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  1. yeah, in looking at the walkthrough on the wiki, https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Green_Initiative:_You'd_forget_your_head_if_it_wasn't_attached it looks like the player is supposed to go to Dr. Sacha Ilekio in Jagrstadt City on Zweihander Planet. I do not recall seeing any text regarding this, in my interaction with Beeker or H'neydoo, directing me to Jagrstadt City. It would be useful to have the mission log update to include this information instead of the in-game text continuing to direct the player back to Mr Beeker.
  2. Can't turn in the initial 5 decayed human heads to Mr. Beeker. Tried sorting, separating, and trading but he will not complete the mission.
  3. OS: Windows 10. Looks like I had to adjust my client.exe and net7config.exe to Compatibility mode: Windows 7, do a performance test with windowed mode checked, then click OK. Now it's working correctly.
  4. Trying to get back into the emulator, after several years of absence, and ran into an issue when trying to launch the game in window'd mode. I tried setting window'd mode in both the net7config.exe and E&BConfig.exe but to no avail. Any ideas?
  5. Haven't played for quite a while. After the initial Windows 10 upgrade the game worked.  However recently nothing would come up when pressing Play on the LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 app.  I had to go through to the enb.client.exe and set it to Compatibility mode Windows XP (Service Pack 2). That still didn't work (which had in the past) so I went into the Net7 folder and changed the net7proxy.exe to Compatibility mode Windows XP (Service Pack 2).   Now the game runs fine again   Disregard.  Game keeps disconnecting/losing sync. Maybe time to say goodbye to EnB.
  6. Unfortunately there is no way to open raiding to more people with the current structure of the EMU.  The number of players that can be involved in a raid is limited by the server and code.  Since most of the raids are on a span timer they are always going to be farmed by the top guilds.  The only possible way around this would be locking players out if they have attended a raid.  Unfortunately most high level players have so many alts this isn't going to stop anything.  Even worse there are so few raids that there is a serious bottleneck once people hit 150.   Seriously the pride devices are camped liked clockwork, the voltoi mob instigator is always camped, the raids are camped, the guardian is camped, its all down like clockwork. Why would any average player feel like there was any game-play once they reached 150 and were not in one of the main guilds? It doesn't take very long (after missing out on multiple raids) for players to just say, "I have a better chance of raiding in another game" and just logging off. 
  7. wow.....just wow.   While I think the idea is interesting locking it down so its not changeable seems to violate the whole class setup of EnB.  If I choose a skill set I don't like I am screwed and have to re-level a whole new toon?  Isn't that the whole point of the PS's 135 skill to allow a player to try out different skills and play styles?   Seems like a lot more work could be done to make most skills more useful and balanced....or even god forbid give every class a working level 135 skill and not just the PS (JE still doesn't have its 135 skill working). Even making gear specific to certain classes or mobs more susceptible to certain skills would seem like a better first step then spending all this time modifying existing class balance....but if you do it at least make it adjustable so the game isn't further ruled by those players able to max level 10+ different toons multi-boxing.   NOTE: I took a quick look at the spread sheet and there are buffs for items that are currently not even working/balanced.  This will even further unbalance existing classes. As an example gear damage reduction is useless when gear is so rarely damaged in structure and quality.  Turbo is currently most powerful for the slowest weapons.  Westwood understood this and capped turbo from simply being a speed increase to actually adding to the damage down (EG: first 40% applies to rate of fire......every point after that applies to damage output and not rate of fire).  I would suggest ensuring that all of the areas effected by these buffs be working/balanced before adding in a whole new set of gear that uses these buffs.   Furthermore the devs may want to consider how easy 99% of the mobs in the game are. Most players have zero problem killing mobs 10 levels higher than their CL even with most mobs mass aggroing. Mobs cannot catch players so almost no one ever dies. Adding more damage output, further damage reduction, and greater range to the existing classes via these specializations is just going to turn an already EZ mode game into one no one wants to play.  Toughen up the mobs, their skill usage, and AI before further buffing players.
  8. Looted another one the other day.  It is a rare drop though....good luck = ]
  9. the camel's back has been broken.  Bad mob AI, badly grouped mob levels, mob tethering problems (yes, I got chased 200k across a sector last night), every mob within 5k aggroing, way overpowered emu loot, badly and even distribution of ore fields, non-working skills, not even close to balanced mob loot trade xp, lack of trade missions, reliance on jobs as game content, destroying trade skills for the average player.....I could deal with it all (and yes, I complained about each and every one to no avail).   However sticking manes in the glenn gas fields?  I am done.  Have fun folks....the last four years have been a blast.
  10. Its all about the 200% expected quality coming out at 197%.  That stuff makes me go play other games. Trade skills should be time sinks but atm its really not worth it if yer not in a guild and have a lot of people feeding your credits and recipes.  The idea was to reward builders, that spent the time, to have better build skills than players that do not.  While this may have succeeded I am not sure the current system has really made the game better, more fun, or more rewarding.   It still seems more like casual building is dead and the market channel is a ghost town....but I don't login much anymore ;)
  11. Athanor Adamantine AMF2 drops in Neptune, from Terran patrol groups that cruise around the High Security Prison. It doesn't drop from the top level guy but his guards.
  12. in Live the ammo comps dropped in cooper, but not the weapon comps.  Those were only from the fishbowl.  This was a nice balance and allowed players to keep their guns running without having to do FB's on a regular basis.  Once the other raids started popping up getting enough people together to do a FB, just for ammo comps, was also difficult.
  13. The Level 4 claim-jumper is a mission reward (and can be printed).  The mission boss that has to be killed drops some ammo, and each player that completes the mission gets a couple of each ammo type (chem and explosive).  If a player fails the print just have another toon do the mission (its very low level and offers good xp).  Seems balanced to me.
  14. Seems like a pointless skill to increase. 25% increase to shields is huge......why would it ever need to be bigger?  Either mobs can 2-shot kill you or they can't.  An extra 15% increase in yer shields wouldn't make these mobs easier to kill or prevent deaths.  At max level raid mobs are the only thing that can 1-shot kill you, due to chem or plasma ticks, a trader not recharging your shields is what will result in the death not a slight increase in shield cap.  Hull patch or maybe faster shield recharge would seem like a better buff to add to items.   Also note that that shield cap is not the be all/end all in this game.  Having high % deflects will do more than any % of shield charging.
  15. Working as designed.  Bring a bigger gun/more players......or convince the devs to add enough chavez of all level to increase RD faction for all (I doubt this is even possible with RD faction being almost required for any end game players).    Actually there is another pretty simple method of meeting everyone's needs, kind of like combat jobs. If the devs setup repeatable missions that creates groups of chavez mobs at the player's level.  Set these missions up in several spawn points over several sectors and tie the mobs to the quest player so that no other player, that is not grouped with the quest player, can aggro or kill the quest mobs.   Course this would take a bit of work. = ]
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