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  1. Holy crap!!! I just came on to look at the status out of morbid curiosity at the status of the game, and I see you back Ever.... Welcome back Actually the first time I logged into here in quite a while, been probing around as a guest here and there but had not seen you post in forever so logged in solely to say WB As for the OP well cry a river for me.... When I was playing my guild tried to get into the rotation and were basically told "you are too small so kiss our tail end" by the big 3 leadership (no offense to many of their guildmates as we had good relations with you), so we took over the controller spawn for a month and after the big 3 cried and whined to us enough we let them back into it and we finally got into the rotation by force. The only reason to complain to me is if someone from the agreement breaks it
  2. Guess Mimir must not feel like confronting me on his accusations, vs my saying I never saw a non guild post that the warder was up and asking for help with it.   In fact after sunset was announced and the majority of players had left, I posted to my guild that it was up and I am sure many who played live may well remember the name Sealclubber from my guild as he ran many auctions and was widely known.  But i said hey "the warder is up" and him with his PW and his bother a JD (do not remember his name) took it on them self to dual it and when Seal's shields got low his bro would summon him and they managed to kill it before the guild could gather for a fair roll on the drops, but since i found it I was eventually given the turbo device that dropped as I was the one who alerted the guild to it being up and wanted everyone who needed it to have a fair chance at the drop.   I was not mad because a guild mate killed it, i was mad because I knew I was not the only one who wanted it and was shut out by anothe'rs greed.   If he had been a true guild mate he would have allowed a free roll for the participants and may have well ended up with it, but he got selfish and ignored everyone else to supposedly better his bro and was threatened with being kicked and the entire server (of those left) of knowing what he had done..   Yes I found it and wanted it as it was not in my inventory, but I wanted everyone to have an equal chance at it even if I lost it
  3. Precisely my point and better spoken than myself. I despised the exact timer of the Warder as who killed it first knew when it would respawn next, I wanted it to be like like the FB/Tempest so that people outside of the guild that controlled it because of exact respawn times could have a chance to obtain the drops without paying a fortune to the extortionist guilds who owned the spawn because they knew precisely when it would respawn next. If some commenting here saying I am a jerk because I wanted equal opportunity for all, feel the need to oppose it.. Well judge them yourself and if you agree with me, speak up and tel them know they are not superior simply because they know the system   Oh and yes the coding is entirely possible, I have a little experience in it as I attempted to learn it. It simply was to much of a headache though and I turned down being a Dev position here early on because I could code in VB but not C. In fact the coding is already in place with the FB and other "activated" content, just someone does not want it changed is all it boils down to   And that "wraps up" my entire issues with this emu
  4. Ok I am drunk again and just curious as to "Mr. Whiney" had responded but he has not     Actually I was on the side of cloaked looting as it was done a lot in live myself by my JE and JD, maybe you did not understand what I was saying or you mistook it. Yes it was done in live and last time I played the Emu it also was, but I had some input into that system also. If you were to ask me how much I looted using the classes available that I played in live, I could not tell you how many items I had looted (but never "ninjaed" them like others as I had some respect for others unlike those who exploited it). Actually at one point when you would loot it would decloak you in the EMU, so that was not live and may have been a glitch but according to some of the higher ups it was intentional as they thought if you can not mine while cloaked you should not be able to loot either, but that was overruled. TO a live player that was nothing short of "We are to lazy to fix it so deal with it", yet the community banded together and that was changed.   When I started this project you could not even log in and impulse around (which was a huge accomplishment at the time to be able to), my goal in being a part of the design was to make it as close to live as possible with improvements. When I started actually was when the encryption was trying to be cracked and even allowed my PC to be online as much as possible to contribute to cracking it, if you want to know how old I am in this project.   I liked alot of stuff about this project but the attitude totally changed once the "DEV split" happened, and people I had been on friendly terms with turned into self righteous dicks. I may seem to be one of them to some but I actually did care for this long term project and wanted to regain the game I loved with some improvements and expansion, yet as of last I played it had became equal to EA's "I am king so piss off if you do not like it" self righteous attitude... Even before EnB I disliked EA as they had a "support period" where they would listen then after it was "just buy our new game" mentality. Even with the last patch for The sims 3 they had not fixed a few major game breaking bugs and then offer The sims 4, so 99% of your playerbase say there is a bug but you ignore them and want them to pay you for a new game, umm unless you are ignorant you should refuse as they are setting their own example of a game breaking bug refused to e fixed without a 3rd party fix,  is how this smug attitude some of the higher up DEVs seem to have anymore. They seem to forget they may be emu "reconstruction'ers" but they did not make the game itself.    I wanted more content which has been provided, but if you are a recent new "comer" that never played live, you may well love it as is. Yet as an live player I lost all interest. I may visit the forums but the emu and all files associated with it are permanently deleted  with no intention of ever being even downloaded again   Maybe my taste's for games has changed since live, just like my IRL tastes have as I now love foods I used to hate. Even I used to despise cooking for others, but now I actually want to open my own restaurant. So I admit maybe I could be viewing this wrong and maybe making the game like live with improvements has flaws, but if someone were to be willing to discuss the views with me and not simply "write me off as a dick", just maybe we could come to a middle point and make it even better. Yet that time has passed, I like what i am now playing now so I really have utterly lost all interest in the game, but do keep some interest in the replies to my posts just out of morbid curiosity.   I never wanted to be a Dev as I liked playing not creating, but  I never had any desire to "update to modern comparisons" to do so was "sacrilege" to me and it being done earlier on I know for sure if I had been involved at the time as a Dev, I would have been one of those who left of their own accord or kicked like others during the "split" as a few were handed too much power and weighed modern games more highly than the original version. If EA had not canceled live and continued to this day I may well still have been a paying customer. I wanted to improve upon the base, not to alter it to a hybrid between past and a modern games...
