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  1. Will there be any holiday content this year?
  2. Thanks everyone for attending the post, it would be such a helpful game tool and I'm sure most guild members who want to be seen will oblige and turn it to the ON setting.
  3. Is there a place where we can get information on the basic rank set with the associated rank privileges?
  4. I am bumping this as high priority to get answered or at least get a link to helpful information. What are ranks and rank privileges please?
  5. Even if it can't be done "ingame" the fact remains we DO have a way to see builders online so this SHOULD be usable to do an OUT of game guild roster/status widget of some sort is what I was thinking.   Thanks for responding guyz!
  6. We have online status for builders why not a special one for guilds so we can see which of our members are online? Could be attached to Net-7 site like the way you can see what builders there are and whether they are online.
  7. What requirement to remain still? I can't see that requirement anywhere , so I don't know where you got that from. The skill doesn't say anything about sitting still to use it. It says it makes the MOB sit still tho!
  8. Thanks...I'd still like to know about the  Compulsory Contemplation and when we can expect that to be addressed. Crowd control skills can be very helpful in combat situations. It would be great if the skill could have an aoe effect later on...like advanced version that confused in a specific radius instead of just target dependent debuff but still allow for switching to the single target version when needed.
  9. Fair enough on the gun slots thing...WHEN will you fix Compulsory Contemplation? Kind of silly for it to just sit there, forever dark. Might there be a way to work that in sometime?   It would be nice for the JE to regain some group importance since the majority of our combat/group related skills have been replaced by the JS skills. I mean it's great to Jumpstart and all but it would be nice if JE had more contribution to group combat type situations instead of merely being good for the occasional incapacitation event. As it is now JE are no longer a NEEDED class and passed over if JS are available. Used to be you NEVER went out without your JE.
  10. All the other explorer classes have 4 weapon slots. When will Jenquai Explorer get a 4th? Even the Jenquai Seeker has 4, come on.....it's time to let the JE have 4 like everyone else. Why are they the ONLY ones with 3 guns while all the other classes get a minimum of 4. Every warrior gets 5, so...yea one more gun slot for Jenquai Explorers.   I guess that would have to be wired in later once a few things get worked out but it would be oh so nice and it is LONG overdue.
  11. Install Net-7 to C: main directory and the EnB install goes where you choose to put it like...in the Programs folder where most of your programs might be. So Net-7 goes in main C directory. It MUST go here. This should help you a TON.
  12. Wow GREAT response Guyz!! Keep em coming! E&B'rs ROCK!
  13. pooor lil doggy!! What happened to the puppy that they have to wear that cone collar?
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