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  1. Guild - Omega Corps Founder - Ryle (In EMU, if the former leaders ever come back they can have it.)   All toons in guild are my alts so it should be obvious theres no one else to appoint.  Thanks for this change Zack it should help a lot of problems.
  2. I have created this guild for Live in case anyone wants to reform it. I am currently the leader, but it is really for my unguilded toon that I wanted to run solo with. If any of the former guild officers would like to take it over, and run with it as a serious guild, let me know. Otherwise I will keep the tag for sentimental purposes. Just PM me in game or here if youre say XT, Skydude, Cookoo, Iam or any of the other actual guild leaders, I will gladly turn it over to you. Thanks guys.
  3. As long as no money is being made, EA is unlikely to waste the time. Thats even assuming they remember the IP they abandoned over ten years ago.
  4. Thats good news. I doubt anyones gonna mind. For all intents and purposes this is an open beta.
  5. Test format: Jenquai Explorer with Made to Live, Devastating Gaze, Glare of Devastation. All beams have a Critical Hit buff (31, 29, and 25, respectively) This should equate to approximately a 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 critical hit chance with each shot fired. For each test, I unequipped all but the beam used for the test. 1 at a time. Test 1: 200% Made to Live - fired 100 shots with it at Chavez in Glenn. Results: 0/100 were critical Hits. Test 2: 200% Devastating Gaze - Fired 100 shots with it at Chavez in Glenn. Results: 2/100 were critical Hits. Test 3: 102% Glare of Devastation - Fired 100 shots with it at Chavez in Glenn. Results: 2/100 were critical hits. Conclusion: Every profession has a tiny chance to crit even without the skill, but the expected rate of crits from 25-30% equipped critical are not panning. Equipped crit is not applying.
  6. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1346664690' post='62795'] HDC is reducing damage for 72% at tier 7, that is a [b]HUGE[/b] damage reduction. [/quote] And 66.66 at tier 5 for 11 less skillpoints. Still a huge damage reduction at half the cost. Those last two dots need something to make them attractive. 6 percent for 11 points? Come on.
  7. Overpowered? Are you serious? Name me a single other skill in the game, anywhere, that has the point cost HDC does that gives such small returns on the last two dots. Legit. Recharge shields doubles twice, hullpatch doubles twice, psi shield doubles twice, repair equipment doubles twice. everything goes up by insane multipliers past skill level 5. look at group cloak. cloaking 6 ships at once. You dont follow the logic? PWs do not exactly have a lot of skillpoints to spare, in fact they are the profession with the most required points to max everyhing. And their biggest skillpoint sinks diminish return?
  8. Im really hoping they do, because its a ridiculous thing to give the one thing that makes a PW tank an edge on a TE something that costs so much and returns so little. I meant even TE rally gives more deflects and so on than PW Trance. There is no item out there that can raise trance only buffs to 50 like the Shark fin does for rally. It just seems so... messed up. When I found out why HDC wasnt working the way I remember it, I was shocked to see just how bad the PW skills really are at the highest tiers. Basically the way a TE is set up atm, they can do anything a PW can without an Ivory Ward, an extra device slot, and one less gun, with 2k more range and more speed.
  9. So make it applyable to anyone, doesnt matter to me. Im just trying to avoid the potential nightmare of adding an activatable to a passive skill. Can they even do that?
  10. [quote name='Mynd' timestamp='1346634353' post='62769'] As in a "friendly" type buff that can be placed on fellow players like the enviro shield, psi shield, and rally for example? I was looking at the skill list for the PW and did notice that it was lacking a helpful class skill buff like the other classes have. I think it would be interesting if they had a skill buff that gave a friendly target (player chars) some added hdc protection. Just my two cents anyway. [/quote] Yeah thats kinda where I was going with that. Tier 6 = 225 personal HDC as written, and adds the ability to buff (actively or passively) group members with 10% HDC, this would be in addition to the default group bonus Tier 7 = 250 personal HDC as written, and adds the ability to buff (actively or passively) group members with 25% HDC, this would be in addition to the default group bonus
  11. Breakdown: No HDC Skill = 100 percent of damage taken Tier 1 (no point invested, just the mission/skill trained): 100% HDC. Damage/(1+1) = 50% Damage taken. (0 points = 50 percent damage decrease) Tier 2 (1 point invested so far): 125% HDC. Damage/(1+1.25)= 44.44% Damage taken (1 point = 5.5% additional) Tier 3 (2 points, 3 total invested): 150% HDC Damage/(1+1.5)= 40% Damage taken (2 points = 4.5% additional) Tier 4 (3 points, 6 total invested): 175% HDC Damage/(1+1.75) = 36.36% Damage taken (3 points = 3.5% additional) Tier 5 (4 points, 10 total invested): 200% HDC Damage/(1+2) = 33.33% Damage taken (4 points = 3% additional) - TE Stops here- Now for PW: Tier 6 (5 points, 15 total invested) 225% HDC Damage/(1+2.25) = 30.77% Damage taken (5 points = 2.5% additional) - WTF? Tier 7 (6 points, 21 total invested) 250% HDC Damage/(1+2.50) = 28.57% Damage taken (6 points = 2.2% additional) - WTF? So for 21 skillpoints, youre only getting 4.7% more protection than a TE with 10 points invested. Something needs added.
  12. Yes I know, but im talking about a group enhancement for investing those points. I cant think of a single tier 7 skill that gives less return than its level 1 counterpart.
  13. While I dont think theres any further gripe about amounts or how the damage reduction is being calculated (sounds to me like its gonna be fixed nicely), i am a bit concerned about this: If a PW invests 11 points to get to HDC7 over HDC5, the return is about 6 percent additional damage reduction. The lower tiers of the skill give more return than the higher. Can anything be added to Tier 6 and 7 to offset this severe diminishing return formula. As it stands, its practically a waste of skillpoints going over 5 Perhaps a group bonus, 10% HDC to all group members at 6, 25 at 7. Will not stack with another PW, and is additive to equip buffs and any existing group bonus. Honestly I am considering call forwarding my HDC skill on Ryle and using those extra 11 points elsewhere, because thats such a small return for the investment.
  14. So using your formula, my 60 percent mitigation on 150 HDC is correct then. I just went about it in a weird way. Damage / 1 + 1.5 = 40% I wish we had access to a raw log of how damages and deflects are calculating, because those numbers coming up off the shieldbars are grossly misleading then. Looking at them, it almost seems like deflects are weighted twice as heavily as HDC is, and to me that seems way skewed since for a TE its a 10 SP investment and 21 for a PW Wow, using your formula At tier 6 HDC for a PW = 30.76% Damage At tier 7 HDC for a PW = 28.6 % Damage Six skill points for a 2 percent damage decrease? And 11 skill points for about 6% more then a TE gets. ... That seems really messed up.
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