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  1. jrichards


    There is a teamspeak3 server: ts.net-7.org
  2. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Stations
  3. Just need to put a mini plasma ball on the front for your Tractor Repulsor:
  4. Def on the server side. Something happened around 5 hours ago (roughly) when player count was over 110 (showing in net-7 client). Since then everyone I know has been having trouble getting in and when they do they lose connection within 5 minutes.
  5. About 5 hour ago (roughly) half the players DC'd. Since then getting into the game has been difficult and will result in loss of connections. I have spoken to a few other players and they have been seeing the same thing......though the number of players online seems to stay around 75. Seems like a restart might be in order.
  6. Thanks Exo, I added a link to net-7.org on there.
  7. I would always check the wiki www.net-7.org/wiki is run by the players.
  8. * Technical Support forum Ok, first, it sucks that there is no bug tracker anymore but posting in Technical Support, as advised by Woody, should be ok right? Well sure, except the sort by last posted doesn't appear to work in that forum. Even adjust by custom it will display items from 2017 when selecting most recently updated. The only way I can find items I have posted is my searching for my most recent posts. If the devs are using this are they even aware of newer/updated bugs being posted in this forum? I would love to see this fixed, or as a more simple option, add a new forum section for bugs. Technically bugs and technical support is best handled in two separate sections as they tend to be very different fixes. * Problems with Equipment Damage Control These buffs just don't appear work for engines and reactors, and in fact, appear to do the exact opposite. Using the 200% L8 Shooting Star reactor Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip): Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. Out of around 20 deaths it suffered quality damage 5 times. Then I swapped in a 200% L8 Tang's Vigor reactor. 10 deaths, 0 times did I lose quality on the reactor Ok, RNG gods can be fickle. I then proceeded to get a 200% L9 Prismatic Dragon Wing Equipment Damage Control - Shields (Equip): Increases your shield's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip): Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. With this installed my L8 Shooting Star reactor should be fine right? Nope, 4 deaths and lost 2% quality on it. I then got a L9 Invincible Bastion that adds 150% Hull Damage Control. 2 deaths and it lost 1% Quality......this was while using the Prismatic Dragon Wing engine. Am I the only one that is seeing this? Am I crazy? When people tell me not to use these items because they do not work.......is this a known issue? Yes, I am well aware that 100% does not equate to NEVER taking quality damage but this seems like it is doing the opposite and making this gear take MORE damage. In two weeks of time I have taken more quality damage, with items using these to buffs, than I have ever taken before....and my TT does die quite a lot. 😉 NOTE: I have not seen any issue in regards to Equipment Damage Control - Devices (Equip) or Equipment Damage Control - Weapons (Equip). They both appear to be working properly. <goes and cries in a corner>
  9. 1) What versions of Windows operating system are you running? 2) Are you running LaunchNet v2.2.0 version? 3) A screen-shot would help but, From the Local IP selection, on the right, are you selecting the bottom most IP (if more than one is available)? 4) Do you have the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) installed?
  10. Missions: can require class, faction, and level in order to access. There are a MASSIVE number of them. Feel free to check the wiki. Jobs: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Job_Terminal
  11. 1) LaunchNet7 checkboxes 2) Admin/Compat mode set for the three exe's 3) VPN 4) Windows defender access for those exe's 5) Router/Modem blocking game/dcing game 6) ISP issues. These are all covered in other posts. Good luck 😎.
  12. You can use the targeting keys to target the next or previous ore/gas. You can also bind a key to engage warp. You can use the follow key (F by default) to change the ship position to the new target then use forward to move to it. Check the control options and rebind as needed.
