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  1. Several months ago.... I know I'm going to hell and my soul is damned and I'm a sell out and traitor and I might as sell be playing hello kitty online adventures ( yes its a real game). Now that that's out the way... 1) do you miss me? 2) do you love me? 3) Is there anything substantial and/or new since I left in like June? Got bored with Agrippa drama. ( I was one of the OL150 ragwrs who found out the hard way that clicking through "are you sure bro? You can't go back!!" Confirm text is bad mmmkay. Then I spent a lifetime and starred saving all my couch change to hire and assassin to make biyaki an offer he couldn't refuse. Sadly I ran out of change..... Shout out to Magoo shout out to all my all my boys in VGE :). Shout out to my bro Armo if you see him in game whisper him and tell him that he will never be as "hot" as his younger brother and you can have all my stuff and the wealth of a thousand nations will be yours :) All righty. Not sure the point of this thread. Headed back to my cartoon. I may be back when the new zones and stuff come out. Till then peace, love and fried chicken <3 TL:DR = My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard...
  2. Some people are just born from different era's and one man's humor is another person's immaturity. I take it with a grain of sand or salt or whatever the old timer saying is. I'm happy to see most people grasped the obvious sarcasm of my joke based off the thread and got a chuckle :)  Thank god I didn't bust out the justin bieber jokes or I would be banned right now or have 5 pages at the very least telling me I should jump off a bridge and die or grow up or grow up then jump off a bridge. :P   And on that note. Sleepy time ^_^
  3. Boring but effective for farming groups of mobs like doing mordana etc. The ammo keep up would be brutal though. A better route might be like 5 jds and a TT. But it all sort of depends on what you plan to do. In mordana 5 jds might get chewed up since they hit hard. But if all you care about is ownage dps for say farming fish in cooper 5 jds would drop it like its hot. 5 pw's would also but no ammo > ammo imo and jds would put out more dps pound for pound dont expect to live off of saps alone though for big encounters as saps have to long of a cool down for little healing IMO. But one tt and 5 pws would work fine im sure for most encounters.
  4. While I am not a programmer or codes I can donate a minimum of 20 hours a week to any other positions you might need help with. Forum mod. GM. Etc. If there are any available opening slots for that to be filled I'd be willing to "try out" just pm me and let me know what you need from me. If not good luck :)
  5. While I see your point muhir and can see where you are coming from I can sympathize and partially agree with what you said. But at the same time many of us feel it shouldn't have has a HU on it to begin with. Forced content rarely makes peopled happy. And I say forced content in the terms that you have to do it before so and so HU or its lost forever (sort of but not really) that's not something we asked for as far as on aware of. And agrilla is expensive and taxing on people especially new players whips first toon is a progen to do and insanely difficult without massive help or alts. So I disagree with you on the part that those who chose to do it as it is via the front door should reap the benefits while those who bypassed it for personal reasons be it noon ignorance cost, confusion, frustration etc be given less for the same thing. It should be open to everyone at the same level. It just adds to market growth and the economy and content happiness for all players and building as a whole. As far as blowing through the content honestly that's on the player. A game is meant to be played by the gamer at their level of enjoyment. If a hardcore kid enjoys power leveling and blowing his way through content via guides or mass money etc that's on him. Its his game and if that's what gives him pleasure so be it. Everyone enjoys the same stuff in diff ways. I personally could care less about the lore of this game or RP'ing or the fantasy aspect of it. I enjoy just building everything and being the best gear best ships etc... a lot of people will think that's stupid and say what's the point why even play you are missing out on so much as its a lore based game. Well.... its because that's what I enjoy that's what gives me pleasure. I think people who RP and are for lack of a better word "lore nerds" are just as crazy. But if that what's floats their boat I say go crazy! But ya in the end I say Agrippa for all. Either adds the backdoors so they are doable now for stage 1 and 2 for all proteins IMO. Or if you want to take the easy road remove all the backdoor mumbo jumbo and add a quest or a substantial retardedly insane cost say 150-200 mil to somehow remove your characters final HU and doing a HU roll back or something so they can complete it once again prior to their 135 HU for those who missed it the first timer for whatever reasons. Just my 2 cents. :/
