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  1. I've become incredibly non-productive O.O Seems EnB play was a regulator to my daily schedule >.< Good Grief
  2. Just peeked in to see if my family was still with us and yes! Thank you for the preview. Happy dance, happy dance. Thank you!!!
  3. from my old IT days - you can do it on time, on budget or right. However, you can only do two of those. Take your time. Do it right is the priority. Thank you. I found this after years. I can wait a while again. Just dropped a donation to try to assist on budget.
  4. one of three extracted from the harddrive at the end of live there are two others if there is enough interest to post JenquaiBattle01-1.mp3
  5. Sorry about your bad first experience. As Yeti says, its a community game. As such it helps to hit the place at the right time of day. Typing /who will tell you the population of the server. If its below 30 the ability to get help is obviously more limited, particularly as the emu allow multiple player characters at the same time. We have a population that includes Europe, the US, and Australia. Use the New Player channel to let us know you are there. As for getting around, another volunteer site - enbmaps.de is your most current road map to the galaxy. Search the forum for the Quick Reference Sheet for key commands. The wiki for the game is accessed through the main Net7 site, left hand column, scroll down, click on wiki, use same name and password as for the Net7 site. Enter Skill-Acquisition in the search box and you will be taken to a link page for walkthroughs for nearly all the initial missions. The wiki has walkthroughs for nearly all missions you may encounter afterwards as well. I'm just another player in the game and not on all the time as life does call. However, I have created welcome wagon alts at Mars, Jupiter, and Earth with free gear that is not the vendor brand x to make your initial progression easier. I do not know when someone first joins and can only rely upon postings in New Players. I have sent my alts to escort new Progens to the shipyards knowing that its a challenging journey. Often offering the service prior to any request if I know they're headed that way for the first time. It's all about catching one of many of the other helpful players in the game being on.
  6. I got back in the game because of a Youtube post. That was two years ago. If anyone has Youtube posting skills, a short vid on parts every month or so to keep it in view might be a big help.
  7. Signed in early this morning. Then later when trying to log in my alts on other computers (Win7 and Win10) got the same message and still get it. It 'appears' to be a certification issue. Kept the first connect open. Went through the higher menu to Megan to Login again, it worked on the original. Someone posted that they changed the certification status and got access. See forum "Keep getting INV-300 when trying to log on" for the work around, but its posted with warning about leaving it unchecked if you do any other internet work.
  8. It's coming up to that time of the month and its not there. Would like to keep donating to keep it up.
  9. A QRS that might be helpful for new players
  10. As the title says - really ?
  11. I did , the GM said file a bug report.
  12. I click on the Bug Tracker tab to file a bug report and only get basically a blank format page with the donation report box on the right. Nothing showing to make an entry for a bug.
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