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  1. Like the title says, it's a workaround for the 2020 Valentine's Day event, and other events if needed. +up to show your support!
  2. Hey I suddenly had monster head! and so did a guildie! Anyone know why? I did pass a Soul Reaper in warp this session, would that have done it?
  3. Look in technical support? that's where these posts should always be, right?
  4. I don't know what inv-300 means, but I was playing fine last night, logged off, tried to log back in and suddenly I can't. The Net-7 client starts and runs fine, shows people on the server, I click Play and it hangs for 15 seconds before starting the game, and I can't log into the game - the client freezes for like 30 secs and I get the bad message. Edit: aha, found the check for it in Help, it says "unable to connect to the remote server". So yeah, inv-300 here too.
  5. Holy crap you guys have game account password resets all set up on Net-7! ...never mind! hehe
  6. [quote name='Peakahboo' timestamp='1341474206' post='60157'] Wootage, go ahead & delete your chars/ accounts. its all good. hate to see you go, you are an asset to the community ( [/quote] Thanks Peak! That's nice of you to say, usually what I am described as has a couple fewer letters Activating gate, jump in 3...2...1...<blip>
  7. Thank you Zack and Riz, I will go ahead and do the deletions as soon as Peak has cleared the chars I turned over. It was easier to do that than have him make temp vault alts to hold the stuff from mine. Peak, can you drop a message here when you're done? To everyone else, it's ok. I long ago learned that the only thing you get out of a game is enjoyment playing it. So I can start at L1 and (provided the game is designed properly) have just as much fun playing as at L100. Besides, you guys do know that there will be a player wipe before Live right? Lol at worrying about stuff on chars in test
  8. Making a clean transition for RL reasons. Would it be possible to get an account deletion? Already taken care of things in game, guild bank picked up some stuff Take care all! W
  9. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1341241725' post='60008'] Now I do like a variation of your idea Wootage, in the form of smuggling missions. Not sure how it would best be implemented, but it could start with factions like Anseria, RD, Chavez, Renegade Progen, but ultimately include the major factions as well. Wouldn't really be a PvP type of thing though, instead you have to get x item to an NPC hiding in a particular sector, without being caught. Gates would be safe areas in each sector, since you can't avoid the gates in or out in most sectors. If you're successful you get Explore & Trade XP and faction from the sponsor, if you get caught, the mission fails, and you get negative faction with whomever caught you. [/quote] Here you go - https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/7058-jobmission-brainstorming/ - . That's a great idea to add to Ryle's missions thread.
  10. [quote name='will' timestamp='1341160748' post='59968'] Such tactics were feasible and used before mobs began instantly turning on us to shoot, but that's not a tactic for missiles, its a tactic for beams and projectiles. Missiles are also currently denied one of their tactics due to how mobs turn though. There's a reason terran's have access to the Satyr devices, so with their high speed and maneuverability they can run circles around a mob without ever getting in their line of site, while close enough to use their skills, and shooting them without facing them. This currently isn't possible, because mob's don't turn, they just count to a number and instantly face you where ever you are, reducing their maneuverability will increase the count, but they will always get a shot off every time the count finishes. [/quote] Actually I'm seeing turning action on everything I fight. I've been making them turn and using my maneuverability to make them stop and turn the other way just to get more time in their blind spot. I had no idea there were "countdown-spin" mobs. I would expect those to be fixed up though, the devs have said there's a lot to be done with mobs. Re missile versus beam / projectile tactics, I have to disagree. Real-world missile tactics are to point the missile at the target so it can acquire its own lockon, then shoot it. They're exactly like beam and projectile tactics in EnB (which in the real world are typically mounted on turrets). EnB's missile tactics are not like that because of the 360 lock-on, but I'm proposing they should be for the sake of better gameplay. I have found one big problem with my proposal, but since it affects every combat in game, I'm making it a separate suggestion. Edit: actually, I think it's a bug. The thing where anything fired hits at any range, even after warping off. I think this is the major underlying factor in Terrans not wanting to come within range at all. If you can't outrun what's fired at you, then hit-and-away combat, regardless of the range, is the same as tanking. Fix this bug and Terrans will be the champs of hit-and-away tactics.
