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  1. Someone should make a "Gone Camping" channel. This way if a person is at a camp spot, simply "Check In" and state where your Coords are as soon as you get to your campsite. Update your location periodically. Entries are time-stamped on the chat log so there would be no questions asked. At this juncture of the game, everyone knows where all the good camp spots are located at anyways. At least this way, all the good folks will just know .. ahh, ok, so and so is camped there...lets go do something else. I also believe that this could instigate some sharing of the better sites. Just a thought 
  2. well... now we know who the cherry-pickers are .. lol     
  3. I cant stop seeing Eeyore with hooves typing 
  4. WoW !!  Thank you Duvel. I really appreciate your hard work in this.
  5. I am enjoying this. It makes for good reading. When i read the posts from the folks that are really mad, I envision them looking like the  martians from the movie "Mars Attacks" and their heads popping when Slim Whitman starts yodeling "Indian Love Call"
  6. Listen, the forum modulators at times delete/hide my posts or reply's because I tend to be blunt and usually I over-react. They like to list it under "Drama" .. LoL   But, this "Founder" identification thread started by Zackman has created a chance for guild bickering to come to the forefront and is allowing for guild members to play favoritism. This is so obvious with people making new forum accounts and then naming their choice. The " 1 post "   in the profile info is a dead giveaway   Ok .. flame away and delete/hide my post now.    
  7. Galileo


    This terminal ... it will not let me go ... let him gooooo This terminal ... it will not let me go ... let him goooooo Try /endtalk   ... it will not let me go ..  let him go                                                              will not let me build                                                                let him go                                                                  will not let me go ...                                                                                             o ...                                                                                                o ...                                                                                                   o ...                                                                                                       Oh  no no no no NO
  8. so ridiculous when people have 9 toons and 6 toons multiboxing, hogging up the job terminals. And I am talking about guildys !  There should be a limit on boxing IMO.  <grumble>
  9. you forgot Jace, Dizzyfly, Joselyn, Galax, Aodbigjoe, Remmington, Davitch ... and I see you have Paris ... he was THE best reactor builder ever
  10. I was splatting people outside of Joves with my SnowBall launcher as they were undocking ... I did it
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