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  1.   A one word post and downvoting all my posts.   lol.   Is this the depth we are sinking to?
  2. The devil is in the details when it comes to an emulator.   I am merely trying to suggest an improvement for a more accurate representation of the sector in live.
  3. Someone told me of a hulk field located around 30k below the plane of a particular sector that contains exactly 3 AA's every time after a restart. These aa's are only levels 5 and 6.   Further mining apparently does not yield more aa's.
  4. I'm hitting the check button in the launcher every 30seconds like a true junkie. Withdrawal symptoms are kicking in hard. Please, we need to play!
  5. Does anyone enter a sector for the first time and instantly know that it is different from live?   I ask because I know that Inverness sector is just that.   Nessie was not a spherical small moon located near that nav as in the emulator. Rather, It was an irregular shape, exactly like the bai lung dock, only much larger and visible throughout the sector. The bai lung dock was located on the far side of the model and was only visible when you got to the far side near the RD gate.   Sorry if this is wrong place for this, but bug reporting aint working as i forgot my email and havnt changed it yet, and besides maybe others remember this as well.   Could you change Nessie?
  6. (continuing from above)   it takes 5 seconds to cast max level reactor optimization. 
  7. Here's some things regarding the JS the devs may want to look at:   A. There is an issue with the quasar device, the single most important item of a JS in my modest opinion. It has the same buff type as the cygnus reactor: Recharge reactor - BOOST (activated). The quasar buff lasts 1600 seconds and adds 39.90 % recharge while the Cygnus lasts only 10 seconds and gives 48.00 % recharge. When you, or a group member, uses the Cygnus it overrides (cancels out) the much better quasar buff.   B. The JS-only L8 shield, the glorious kimono, is rather redundant. Compared to other shields it is slightly lower cap and the L9 guardian gives two of the most important buffs on that shield, only much more powerful.   C. The group bonus is: 'warp recovery time'. That's not warp charge in that its engagement and recovery times, its only the recovery time. I must say, in Gordon Ramsay's voice: ''WHAT IS THAT?!''   D. The way in which reactor optimization improves with level does not scale properly. It goes:   1 - 5% cap (self only) 2 - 10% cap (self only) 3 - 10% cap 10% recharge (self only) 4 - 15% cap 10% recharge (self only) 5 - 20% cap (anyone) 6 - 20% cap 10% recharge (anyone) 7 - 25% cap 20% recharge (anyone)   As reactor recharge is what this skill is about mainly, levels 4 and 5 don't add much. Level 6 is at least recharge you can cast on others, and L7 is a leap of improvement.   Being a solo player I didnt upgrade reactor optimization past L3 until I was able to upgrade straight to L7.   Also, there is apparently no buff to improve reactor optimization, to make it cast faster for example. At the moment   
  8. That's very nice, the devs really have thought of everything!   The interface of N7 only doesn't seem to update well when you install new items and use activatable buffs.
  9. Dear developers,   Would it be possible to have a /stats command to see our stats that do not appear on the interface?   Like the total reactor recharge, shield recharge and the total damage per second of each weapon slot before crits.   These hidden stats would be really useful in finding the best setup for your ship.
  10. I don't even have a miner character yet, but this just caught my attention; the /lastminer command to see who last cherrypicked a roid.   I'm curious to know why it's been added, though I understand it's an effort to reduce cherrypicking.   Is it there so an angry miner can do something back to the cherrypicker...? (I'm not sure how, give the person a bad name maybe? Add this person to a list of hated people?)   Or is it there so the aggrod miner can have words (rage at) with the cherrypicker? (I doubt this as a cherrypicker would probably take pride in someone complaining)   Either way, with the amount of alts people can have, it seems a pointless endeavour to have the /lastminer command.   But what is most interesting here is that this /command is seemingly aimed at giving the ability for a player to get revenge on another player. Is that how we're playing now?   Lastly, have you considered the possibility that this /command would make a cherrypicker even more proud? Hearing the complaints may be music to the cherrypicker's ears...
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