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  1. So I've gotten to step 7 of 8. I have the 4 remaining sets of comps in my hold but Architecti Vasi just keeps asking "Where are those Circuit Boards we talked about? I need 4 of them. " I can't figure out what I've done wrong. I have 3x Evolver AllTemp Circuit Board, 3x Ultra Improved Capacitor, 3x CE3K Model 4 and 3x Hull Mesh Laminate III in my hold. Any help would be appreciated. *Edit* I figured it out. I spaced what I thought was junk but it was the left over parts from the ones that were destroyed.
  2. When this recently happened to me the only thing that worked was running it in compatibility mode with windows 8.
  3. Current name I use in game is a TE named Madmidget.
  4. I can't find the captain anywhere. I got a shattered datacube from killing a lvl 40 freespacer but Tarnish says I still need to kill the captain.
  5. Galileo here.   My main was a TE named Dizzy.   Not to be confused with Dizzyfly (which it usually was) as I am not him.
  6. Could you pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease change it so you get the coins after you do the HU mission? (Which is how the current description implies)   I lost out on the coins for lvl 50 because the way it's currently worded I thought I'd get them after the mission. Not as soon as you reach lvl 50. I didn't notice they were in my inventory and accidentally spaced them thinking they were the tiles you get from prospecting.
  7. *poke poke poke* :cluebat:   <--------- Wants to see :w00t:
  8. F7 or NET-7 sounds like a better area actually since those ares seem more active.
  9. Would like to make a suggestion to add a new memorial nav point Glory's Orbit Westwood memorial.
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