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  1. Chipped in just because of the good cause and excellent work you guys are performing! Hopefully I will have the time needed to play one day again
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  3. Seems it is live already now
  4. Seems like the last Xmas events have started around 28th of December, hoping it will this time also! My characters needs the Polarexpress Engine
  5. I can not say anything about staff looking into this, but there were problems. People lost stuff and characters were rolled back a couple of times. I also started a new character and when I logged in 4 hours ago my levels was ok, but I had less SP, not all skills, all gear gone. So definitely problems For my part I deleted the character that was only level 12 and started a new one.
  6. \o/ Yay, you are still playing, nice! Will be logging some hours ingame during weekend, will be nice to catch up with you all! Watch out guys, Hizzle (or what was it you nicknamed me Iceminer?) is back I actually remembered how to fly the ship when I tried Will have to check keyboard shortcuts for stuff though, can't remember everything. Mostly struggling to remember how to get from A to B, so I downloaded a map and printed on an A3 at work this morning. One could say I am preparing for the weekend!
  7. Sorry to hear that! I hear you, annoying feeling when one can't figure out what is wrong
  8. Have you disabled Xbox Game DVR on the computer? Even if you never have opened it is known to cause strange lag i many games. Here is how to disable it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=794389603 In short, open Xbox app in Windows 10, go to setting, choose Game DVR tab, turn off Game DVR. Hope it helps!
  9. Greetings everyone, It is nice to see the project is still going strong! I was planning to start playing again last fall but real life came in between. However now I can put aside a few hours a week to play this awsome game again! Down to the topic, anything I need to know about the game now, other than Vrix running around? Any big changes? Already got a really warm welcome in General chat when I logged in, I was even given a some stuff to my big surprise! I hope I can repay that somehow later. See you all ingame! Fly safe, Ramses/Hather/Laxen/Mumin/can't remember all my alt names
  10. From beta to sunset, played on Galileo. Have had a break from the emulator, considering to come back again
  11. The PS was the only class that could return genemaps in live, iirc one got factions and money for them, higher level ones gace a lot of money, remember sums being over 1 mil for lvl 8s and 9s. This I am 99% sure of.
  12. I had big problems docking at both Earth and Charon stations, had to relog several times before succeeding.
  13. Aye, server seems to be offline.
  14. I really do not see the problem, if a builder wants to invest loads of money and TIME (takes 4ever to produce this) to gain the qualityboost all at once or by doing it slowly by selling to players it doesn't really matter, it is the same for all players. If one wants to achieve it go do it, plain and simple.   If it is not intended I am sure the DEVs will come up with a way to correct it in a way that will please both players that already have the ability and those that doesn't have it.
  15. Luckily this has not happened to me yet, but I keep on seeing players that write in General or other channel that they can not log in their characters as they are already logged into the game.   Is it possible to add a function to the portal where you can log yourself out of the game if such thing would happen?   PS. I also have teh same problem as Stanig, can't see patch notes in Firefox.
  16. I was on Galileo also, played mainly Mumin (JE), Ramses (PS), Ramsespw and Laxen (TT)
  17. Not sure if the lower levels of SAP has been fixed or not, I wrote a post about it while i was leveling my PW some time back. I didn't get any shield hp returned on the lower levels of SAP, think it was lvl 3 I reported about and if I recall correctly some other player used the same thread recently and still had the same problem... Here is the thread: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/4998-shield-sap-pw/ EDIT: Added link
  18. Nice stuff and it is a pitty to say that I don't think this will come through anytime soon as far as I have understood the UI is off the limits for now (they can not change the client atm).
  19. [quote name='Talar' timestamp='1317131506' post='46741'] This is not the case with low end 1-3 level components. and if there is no best in slot sets, why is it that every level we get the same level x projectile, or missle or beam? Do you see jenquai using anything other then plasma beams early game? No. Progen use the same projectiles (executioners hands). And terran the same missiles. What about the other 50-100 weapons? So its clear there is a "best in slot". there for "normalization" is needed. [/quote] Your statement on the projectiles and beams are off, so much off that I needed to comment on it. You really need to stop reading and believing everything you see written in the channels. Think outside the box and everything does not necessarily spin around DPS, sometimes there are tradeoffs that will let you gain in other areas. Regarding missiles I can not say as I haven't played that much terran yet.
  20. Don't agree with the poprock mobs. I am playing a JE and I have no problems this far to take them out as they have appeared, this with mining gear. It is not like you guys don't havce guns or your ship while mining. Further, if you can't take out the mobs in a field, maybe you are not meant to mine there? or maybe bring a friend along to kill them, you get combat exp they get explore exp. Things are already way too easy at it is, this was a fun change for the better.
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