  6. My apologies about the company comment then kyp. I didn't know so my bad on that mistake. Good to know. As for the ban threats while people were following rules I personally have seen it myself. The problem though is when it happened as when most incidents I see happen I was 6 boxing in window mode in the smallest rez possible and when I reported it awhile ago I was asked to provide a screenshot for proof. Now maybe its just me or maybe not been but when in multi boxing in 800x600 red and take a screenie with print screen it takes a SS of tllike the corner of one box and the rest is usually mY desktop so it never shows chat. Like I said maybe that's just me otherwise maybe you could look into it? Probably not since you don't support multi boxing to begin with. Or maybe you have a solution for me regarding that outside of play on 1 account full screen. Either way most of you are doing a great job over all. And its like you said they are NOT professional game designers. I try to keep that you in mind when writing a QQ post generally about fixing/adding stuff or bitching about broken patches etc.
  7. I largely agree with kyp about the summer time numbers. My biggest fear however is that when this fall rolls back around and the numbers are suppose to come back up several major MMOS and other games will be released which is going to pull probably a considerable number of people away. Yes they may return, they may not. I think my biggest fear based off my own observation is the people I see leaving currently en mass are the long time vets and ones who have been here since ST4 etc. The guys who are on every day all day and more or less have all the maps and recipies and control the market on build to a degree etc. Alot of ol timers are saying I think I'm done with this game for now. Between the gate crashes, the lag issues, the raids constantly being pushed back every single week to the point they are lucky to get 1 raid in per week if that and then the theres agrippa which for most is chaotic at best there's little to no incentive to log in daily and stick with the game. I've seen virtually everyone i started playing with dissapear and many guildies as well and their reason was never "because it's summer time and Im going to go play outside for a bit".   Now I'm not hating I love the game and support it and want it to succeed and I'm appreciative of the devs like anyone else. And yes the casuals and largely player base will take a break for summer but honestly the ones who we should be worries about are the hardcore games who have been here since day 1 and are the most active on the forums. The guys constantly making suggestions, reporting bugs and putting in alot of effort and heart into this game to see it succeed and make it better. Those are the guys you DO NOT want to lose. Because those are the ones who will stick around the most if you keep them happy and see this game through till it's end (if ever). And it seems like those are the ones being largely ignored.   The #1 thing I see that makes me nervous and uncomfortable is dev/gm/admin abuse. And what I mean by that is simply that if a player voices their unhappiness with the game or something in the game they are often met with a "watch it or you will be banned type approach" or a "well if you dont like it then go play another game because we really don't care about your QQ". I understand you guys see more bitching in one day than most of us in a lifetime and you are probably so burned out on the QQ from people and the whining especially about things we have no idea what we are talking about but what message does that send? Go play another game if you don't care?  The general feeling from a considerable number of people i think right now is that a gm/dev/admin can say whatever they want to the player base and for lack of a better word act like "pissed off teenagers" but if we were to do the same we are often met with the ban hammer threats, or deal with it and move on. It doesn't seem right or fair but then again life never is. Bare in mind these situations are rare and limited from what I see but they do exist.  The other attitude I see alot of is, we know better than you do and while you may make suggestions chances are we won't take many of them serious because we know what we are doing and frankly most of you are idiots (nobody has ever said idiots thats just the word I used to describe the perceived feelings).   