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  1. IIRC  offline guildies were dim  online were bright  as they arte on friends list,  but I dont think guild list showed location as friends list does
  2. So is his question  "People who play with themselves looking for people that play with themselves that like playing with themselves"?       Sorry, I couldnt resist
  3. After a restart, I log in and get to the starmap then it hangs and crashes. Is this someting on  my end due to the patch or simply the number of peeps trying to get in?
  4. They had/have them in "that other game" but for some reason it diddnt go as people thought it would, Im not sure if it was programing or the devs not following through.  I dont see the advantage myself, but it wouldnt bother me either as long as it wasnt something that took the Devs away from game preformance or content development.
  5. Went through this process in Betas, after they worked out the glitches the server would be up for weeks with no issues.  Besides, gives me time to adress the Honey-Do-List
  6. Sometimes when I mine or loot, the contents box shows it as empty, yet there is loot there, I belive this is a bug?  Anywho, what if all hulks show up this way?  and you can only take from the top down in the box?  This way its a mystery what you get and you have to take the little stuff b4 the big
  7. IIRC Healing 1 person brought less pain on the TT than doing a group heal
  8. In Live the 'game economy' was controled by several 12 y/olds who sat at their comps all day building and selling with the goal of being the one with the most credits. They arent here now (or they grew up). Now we have Vaden and Magoo, yes these two sit at their comps all day building and selling stuff, however, they do it simply for love of the game, as do the other builders. I really do miss the barter and haggling that went on in the market chat back in live, hell at times it was more combat than in the fishbowl, Does it come down to love of the game vs worship of the credits?
  9. Shadow Dragons on Andro, been in and out of here for a few years i think....
  10. [quote name='Peakahboo' timestamp='1351588484' post='64804'] But it seems to me we use new player & market chat to talk about everything EXCEPT market biz & helping new players. [/quote] IMO, this is due to several factors. There are few 'n00bs', so their Q's arent flooding the chat like it did in live. The number of people who build their own equipt, or have it built in guild are far more numerous here than in live, so their req's arent flooding the chat. There is more of a community feeling now than in live, easy to have a good chat and after all, the chat is generaly quiet without the above I long for those days when the market chat flowed with offers and counter offers, but banning idle chat wont bring those days back
  11. Saw this on the dreaded FarceBook.. [url="http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp70/Mousejockey_pics/Andy.jpg"]http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp70/Mousejockey_pics/Andy.jpg[/url]
  12. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1338480397' post='58399'] FISHING ! Yea my boat also needs work. To much to start on, replacing the floor boards. [/quote] My deck is rotted too gonna toss a sheet of plywood over it for the season then rip it out and redo it over the winter. Also, I too herd of a possible wipe comming up. It did effect my play, did more searching for ore locations for lvls when the game restarted.
  13. Ive been working on the boat and going to the lake, Its not that I dont want to play, just that Fishing has its place in life to.... and I cant get online from the middle of the lake =p
  14. I always thought that the amount of it was to keep you uncloaked and increase the risk from mobs. Not that it would effect cherry pickers who leave the hulk fields full of the wreckage n slag.
  15. <--- is amazed that people would think drops were given out to a select few Odds are those who aquire said items are the very ones who enjoy the search for them Expose the damn drop list, then change it, on a daily basis......
  16. Why do people complain? its Down yes, let them have some time with their family or finish the damn movie.....
  17. OK, then my wife must of hired someone to keep me from playing so much =( Ill get the 12 yo from down the street to rehack me in....
  18. After posting this it seems to be OK.... issue on my end?
  19. Server down or just me? "Navigation to webpage canceled" displayed where the website would be and then an error box "Error on checking server status. Details; Value cannot be null. Parameter name; address"
  20. TT L135 Rebuild <item class> The item class would be one of the build skills that the TT has already (Choice of 1 of these at time of L135 Rebuild skill acquirement) The skill would allow the TT to Rebuild an item he/she does not have mapped but does have the build skill at a level higher or equal to the item to be rebuilt. The skill would allow the TT to rebuild the at a higher quality (or lower) than it was before. If the Devs are gracious enough, they may even allow non-manu, unique, or such items to be rebuilt
  21. Aye, status says online, but program is a tad slow to load then "Failed to connect to server" Will keep checkin in
  22. Gunney

    E&b Radio

    One of the big parts of EVE Radio is/was the information you could get. Both game tips and Political insight.
  23. I have done nothing on JE or PW working on TT but TT is baad other 2 are green
  24. My TT has bad fraction with RD (havent killed any of them) yet my JE and PW have green?
  25. What if you just list all drops then hide the list? That way each side gets a little something. Oh,,, and swap out all the drop locations just to keep it interesting >=)
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