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  1. I only report when I see half of the player population DC and then stay low for hours. I know Woody was seeing this as welI but since I was unable to chat/login its difficult to confirm with other players if they are seeing the same thing other than a few comments in new player before I lose connection. I do believe the issue is related to the login server and playerids and its pretty common. It tends to happen when the server gets busy, for the week, and is most noticeable usually on the weekend where certain player ids will get confused for other playerids and not be able to connect or, when they do login, it uses another players's id and puts them in groups/locations they were not in (likely the location of the playerid they were assigned. I have posted this on the forums before but the answer was always just restarting the server/login server.) A restart has always fixed it in the past......but this is the first time I have seen it happen right after a restart, be good for 12 hours, and then occur again. Its 'seems like' the player log/cache is not being cleared out. thanks Zackman ?
  2. looks like the server is having the same issues that it was when I posted earlier. It was rock solid for around 12 hours.
  3. Def a Red Dragon cat camping your shoe......is he named Tzu?
  4. Hiya Zackman, login issues since the restart: many DC's, stuck on loading/galaxy map, and once in-game unable to do anything (chat, warp, skill use). Many users are experiencing these issues.
  5. cert issue, works fine if not using https.
  6. Make sure the Local IP (on the right side of the LaunchNet7 app) is using the bottom most IP. Also make sure Prototype Reorder is checked. Note: There are several other items that will need to be setup (compat mode, run as admin, etc), that will bypass network DC issues and getting into the game, covered in other posts:
  7. Launch it from Net-& Launcher/Tools and make sure you have LaunchNet7.exe set to run as administrator. If you run it manually, from the E&BConfig.exe, make sure compat mode is set to WinXP (service pack 2) and set to run as administrator.
  8. Not sure if we have anyone playing in Australia, Japan, etc but I think this is the time you are planning: Gate Raid: 7/29 10:00 pm PDT / 7/30 1:00 am EDT / 6:00 am BST / 7:00 am CEST
  9. So there is no Bug Tracker, and the Technical Support portion of the forum does not work when sorting by time.....so here is a fun bug. Around 11:30 am EDT / 15:30 UTC I was killing Voltoi in Antares, leveling two of my PWs that were OL 119 (43/44/32) when I killed a blinding voltoi waft and looted the corpse. I noticed something weird in that I heard a level up sound and saw a weird negative number appear where normally the 2500 xp number appears. The number was -306782656 (-306,782,656). I had been having issues with both of my JE's DCing/failing to login for a few hours (possibly due to a ddos attack and the resulting playerid assignment problem that we have seen before), so figured it was just my JE and sure enough my JE was DC'd but still appeared in the group. I /quit him out and then looked at my TT Dena and saw that she now had 764 Skill Points (she previously only had maybe 5). My PWs had gained CL 50 (+7 skill levels) and now had 806 Skill Points from that 1 kill. All 6 toons had several hundred extra skill point: Not sure what caused the number over run, and I love free skill points, but this is definitely a nasty bug and would hate to see it exploited and/or continue to bypass game-play. My grouped toons before the bug: Aeryn (150 JE) Nagata (150 JD) Avasarala (150 JS) Dena (150 TT) Pacekeeperthree (119 PW) Pacekeeperfour (119 PW)
  10. Interesting idea. Per the client I think the only way to 'restrict' access to a gate is via faction. All toons that damage the station, when its killed, could be granted +10k faction and enter the gate. Then have that faction reset ever server reset. The biggest problems would be preventing 'farming' of the content but the easiest way around it would be to make a farm-able 'key' the same way one was made for The Warder. It would require a 'fishbowl' type sector and content to be created. Any active Devs interested? Note: This might be more of a future idea since we have not gotten to the 'sunset' period of game content. There is an additional 2x raids and vrix incursion that needs to occur. The Ardus quest-line would also be nice to have finished first.
  11. Account Vault: Net-7 Account vault is used to transfer items between linked E&B game accounts (9x game accounts can be linked to 1x net-7 account). This costs zero credits but the transfers must be done by toons (game characters) that are NOT logged in. Its not really a 'VAULT' but a way to quickly transfer items from one toon's in-game vault to another toons in-game vault. This can be setup via the Account tab on the net-7.org website. Most players use this method as its simple and you can just create toons to act as 'vaults' for ore, drops, ammo, etc without having to log them in to transfer items. Team Vault (its been over 5 years since I tried this out so if any active users have additional info feel free to correct me): this is to transfer items between different Net-7 accounts and works the same way the account vault works but allows restricting access to those accounts, and toons, that you want to access it. It requires credit upkeep (5 mill to create and 15k per day, per toon that has access.....this can get expensive). Generally this is ONLY used by guilds, between trusted accounts, as anyone that has access can remove all items at any time.
  12. Have to right click the exe and go to compat mode. Screenshot's in this post:
  13. Here are a few more items to check: Net-7 launcher must be version 2.2.0 (if it is not, or it crashes during the update, just keep running it until it is updated...this can take some time) Net-7 launcher check the Local IP drop-down on the right side. If there is more than one IP listed select the bottom/last IP in the drop-down. Make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) installed Ensure you are running with an Administrator account and NOT a power user account. Ensure 'run as administrator' is checked, on the 'Compatibility' tab for the client.exe, LaunchNet7.exe, and Net7proxy.exe Windows defender/firewall: LaunchNet7, main (this is the client.exe), and net7proxy.exe MUST have their Public rule enabled to allow access.
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