If I could make a few personal suggestions from just me and this is only me, nobody else. And bare in mind I know the players are so far less from perfect. We say dumb stuff, make dumb suggestions and cause you daily frustration beyond words. That being said things I think you could/should consider working on within you staff are the following are:   1) Work on your staff's customer service approach. I know you are volunteer's and don't get paid and this is a project not a company etc. But you represent a game you want to keep people on there should be some level of professionalism and manners across the board. Even if someone is being disrespectful or obnoxious you should be able to rise above it and exercise the rules without personal feelings becoming involved or acting like "pissed off teenagers". There should be a constant level of maintained courtesy and professionalism. For those who don't return the feeling issue warning, bans, mutes or simply ignore obnoxious posts rather than reply and say how that player is being retarded etc (not saying you call people retarded just a generalization example).   2) Work on hearing out what the players really want. I know you do weekly Q&A's and have advocates and have greatly improved in this regard and its super appreciated. But I feel like a large quantity of good suggestions and the voice of the players is semi ignored. I know you can't give I win buttons and make things easy but drops have been complained about for the longest etc. And nerfing things to the point of seeing a rare item once a month etc like PB to try and keep players on the game vs going a diff route like new missions or content seems like a logical error. I know you have alot of plans for things and the future of the game but  some plans seem bad. And when the constant largely playerbase describes unhappiness rather than a compromise or way to keep them happy so they stay, they are often met with working as intended or we arent changing it back so deal with it.  No happy player base= no game. You don't have to cater to everything and ALL the qq just the biggest issues expressed by a large portion of people.   3) Players are your largest source of advertising right now. They tell a friend who tells a friend etc. If you were to do a poll right now and ask how many of you in the current state of the game would recommend this game to your friends and invite them to play etc, you might be suprised by the answers.   4) Test servers for patches so they dont break the game and they can be tested by multiple pcs and internet connections. It seems every patch recently has been bugged or broken and a test server could probably resolve most of that.   I hope most of this didn't come off as bashing or pointing fingers. It wasn't my intention. Simply trying to put out what I personally notice to be the biggest issues and flaws of things that could be improved upon currently. My top 3 frustrations are currently working as intended, lack of true suggestion hearing and/or failure to act on good suggestions, and keeping the player base happy. The my way or the highway thing has run its course it's time we start working as a team between players and devs.   That being said kudos to Kyp. I think you are one of the most supportive devs out there and one of the people who truly care about the playerbase and whats being said and how people feel. I have respect for your professionalism and the way you reply to people and how you handle posts such as mine and others etc.   Kudos to blacklung and woodstock for their timely replies to tickets. And although there is many issues they cannot help on because their hands are tied etc they at least take the time to answer why and apologize.   And kudos to Zackman even though we disagree on things and butt heads in game from time to time and he can be grumpy alot, for taking the time to answer my questions in game, and always make time for players to answer their questions and provide insight about future content or help us understand why restarts and changes are happening in server etc and keep the general player base informed.   Keep up the good work guys. Even though I'm probably taking a break from this game soon till they improve/get fixed or content/changes are added later down the road I'm excited to see what the future holds and what sort of stuff you guys can pull off. I hope you can get more volunteers on your staff so we can start seeing larger patches soon with more yummy notes on them vs the weekly *patched the client to prevent doomsday end of the world lag*  followed by *the doomsday prevention patch broke, we recalled it for now and you are all screwed, stay tuned....  (just a friendly joke don't get mad)  :)   TL:DR WTF trans write a book why don'tcha  =  Make the game awesome in 24 hours or else I rage quit and I'm leaving for hello kitty online adventures MMO.  -The End-
