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  1. DarMalas

    Old Nick?

    just re-spawned Santa
  2. DarMalas


    I have the same map on PC and the poster as well/
  3. DarMalas

    Our Apologies!

    That's a good reason to explore a new character and what it can do for you.
  4. DarMalas

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Yes it just went Poof.
  5. DarMalas

    Health Issues

    Sorry too hear that the news was not in your favor. My thought and prayers are with you and your family Woodstock.
  6. DarMalas

    Terran Scout Improvements

    The TS is already well balanced. adjust your play style. This is a support type class, yes support class are like Pawns on a chess board and intended to be sacrificed to keep the main group alive.  Learn it, love it and know it.
  7. DarMalas

    The Rift Of Time And Space ?

    Aadequix, A little more info would help, but I seam to remember a mission where "the rift of time and space" if referring to Continuum Wrinkle in Xipe Topec. Please let us know what mission you are doing or if you are. Thank you.   DarMalas
  8. This mission turns your lv7 Contained Voltoi Essence into a lv 8 Waking Nightmare. this device is used to trigger the GoBB raid. has the same 12% turbo buff but the down side is it gives you -30%PSI but also gives you -5% weapons energy cost.
  9. You have to warp to the Chavez base and not stop before it. by warping to the base this will activate it. But first you need to kill 12 lv 52 Commanders, their not the quickest spawns. iIf you leave the area or log before you kill the 12, you will need to start the count again. FYI
  10. DarMalas

    Nessie Was Not Spherical

    Lets not Slam Visicus for making a observation. yes some things are different not everyone will like what they see. Mattsacre had the best response to Visicus question. We all have our opinions....well you know the rest.  No I did not have 56k when I played the game in live. Broad band all the way.
  11. DarMalas

    Prison Break!

    I like the idea of this one and like you said not sure about the coding. +1
  12. DarMalas

    I Apologize To All For My Lack Of Playing .

    Thanks for the update Lob.
  13. DarMalas

    Mission Journal Lost

    You may also could try /FMU  this will reset your mission log. it puts a mission in your log and then resets it.
  14. DarMalas

    Ore Multiplyer Device

    I like you idea Matt, some areas do have what your talking about with the hulk fields. Ones that comes to mind is the field in Lagarto field of the PAX Decima Gemina , the two in Paramis guarded by the lvl 58's, two in Niff Cloud guarded by 48's and 45's. But most of the Hulk fields are not guarded or in a High risk area.  So if I sum up what you have said, that would be to make the hulks / ores a bit more of a Challenge. Hmm.... Like having an Hulk or Ore field in Paramis at The Controller Project where the 55's live and breath.   DarMalas out