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  1. A QRS that might be helpful for new players
  2. As the title says - really 🙂
  3. I did , the GM said file a bug report.
  4. I click on the Bug Tracker tab to file a bug report and only get basically a blank format page with the donation report box on the right. Nothing showing to make an entry for a bug.
  5. How many hit points did it take for the "Eye of God"? I recall one night the server population was trying to do that.
  6. In the original EnB the Bogeril had a Tail Tucker device as a reward option that took the user back to the O'Homestead. Considering the old trade wormhole support that often involved at stop at N7 for pickup, a similar device that could be rewarded for a N7 quest would be one that would haul the user to N7 taking care of half of the trade job route. Somewhere in the process, I figured the existing WH positions would end up being too narrow a spread over a large universe and the jenquai would 'recalibrate' some of the WH above level 4. The first four were in jenquai or jenquai shared space. If the jenquai were going to get the ability to use each others faction gates (as alluded to in the notes picked up after the closure), then Jupiter and Paren Station would only be separated by Io. Then there distance between Swooping Eagle, Carpenter, and ABB which is just two or three gates. The introduction of an N7 device could open up either ABB or Jupiter for recalibrating.
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