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  1. I am on wireless internet and this happens when im not multiboxing as well as when i am.
  2. Sometimes after gating or coming out of a station my ship is invisible  and there is a "ship" signature always visable with the name Unknown in the same region as me that i can never target. I can warp around still tho.    I also regularly come out of gating or undocking and cant move my ship at all and have zero hit points and reactor power. If i open my ship equipment page its all empty.   In both cases re-logging from char selection fixes it most of the time. Sometimes I have to re-log more than once.   Is this just something everyone has happen or am I special?
  3. Im still stuck on 9/18 i have the experimental laser lenses in my inventory but the conversation wont advance when i talk to Jerriv guy in Aganju just keeps going in circles. if i go to inverness planet roland will be there to kill but when i do theres no escape pod.
  4. i also am stuck with  the mission won't advance. I am also stuck at step 9/18. I have the experimental laser lenses in my inventory and i have to talk to this Jerriv guy in Aganju to explain the plan. After the dialogue is finished and i push the "Done" button, he keeps talking to me from the beginning and i have to explain the plan again and again. If I have no lenses in my inventory, he tells me he needs to see one in my cargo bay. I tried relogging, moving the lenses from cargo bay to vault and back, nothing seems to help.   Ginafae my TT
  5. Nope still no Roland =( Hot fix going on now will check after that. Nope not fixed yet.
  6. on my Character Ginafae:   i have the 10 mining lasers built and already inspected by the weapons inspector and am on my way to 61 cyngi I am suposed to be robbed by roland but this is not happening . I am able to go thru the gate and dock at Kinshasa and when i talk to who i need to there nothing happens. I have tryed forfetting the quest and re doing it same thing happens. I am also being offered the level 50 hull upgrade when i am not of that level.   Was told to post as the in game tickets are being silly atm.
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