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HEY Galileo, ayee!

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Updated the Original Post with all new additions.


And "Hello's" go out to Bluemeanie and Potamo, remember seeing both your names fairly often on Gally.  Get back in some time Potamo, will be the "last" time you'll have to level an EnB toon, lol.  Yay for no more wipes.

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I was Gallias (PW), Clatious (JD), had several other characters, as well as acquiring accounts from guild mates and in-game friends along the way (Atrocious (JE), Giagia (TT), etc..). Don't forget to add Gudge to the list, the first person on Galileo to get the skull shield.

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I see Hatu is on there =P

I also played Hatum, Hatumahala, Ultrawarrior and about 5 others all on Galileo with short stints in 2 of the other Galaxies after sunset announcement just to check them out for a few days =P

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Sevindragoon fna Sevindragoon of KoWW on galileo, aka: Sevin, Dragoon, Artemusgordon, Jimwest, Drloveless, Searchnrescuetwo, Sevinhunterjd.


I used to run around with an Aussie from Canada (yea, I know), named Towtruck. Played a PS as my main. Anybody knows or see's Towtruck, tell him to give me a shout ingame under one of the Above names.

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Not sure if you are going on guilds or not, but many of the names you mentioned in your original post were in Armageddon it on (my guild, that Grizzley started). I have tried to get them back before I gave up on the emu only to be told they were into WoW too much to even imagine coming back.



Staying with WoW was their choice. I came back here for quite a while till it turned into an altogether different game from live, I loved the majority of changes but the changes I do not like drove me away. meant it was a diffent game altogether That was the fear of my guild mates that did not come back that EnB would turn into another game without trying to stay true to live (as it has done).


I doubt any of my guild mates would come back today as the game is no longer in the spirit of live, only what a minority think it should have been.


Ps Dizzy Sold his EnB account to a fellow guild mate (Lazarus/Benedict) shortly before sunset. Dunno if Dizzy is still around or not but if he is it under a different name as I never saw a Dizzy in the EMU.


Alot of names I recognize from my old guild that go by "Final Armageddon" In wow. I remember 90% of those names and have sent out multiple messages through the guild site to come back but few replies (maybe 15% of all listed).


One name that is not on the list is Sealclubber (LOL), another is Janeway (forget her hubbies name though)

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I played on Galileo as Syndromus and currently play on the emu under the same name. I was a co-creater of the guild "Indomitable" alongside Cabernet fka Phokker (gms forced him to change his name). On the list you have "fubu" in pink. Its actually "Fooboo" as it was in live who is also active in the emu today. Other names that come to mind: Phawk, Monsoon, and Hammerblade.
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I was on Galileo with several characters, Jennison a TT, Amalee a TE, Lynjade a JE and some others I don't remember.  By the last day of the servers I had 5 characters maxed out.


I'm playing once in a while as Jennison/Kyra.  May start to play more if I find the time.


Still wishing things were a little more like they were at "lights out" but the current game is still pretty good at reminded my why I loved E&B so much.  By the way I'm Issler Dainze in Eve is anyone cares.



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I played on Galileo...


Also, Pezza, Cromulis, Halek, Sheriden, Sealclubber, Paris (the bestest reactor builder), Soroboros, Budman, more I can't think of ATM...


Good to see you made it to the EMU. :)



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