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  1. Merry Christmas everyone.  have a wonderful day!
  2. I guess I didn't realize they are connected.
  3. there also seems to be a problem on the net-7 portal , cannot move vault items
  4. I just want to say, that I have NEVER had a problem with job terminals, no matter which level job I have gone after, I have always been able to get 6 jobs within a reasonable time frame, & even get the ones all for the same place. So I don't understand why everyone bitches about this, I play at all different times of the day/night & nine times out of ten there isn't even anyone else at the job terminals. Just my two cents worth.
  5. my name is from my love of dragons & my RL first name. I am a big fantasy fan & have read most (if not all) of Anne Macafferys Dragon series of books. also RA Salvatore books. simple huh?
  6. To Stanig: I searched for 4 days before I found them; I do not make a habit of not looking or asking in game before making a post about missions, especially Progen mission, as I know they are vague & complicated most times.
  7. didn't find the ones in Inverness, went to Uranus & the mission updated, thanks for responses.
  8. found them in endraigo; now I just need to level up my reactor so I don't run out of energy.  Thanks for all the responses, sometimes progens are so darned blind, it takes forever to find things. :)
  9. thanks for the replies, Pak, I did try to kill others but mission did not update. Prre: I must not have been there at the "right" time.   will try again later, right now it is bedtime, lol
  10. I have this mission on my PP (Silverrose) I have been trying to do it for 4 days.   was told to go to the ateroids behind Endraigo Planet to find Renegade Progen Centurions, I have checked the area, gone to the outer edges of the map, and found NO Centurions: found a level 33 comet, some renegade progen discerns, equis, etc.  I have tried different time periods, but still cannot find the centurions.   I am becoming very frustrated, but would really like to finish the mission, as doing jobs all the time is very boring, I enjoy looking for missions to do, but to be honest a lot of the progen missions have similar problems, can't find the mob, can't find the ores, can't find the NPC, etc. it's bad enough that most of the missions take you all across the universe to complete, but when you can't find anything where it is suppose to be, it becomes very annoying.   Just an FYI; I READ all the chat from the NPCs, & make notes, to try to make it easier, but in this case the notes donot help, because the mobs are not where they are suppose to be.   end rant, but would appreciate any advice.
  11. I have this mission currently; could not find level 23s where told to go: will check in other areas.
  12. oops, sorry Terrell; my bad, not thinking too well this morning.  blonde moment, hahaha
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