  11. [quote name='Bloody Riz' timestamp='1341166243' post='59971'] I only see one potential issue with this idea. Will the PvP jobs be marked as such, or will someone just running jobs find themselves flagged for something they did not bargain for? [/quote] [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1341167925' post='59973'] Good point, if I'm doing a delivery with my travel gear in, combat is the last thing on my mind, simply getting the item & carrying it to it's destination is what matters. Not to mention, you're vulnerable at all undockings/gatings, as any opponents would be able to see you before you can do anything. Once you're in warp, you can't be stopped. [/quote] Doh, did I not make that clear enough? I'll edit the post. Of course the missions would be marked as PvP. The whole point is a siloed system to allow PvP, but restrict it just to people who have deliberately chosen to engage in it, AND for a limited time. That way your characters can go walk on the wild side when you want, and still do everything else in game without fear of PvP consequences (accidental / griefing damage in groups, grudges, etc.). Thanks for pointing that out
  12. [quote name='Sleven.' timestamp='1341118821' post='59950'] I can see that in being a problem, because your talking about taking away the best Terran tactical advantage... [/quote] Well, I'm not sure why Terrans need all of those tactical advantages to win. Up there I posted a technique that doesn't need a 360 degree firing arc, and I did it with short-range beams against superior CL opponents (with the same weapons). With ML range, its way easier, you have whole kilometers of closing time to make your firing ... turn, I guess. Your range is way superior to beams and projectiles, and equivalent or superior to any other mobs missile range (disregarding raid mobs again, tuning those is easier than tuning the whole rest of the game to avoid tuning them). And I should point out, missile-firing mobs would also have this altered, so the six o'clock position would apply to everything. That would sort out a major issue with balancing mobs against the different races, as now the races weaker in combat can use their blind-spot tactics against missile mobs as well. And to me (remember this is imo only) it was a lot more fun than putting on cruise control and listening to the hypnotic sound of missile spam. My test TE now has missiles and it's boring old kite mode for exps again. Nobody gets a shot at me, ever, and its' just an exps / ammo costs over time function again. *Just a note, I'm still doing a modified version of the firing-run tactic with my Jenq. No CC, follow, fire, CC, fire, loot for me. Instead, I kite the mobs off of the spawn, CC, and turn in for a run as the mobs are turning away. The weapons autofire at max range and if I time the speed right, I get the second CC-buffed shot at point-blank range. Then instead of turning away or cloaking, I overrun into their blind spot, reverse for a third shot and overrun again while they're turning, then while they're turning yet again to get their weapons on me, fly uncloaked out of range to keep the kite going. If I do it right, I take a couple of shots on the way in and none at all during the overruns and disengagement. Only if I do it wrong (fail to hit the blind spot, fail to turn the right way to stay in the blind spot during the backshot, or fail to get out of range before they can get me in their firing arc) does my shield even feel the hits. No problemo at all, even with a group chasing me I'm owning them one at a time. But I know. Hitting follow and cycling CC and firing is more efficient, and I can just sit in the middle of the group and kill them all one-by-one with no risk. Therefore my exps and loot over time ratio is much better and I could be proud of myself for getting the most out of my playtime (I guess). But the first rule of a game "be fun to play", and flying my ship as if it's actually in combat is hella more fun that just pushing the buttons in the least-effort / most-rewards manner.
  13. A different mechanism for PvP: Use the Jobs system and let more than one person take the samejob (edit: clearly marked for PvP, or from the dedicated PvP jobs tab) . Everyone who takes the job is flagged for PvP with those other people for the duration of the job. Since the jobs system has levels and location built in, you get rid of all level and environment balance issues right off, leaving only class balance issues. Since its faction-based, you have the basis for tying it to canon and giving it context, the way the original game was supposed to (faction controlled whether you had docking rights at stations, for example). As a bonus, the jobs often take place in populated areas and therefore people can come watch. Got a mission to pick up diplomats for your faction at F7? The crowd can turn out and watch the show. As another bonus, as the jobs system evolves, there's a built-in change-management mechanism for you to use to ensure that PVP evolves in a positive direction. Just wanted to put my .02 in. PvP has screwed up many a good game with poor implementation, and I think a PvP Jobs system would satisfy everyone's needs without impacting the PVE side of the game.
  14. Here's an idea based on my playtest. Change MLs so they lock and fire like any other weapons - from the front. You can target and turn them on autofire, but they won't fire unless you turn to face the target for a moment. I found in my test above (using beams with both the JE and the beginning TE) that it was the timing and manueverability when I turned to get the shot off that determined whether I took hits or not. If I was good, I got away untouched. If I messed up, I got hit and it was up to my speed to get me back out of range. It was easier than it sounds though. The client shoots for you, all you have to do is execute a circle at the right range and with the right timing. This benefits manueverable ships, which is supposed to be a Terran strength but is meaningless now. It adds at least a basic element of skill to Terran play, and it works well with the longer-cycle time / harder-hitting weapons suggestion. It still supports kiting as well, as your cycle time determines how long you have until it's time to turn again. And frankly, it makes sense. Homing missiles generally use their own targeting to lock onto a target before they're fired. Having them just shoot from any direction at any time is way off of even fictional technology.
  15. If this is the place for Portal suggestions, I put in one for a tabular read on vault and inventory contents to help with management. Here's the [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/7117-vault-and-inventory-item-list-for-net-7-portal/"]link on the suggestion thread[/url] The purpose is to give a list that people can copy and paste into a spreadsheet, or just into a forum post on their guild site or something.
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