissue. They also trimmed some of the bulging disks. Thursday morn the doctor came in to check on me and ask me how was i even able to walk all these years . i said very painfully and that why I got a Wheelchair 10 years ago.


Wednesday night and Thursday during the day I begged for pain pill's and got morphine instead.


Friday morning I was able to sit up and get my legs over the side of the bed , was able to stand and walk a few steps to the loo . It was the first  almost 20 years i was able to walk with mild pain compared too the pain i was in before . I got home Saturday went to get out of the van my son told me to wait until he got my wheelchair ready for me i told him no just watch as i walked to the house with a walker.  LOL he was so happy he was crying like a girly-girl . When i stepped inside my older grand kids was screaming for there mom to come look " mommy look pop pop is walking mommy come look now " 


Its Monday now and I can walk around the house in mild pain but at least  I am walking without a walker or hanging on the wall .


I will see ya all when i see ya. missed you all .


Lobevaser / Wetpolecat

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Excellent Lobe !
We're glad you got some quality of life back, take it easy and heal !
Whats the best way for you to play the game? Standing, sitting or horizontal ?

What about exercise ?

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Right now sitting trying to find a comfortable position to sit in . i cant sit long before i need to lay down . But i am in lesser pain than i ever been in 20 years . As for exercise i do what i can do while sitting , leg lifts , pushing my feet agenst  the wall under my desk.


no more begging my wife to get me a gun and let me end the pain . yes i was at that point to many times in the past year. and i spent weeks in the peanut ward. 


but i am doing better a huge 180" flank speed u-turn in life . i am being able to enjoy life with less pain , hugging my grandkids and son . wife still mad because i still snore :)) but she has seen a big change in me .


I bet some folk will read some of my post and think dude why did you post this crap ... the reason is i feel some of you are family and we been thru a lot  since we meet in LIVE.  so there . hate me i don't care , show me love and i will show you love back. 

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hmmm... Lobe announces that he's coming back to the game on Sept. 21 and since then all my favorite hulk mining spots are empty... Coincidence?  Probably, but I'm blaming him anyway!  WB Lobe!

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