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  1. Hello, I wanted to start playing again and found I could no longer login and all attempts to reset my password seems to fail. I even decided, sure I'd just create a new account but no luck logging in on that either. Still ideally I would prefer to recover my old account. Thoughts?
  2. I have the same problem with my orginal account.  Created a second account and that plays fine.  Something must have happened to older accounts, by the way, my first account works everywhere except the game.
  3. I have the same problem.  Never started working again.
  4. So I still can't log in with my account and the avatars do not show.  No response to any tickets.
  5. OK, created a new account and I can get to that, portal shows my avatars for the previous account but can't log in.
  6. Haven't played in a while.  My login isn't recognized.  Even stranger I run it normally the resolution once heading towards log in seems normal.  As administrator is is much smaller on my screen.  Both ways do not recognize my account.  I have verified the account both in the forums and the other site.  Very strange.   Spacegrrrl
  7. I was on Galileo with several characters, Jennison a TT, Amalee a TE, Lynjade a JE and some others I don't remember.  By the last day of the servers I had 5 characters maxed out.   I'm playing once in a while as Jennison/Kyra.  May start to play more if I find the time.   Still wishing things were a little more like they were at "lights out" but the current game is still pretty good at reminded my why I loved E&B so much.  By the way I'm Issler Dainze in Eve is anyone cares.   Kyra
  8. Connect to the "other" server as an option... (ducks under the table). When you finish it will it be added to the SVN? Spacegrrrl
  9. So I have consistently asked one simple question and I never get and answer from this team. Many sucessful server emulator projects have been created. They all seem to share databases openly and encourage private servers. What makes E&B have to be closed to succeed when these other project flourish? Just some examples, Everquest: http://www.eqemulator.org/ WoW: http://arcemu.org/ Ultima Online http://www.joinuo.com/ Star Wars Galaxies http://www.swgservers.com/swgemu-help/swgemu-compiling-help/ By the way, this is an interesting read, looks like the SWGEmu community had a similar spintering and are tryng to find a way to come back together. Some backgrouns on that: http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11609 Finally, to say somehow the databased isn't part of this project is borderline bizare. You could make the same case any source code that is managed is really just "data" too and the JIT engine is the only part of the project that is shared. In the end its all "just data" a processor gobbles and acts on. All of the database is ultimately recreating content originally provided by Westwood/EA. I'd almost buy the argument if the game as it exists today was totally different the the orginal E&B but just used the client and art assets, but its not. Now I learned there is a third projet! Wow, wonder how long till 4! :-) Spacegrrrl
  10. C Del, how do you justify "stealing" EA's work product. Using your logic you have no right to any of the assets of E&B. EA or Westwood certainly never agreed to let you use the result of the considerable efforts of Westwood. This was set up as an open source project from its inception. When I set up a computer as part of the pool to help break the packet encryption I never thought I was doing it so YOU would "own" anything. Somehow over time this team has decided they "own" things they honestly don't. I just gave $50 to the other team and will continue to do at least as much once a month for some time to come. They seem to understand what the original intention of this project was. The initial design documents that saw a future where lots of folks ran their own servers, developed their own content and players could seamlessly enjoy an entire community of servers and unique shared content. That was something exciting. This project now has given up trying to be the game that once was and is trying to be something "better". Not sure any of this team has the background to make that likely to happen. At least the other project remains true to the original vision of getting it back to "lights off" first before inventing something new. I'm sure I've started the ban hammer in motion, and as I've said before, I applaud the efforts of this team to get thing running as well as they are. I also say I totally disagree with the efforts to make this a closed private effort, I don't agree with the focus of new content before the replication of old content. Most folks here don't care about any of this, they are playing a not bad game for free and "meta issues" revolving around these discussions are likely viewed as sour grapes from disfunctionals whiners. Fair enough. Let's see over time which approach pays off in the end. I think comments in this thread helped me decide on the horse I'll bet on. Open will win, no doubt about it. I'm so sure I've voted with my wallet. I'll soon start contributing to their server source. Can I get you to promise you won't ever use any of my code since the other team is committed to keeping their project open? Good luck, stay private, keep inventing a new if similar game, lets compare notes in a year, I believe in open source and the power of many, even if not always going in the same direction over a few folks worried about "splintering" and "losing control", I'll use the Linux as an example to make my case, Spacegrrrl
  11. Here is a crazy way to prove me wrong. Check in the current stable tree to the SVN. No head bashing required. Bring back the API reference Wiki. Add back the "mission statement" that the project once had on its website committing to this being an "open" project. I've long since given up on the idea of the content database every really being shared again, but I still have a crazy optomistic hope the server source will somehow become open again. Spacegrrrl
  12. And just to provide a LoL to this, the other project's site seems to be very much crashed. So could very well be a huge non-issue. :-) Spacegrrrl
  13. Using your logic no open source project could ever succeed because all those other interested developers "splinter" the effort. This is just a case of some folks not knowing how to play well with others and having "control" issues. My case to prove my point are the other server emulator projects that have been very successful by being very OPEN. How on earth do they continue to grow and be healthy if you have to close the project? I have pointed this out repeatedly and I have yet to see anyone refute my point? How do they succeed and stay open? Anyone?? Spacegrrrl
  14. How does stoping the release of the server source "protect" the community? This project has been the work of a lot of folks, some no longer active in the project. Has everyone that contributed to the server code agreed to closing the project to "protect" the community? I expect not. I don't even know where to begin to explain how what you are doing now violates the spirit (and possibly even the license that the initial development was shared under) of an open source project and how this is now inconsistent with the intentions of this project when it was begun. So I would also point out that at the time the folks that "took" "your" data were actually part of your team and could probably make the case they has much right to is as you claim to. Basically somehow or other there were some personal issues that caused someone that was once "you" to pick up their toys and leave. This isn't a case of someone "stealing" anything. It was a dispute about how to better the future of the project that for whatever reason couldn't be resolved. In the end I think whoever stays the most "open" and "inclusive" of the greater community will win in the end (if there is anything you could call 'winning"). Spacegrrrl
  15. No check-in in 94 days seems pretty "closed". But I hope there is some refresh at some point planned. Spacegrrrl
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