  8. My only point and feelings on the subject as pakkrat saidis that tthere is an undo able backdoor for stage 1 which I feel the 2 weapons that we cannot obtain currently due to ballistas being in ROC which are unobtainable ATM which makes stage 1 backdoor worthless and the mission is in game under what I assume is the assumption that ROC will be open soon. But to be honest and I'm sure I'll catch hell from the devas for this remark and get a well let's see you do better answer but let's face it ROC ain't coming for months and months. These days its taking full effort just to keep the servers up for more than 24 hours and running all the time lag free or close. They're constantly fighting lag and unplayable bugs like non stop gate crashing that we would be lucky to see new content 6 months from now I imagine and weekly patch notes get thinner and thinner with the newest content I've seen so far is graphic changes on items and ammo. I'm not talking smack here its just my personal view. So with that in mind and the desperate hopeless situation myself and others probably feel we are in we should be making use of what content we have to the fullest. And that means making stage 1 backdoor available NOW. And adding the PS non existent backdoors for stage 1 and 2 NOW. I know that makes me seem like a demanding teenager gimme gimme gimme and hurry up about it but it is what it is. From a codwr stand point the stage 1 for pw and pp seems lemme a semi quick fix/change and the PS could probably be done in 2-3 weeks depending on developer time. I feel like this has all been said before though and it falls on deaf ears. I personally have mostly taken a break from the emulator till I see Agrippa and other changes due to boredom and frustration with Agrippa. I mean if the majority is unhappy with and refers to Agrippa as it will make you suicidal and its agriparrrgghhh!!! That should be a hint IMO :/ and I'm not alone I know a few friends and guildies have quit for similar reasons. I'm sure like me they will return someday but with so many other games releasing soon there's less and less incentive to stick around and be passionate about playing like I use to be these days. But like I said that's just this pilots opinions and I know many will disagree so in the end its just on me. I'll participate and peek at the forums from time to time and pop in game to see what's new here and there but until server stability is hashed out and Agrippa is changed or new content that's stable and working is added I think itsoff to greener pastures for awhile. I hohope this game succeeds where others have failed. I wish the team and everyone gl!
  9. I cab see your point on the choice thing and the multobpxing stuff and appreciate your input but honestly I can't think of a situation where a player wouldn't want a megacharged shield or a dozen other sexy buffs. There's only a few I can think of that would be annoying one of which exists currently. Max rally can mask sigs on a tanking pw which is bad and can't be undone. And enviro shield can return energy damage via feedback etc which can heal certain mobs etc. Giving a player a way to right click active buffs to remove them would fix both problems. And there is another desire for group buffing outside multi boxing. There is raids which I don't think anyone would turn down group buffs on. But I see both sides mine AND yours.
  10. I don't know but I certainly can't see a new ISP doing any worse. We might even eliminate Megan hour with a new host and have better over all performance. No it won't fix crashed and a wide range of other issues but it should prevent constant DDOS attacks and possibly some or all lag. Furthermore 94% of the voters say yes and many people I know are dropping like flies from this game because they spend more time at the login screen due to crashes and/or lagging than playung not to mention restart after restart and pushed back raids. It seems like more than the majority voted yes so how do we move forward with this as things aewnt getting any better. Also any chance of a test server we can copy chars over to, to test future patches because it seems like many of them (like this past Tuesday) break more than they fix/change and I'd players with all types of PC's and internet speeds could test it a lot of the problems could be avoided.
  11. Is group buffing similar to rally ever going to be doable and if yes do you currently have plans or are you willing to discuss adding it in game? I personally would love to have items like megacharge shields or psionic shield aoe buff the whole group. I know someone might scream shields for all wtf? Exploit! A quick fix for that and items like that which would be unfair is to make it only aoe buffable when out of combat or to make it simply take like 6-8x the reactor jioce a single buff would. Saves time.. Saved carpal tunnel... Makes old people with bad memory who can't remember who they buffed and who they didn't lives easier. Makers getting a lagged group or dc'd group or multiple members back on the fought quickly etc I can't see any negatives personally only positives. So how about it guys?
  12. Betweent he gate crashes and the crappy ISP lag spikes that are almost as predictable as megan hour these days and have changed megan hour to megan DAY im like meh @ palying this game. I've decided to throttle back on my playtime till they change ISP's or work out the kinks because this is beyond buggy and down right annoying and not fun.
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