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  1. I think cherry picking is a form of cheating. It allows a player to obtain an item and leaving the hulk to not spawn. Therefore giving that player an advantage over other, even it if is a slight one.I suggest that either the debris has to be removed first before anything else or the item that is gathered be removed from their cargo hole as they leave the hulk with debris still in it. It is not good games play to leave it up to other players to clean up their mess and remove the debris so the hulk will respawn.
  2. I know this might be a far fetched idea but has any one thought to approach places like dominoes pizza, taco bell,mc donalds to advertise on this game. From past experance I know they are open to the idea.Gamers play alot and get hungry. I also saw an ad in a game for citibank on a billboard. You have a large fan base and a lot of screens in the stations. Say something like "for a piece of the terrian home world buy dominoes." or For the best progen tacos buy taco bell. Just a thought.
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