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  1. Thanks for the responses. I will be looking into more this holiday weekend.   Unonumero
  2. I have played on & off for over 2 years, but haven't played since last Oct/Nov timeframe. Running a 2 yr. old comp with Windows 7 64 bit. Never had any major problems on E & B until I tried playing last night. Just started out and decided to enter a station after landing. Going through the main door, the game momentarily froze and starting flashing off & on. I then got an error message from Windows (game still flashing on & off and I can't move) that says that my display driver had stopped working but has recovered. This whole sequence repeats between 5-10 times and then my comp crashes, resulting in a critical error blue screen. I restart my comp in normal mode and everything is fine; never had this issue with any other program or web application. But the problem also occurs at other places within the game and has also occurred during login & character selection.   I have run E&B Config but not sure if this automatically changes game configuration, or if I have to manually change configuration, or if this is just a pass/fail test for computer/video/audio compatibility. Also tried resetting updates through Net7 Launcher. Another thing I tried was reverting back to the previous version of my display driver which was launched last Sep.   Any ideas of what is going on? Is it my machine or is it related to graphics issues of last E&B update?  
  3. Thanks Pak your info was illuminating!   But I figured out what was going wrong in my case. Even though I was in the correct location and would have been able to view the spawn of the cargo ship, I was in a group of 2 with both having the same mission arriving at the same step at the same time, thus preventing the cargo ship from ever spawning.   I tried a different approach by both toons forfeiting and restarting mission again. We then grouped and and moved to the gate into Freya. First one entered Freya but the mission step updated but no spawn, then the second entered Freya and had the same result but received the flashing message. Responding to the flashing message roughly said that someone else was currently engaged in this local mission and that I should try again at another time.   It only got to work by doing it one at a time with the other staying outside of Freya.
  4. Anyone had this mission?   Initiated from Lady Van Helkein-Navarre in Margesi Station and then from Raynard Duvet in Adriel Mining Station, with instructions to destroy Infinitcorp cargo ship in Freya near the Centauri gates. But cannot find this bugger anywhere in Freya, even brought in my JE with maxiscan.   Is the cargo ship difficult to find or do I need to file a bug report?
  5. No I cannot confirm who drops this or where, but Huang Bao Rui pops up on the newer but outdated Earth and Beyond Arsenal database. It looks like this NPC would appear in Tarsis, Saturn, and Shepard. I don't know if this was a random spawn or maybe from a job terminal at one point?
  6. I have noticed this happenstance also. Usually it uninstalls all my ammo from my ml's, but sometimes all the previous installed ammo is completely gone- not in hold or in vault and it doesn't return after I relog. Not a big deal as the ammo is up to 300 lvl3 ogun missles, not a big investment. 
  7. I have looted an "Alien DNA GeneMap Fragment L5" and am wondering what it is for or what to do with it. Even though I can store it I can't possess more than one, trade it, or sell it to vendors.   Its description says "This genetic material is incomplete but may be turned in for study anyway. The Sabine Genetic Repostitory (sic) must surely be interested in even a fragment of unknown DNA". But the NPC at the Sabine Genitic Repository in Endriago wasn't interested in the fragment and gave me his regular old talk-tree.   
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