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  1. Note: I have had Windows10 lock the option I mentioned. So I was unable to move the window. If that happens I found the following make work to move i "I've always used Alt-Space in this type of scenario. That will bring up a menu where you can select "Move", then use the arrow keys to move the window around. Press Enter to lock it into position."
  2. The most updated version of the ini, and a link to download the original EnBTravelmate, are located here now:
  3. AngryAngel is teh man! He has posted Kii's original ini update file. I did a file compare, to Mannakin's file, and Kii's has a lot more sector's. Even though they are not identical I did not see anything, in Mannakin's ini, that should be added/replace any code in Kii's. NOTE: I only spent a few minutes, running a file compare and checking the differences, so feel free to more heavily compare the two. I am using Kii's. I have updated Kii's version to version 7.9 to include Greater Wormhole into WHL7 selection for JE. If any further updates are made please update the version, version notes, and upload additional update(s). = ] EnBTravelMate_v7.9.ini
  4. the old update ini file was posted here: UPDATE: After comparing files there is a lot of missing data from Mannakin's ini file. AngryAngel has posted Kii's original file.I recommend using that one (below).
  5. o . 0 Have you tried Compat Mode for the exe's? I seriously doubt any game older than 10 years is gonna run on Win11. Its a pile of.......that runs most of its processes on the cloud. I recommend running a VM client rather than trying to get Win11 to work with older games (Steam is having a nightmare with it).
  6. Make sure your firewall and virus scan software are not blocking the program. Windows is a bitch about this. Ensure the Net-7 exe's are set to Compat mode for Win 7. I had to do a fresh install and the Net-7 updater is a nightmare. Generate several errors then got stuck and would not update. Make sure to Install Certificate under Help. Under Launcher click Check For Updates. If nothing happens click Reset Updates.
  7. Lost my hard drive that had the updated ini file on it. Anyone else have Kii's updated ini file? Be cool to post the ini, with the original travelmate program, all in a single zip/rar file and upload it to https://www.net-7.org/?#downloads
  8. Previous to the last Tuesday (08/24/2021) maintenance when mining pop-rocks, with max level Prospect and 200% Golden Tooth (L9 + 4.62 from the device), I used to be able to mine ore about 40%-50% of the time (roughly). I had better chances on pop-rocks, mining the first ore, if it had two ores in them. It was definitely worth the potential debuff and loss of shields. Since the last server maintenance restart I have been successful 4 times out of the 50 poprocks and the ONLY success has been mining L6 and L7 asteroids. Not sure what change was made but atm there appears to be zero reason to ever mine high level pop-rocks, unless farming for a pop mob drop, because the chance of success has been zero. Has anyone else experienced this? Has the /random just been screwing me for a week now?
  9. sunrise.net-7.org is offline as of 8:00 am PST / 3:06 pm GMT
  10. Depending on your version of windows you may need to first click the window's key before you can shift click to bring up the 'move' option menu.
  11. I know the Dark Matter Cannon lists its ammo as impact, the Launcher as explosive, and the Beam as energy (just like live). I seem to recall that these dark matter weapons also ignored mob resists to these 'damage types'. So if a mob was resistant to impact the DM sludge (from the PL) didn't care. It did full damage and then gained a large bonus if the mob was debuffed to impact. Does it work that way in the EMU or are these weapons just kind of bleh now? Also wasn't the dark matter ammo level 9? Its shows in the database as level 8, which would nerf its damage even more. Might be nice to buff these weapons to make them end game appropriate even for non-raiders. Also wondered, and maybe I am just senile, but didn't a certain level of grav link debuff the target to impact? Might have been level 5 because both my PS and PW, in live, used impact and grav link a ton. Once everyone had plasma debuff devices it pretty much stopped being used much. It was a reason to equip devices that improved the grav link skill.
  12. Instead of an AH what about a mission board? Posted by Json the JE: "Desperate JE needs help killing the damn Modi's Child. It keeps sneaking up on me while I am farming Sult sausage (you know, the good organ meat the Progens love so much). Send a PM if interested. Thorvalds need not reply." Would love a section like this to organize a public raid or two. I have several synthesized crystals that I would love to give away but without assistance from others they would likely just sit in players vaults.
  13. I have NOT seen the following items drop in Cooper zone off regular ten-gu: Ten-gu Cranium, Nerve Bundle (if they do drop from regular teng-gu, like they did in live, it would be great if someone replied) I HAVE seen the following drop in Cooper zone off regular ten-gu: Ten-Gu Ossien Matter, Ten-Gu Carapace, Ten-Gu Ocular Nerve, and Ten-Gu Cerebral Cortex It would be nice if these were colored a little different or had some additional info on them. I have vendored SO many of these. NOTE: The Ten-Gu Bile, Ten-Gu Rib, and Ten-Gu Tooth still DO NOT drop in Cooper, from normal ten-gu, they way they did in live. If you want the ammo you MUST go to a raid......which is still strange to me as you can get a great weapon and never have ammo for it.
  14. sunrise.net-7.org is offline but it can be pinged.
  15. hit me up on Discord: Jc#2534 or Steam: 10478601

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