  13. I did the The Legend of Great Pappy on my TS (device builder), JE (reactor builder), and TT (shield builder). On step 4/6 the step is to approach Da Hind End a' Nowhere to find Kernel Smithson, kill him, and loot The Handy Solar Projects Manual from him. With all three of my toons grouped I approached the nav and Smithson spawned just like many other character specific spawn missions in the EMU. On other missions you kill the target, kill the guards, and then can activate it for the next character. That does NOT happen with this quest. Upon the spawning of the target ALL THREE characters had their mission updated to step 5/6 Tan Kernel Smithson's hide fer takin' Zach's book. I killed the mob and had my TS, whos name was on the mob, loot the book. Great I thought, lets kill the guards and re-spawn him two more times.....but the mission was gone from all three characters. I tried going back to Zachariah Garrett but he would not give the mission again. Upon checking the Mission Log for my TS, JE, and TT is showed the mission as completed on all three. This would be great if Zach Garrett acknowledges it but he does not unless the character has the Handy Solar Projects Manual in their hold. Thus my JE and TT could not get Kernel Smithson to spawn again since he will only spawn when on step 4/6. After a ticket, and Woody's amazing reset, on my JE and TT, to part 4/6 I was ready to try again. However, Woody alerted me that I could only have ONE character, on the mission, in the group otherwise it would require a GM to reset it again. I can do that, I need my TT to heal, so I will drop my JE from the group, do the quest on my TT, then return later with my JE in the group to complete it. Easy as pie. That is not what occurred. Ok, so I took my JE and my TT back out to der Todesengel to complete The Legend of Great Pappy. I had my group buff up at 'Da road to Nowhere' nav (two navs, 79k, away from 'Da hind end a' Nowhere' where Kernel Smithson spawns. I buffed my group with my JE (scutums, blood of the dragon, environmental shield), then dropped her and replaced her with my TS (who previously completed this mission and gone to the next mission in the chain). I then warped to the spawn point. The spawn triggered....but I could not damage it. Upon closer inspection the spawn was for JE.......who had not been within 79k of the nav since my group had entered the sector. However, the guards were for Dena. This was very strange, either the spawn had not registered My JE leaving the group, or the buffs had caused a problem for a three mob spawn to be split between two different characters. So I dropped my TS, grouped my JE back, killed and looted the Handy Solar Projects Manual with my JE....because that's who's name was on Smithson. When I checked my JE but the mission had not updated. it was still on step 4/6 to find and spawn Smithson. When I checked my TT it had auto completed just as the previous time, requiring a GM intervention. So with the manual on my JE but the mission not at the and my TT with the mission completed, but no manual, I submitted another ticket. The Smithson group (3 mobs) are all raid level and can easily kill/wipe out a group. If this is done how is the character able to re-spawn Smithson? The step to spawn him 4/6 updates to 5/6 as soon as he spawns, thus requiring GM intervention. It appears that the only way that this mission can be completed is by only one character having the mission and by the group killing/looting Smithson on the first try. There are several other missions, of the same sort, that do not have these problems. The Dragon's Claw Tzu's Test of Endurance Tang Kai Heng Thanks for reading this encyclopedic entry, all the hard work from the Devs and GM. 😎 /cheers
  14. Nope. Such events are for selling increased leveling 'perks' as a way to pull in additional money with zero content. The ENB Emulator does not do this. There is a donation page available to support the cost of the game. There are a very large number of ways to increase xp gains. Ask in the New Player channel and the community will give assistance but here are some basics: 1) Player Made (PM) gear will increase your leveling speed by 50% or more. Usually leveling gear is made for free. Worst case you may need to provide components for the items you want built. If unsure what the best item, per level/class, just ask. 2) Group with others: Touring can quickly gain Explore xp for Explore Level (EL), higher levels mobs grant more xp and they are killed more easily in a group for faster Combat xp for Combat Level (CL), Wormhole's (WH) can make trade runs/missions go much faster for more Trade xp for Trade Level (TL). Just ask. 3) Multi-box. Same as grouping with others.....but its just you. 😁 4) There is the Net-7.org website that contains a large amount of information that can be helpful. This includes class planners, a database, and a wiki (player maintained and has a lot of helpful information. Make sure to login or you will not have access to all that www.Net-7.org has to offer. 5) The community is really quite amazing....if you have questions, need help, or just want to hang out this is the EMU for you.
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