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  1. kapla

    Steam: is it possible???

    and I thank you for that answer.
  2. kapla

    Any guilds recruiting?

    Eagle75799 There are meny fine guilds, be it epic or damage...doesn't matter as long as you... repeating this part... "YOU" like it. Good luck in wherever you end up.
  3. kapla

    Any guilds recruiting?

    Wow, can ya feel the love...oops, guess not
  4. kapla

    Steam: is it possible???

    Well, you may have been asked this before and I may not have seen what was said, or replied... and this is just a suggestion so please don't tea-off on me for asking. Would it be possible to see if Steam would be interested in EnB as a free game for..other players who never played this wonderful game??. Please post no hate... I am only asking..thanks gang
  5. kapla

    Guild Decal Issue

    done..thank you
  6. kapla

    Guild Decal Issue

    Greetings, I submitted a guild decal and it was approved....but, I noticed I failed to make the background transparent.. so, I corrected this issue and resubmitted. I still have not recieved any info on it as approved or disapprived. Thank guys
  7. kapla

    Submitting Guild Decal

    but, I like spoilers.... I always turn to the last page of the book before reading the whole thing... hehehe
  8. kapla

    Health Issues

    I'm sorry to read this... I wish you all the best.
  9. If I wanted to start my own guild.. I know I need 6 grouped and 10K for the start up... but, how would you submit a guild decal?? Just a question for future interest.
  10. I played from Beta to sunset..then a few years later found out EnB Em... totally rocked my world. thanks guys
  11. kapla

    Sign in issue

    Thanks for the fix
  12. kapla


    Just posted the same thing ... I thought that maybe I was having an issue..or a file got messed up and reinstalled everything... some kinda CV-300 error message I think.
  13. kapla

    Sign in issue

    Hey guys, I tried a few times to log on but I'm getting an odd message. Screen shot added