  5. I never said I had the best ideas ever, and never would take a majority rule against me as a personal attack. If the majority rule was for minor changes to something I made  I would always actually look at it rather than totally ignore it and act like a baby. I loved live up to the point sunset was announced, I had a hand in design from my knowledge of live to make this emu, one thing is the mining system. I wanted to make it as close to live as possible and me and Tien often talked via PMs and guess what it still felt like live when I quit playing.  I wanted live + not a totally different game. I actually had no interest in even playing my main again ( a PW) after the nerfs were made to the PW as they WERE THE FRIKING TANKS OF LIVE, yet you all felt it necessary to change that. So I played a PE, which I liked   Don't know what happened to you but we used to be cool and we agreed more often than not, guess being a dick rubs off on one when you hang with others who are.   I know I said last comment was my last but I am drunk and felt curious and checked up here on your reply + seeing yours pissed me off enough to reply, and I am not mad just answering in all honesty as I am sick of putting up with BS no matter if it is even from my so called best friend in real life   B's quests that are level limited are total ignorance as NO mmo I have ever played has ever been level limited on quests, sure you may be at a point that you may not get anything you can use or even a reward but you can still do them. I have never been excluded from a quest for level in a game other than being too low. If you have guess you have played some funky game that I have never played.   The only other game I have sworn never to play again besides this emu is DDO, simply because when they adopted the f2p model they made my main a pay character. Even though if it had not been for us that actually paid $50 + monthly subs for the game they made it so you could log in once but no notification that it was only once so any money or items I could transfer were lost unless I paid again for the character that I had paid 10x over originally to use...   If you feel I am attacking you, I actually am only replying. Sure it sucks we have become disconnected but my spitefulness is not aimed at you but the general attitude since the DEV split of those remaining who have their own vision, regardless of player or even fellow DEV views..   I have to admit there were a vast number of improvements from live when I last played, but there were also things that need not to have been touched that were totally altered. If the true spirit of live had been kept, well I would still be playing and even paying. Yet I did not like the alternate dimension that existed when I quit along with all my live's former guild   Their exact words were, runaway DEVs, jerks and a**holes so screw them I am not even wasting my time downloading the patches". So i may seem rude to your view, but then again you lost out on 30ish players who if you had kept the spirit of live alive, would have been playing today and even willing to pay to keep the servers up. So if you dislike that, well look in a mirror dude   I thought I would get live plus when the emu started but it was more alternate reality with all the changes... I do have alot of compliments to the dev team, but there are a few grievances that totally ruined the game for me and not just the warder but a lot more things that have been "tweaked" per "vision"..   It is good to have a vision, but when you recreate a game from scratch the thing to keep in mind is only to make improvements and not ruin it for those who played the original by making a totally different game   Truthfully if I were in charge and a major change were proposed, guess what would be my first action???   IT WOULD BE A COMMUNITY POLL, not just change it and pray it is accepted.  Sure it would take longer but the thing that is keeping this emu alive even at this moment is the community, if you disagree well guess you are truly delusional   If the community told me to leave the warder as in live, well it would be so. If they agreed that it needs to be activated or a randomized timer it would be that way. Truthfully I would accept my fellow players and devs opinion along with the GMs. But what does agreeing with the majority have to do with vision, unless you want to keep the spirit of a live game alive.       If you want another example of my input, it is cloak looting.. I know for absolute fact you could be cloaked with a jen and loot as I often flew into a dangerous area and looted something while cloaked. I earned alot of trade xp that way by flying into cooper where someone high enough to kill tengu would add me to group just so I could loot the kills they had no interest in other than xp. Or running a low sig engine on my PW looting kills in Neilf with a Roc equipped . But oh well listen to your vision and ignore all comments as long as the devs are happy guess they can play a private server if they can not get enough to keep the servers running if people eventually get sick of it
  6. Dude the FB was always activated and  the FB required far more players than the Warder (which was a joke compared to the FB), comparing apples and habeneros which may be the same family but are totally different. I never once saw a "hey the warder is up anyone want to help?" message in open chat in the entire time I remember playing. In fact I only remember the drops being sold for outrageous prices on market and that was extremely rare     Heck before the argo fix a solo TW could kill it, because I saw a TW soloing the gate and the mobs were just searching. He had maxed scan and range (I asked how he was doing it) and the explanation was he was "sniping them outside their scan range and the trick was staying outside their max scan"... It may seem ridiculous but maybe I was playing before you started, oh well whatever I am sick of these attacks when I apparently hit a nerve.   You guys can keep this game, I am extremely pleased with the FREE game I am playing now where the DEVs do not have a "vision" that ignores the player base (or totally ignore everyone just to keep one person happy), but actually listen and fix things that need to be. Truthfully the reason I stopped playing here is because it felt like I was again playing under EA's "deaf ears". Right now I am just waiting on some items to finish being made that I currently want to upgrade my current equipment with, sure 30 minutes to make something sucks but hey it will make my character far more powerful.... I now have 3 of the paid "battleframes" (you have assault, dreadnaught,  biotech, engineer and recon as the free ones and sub classes that are bought but specialize in attack, defense, damage, etc) but I have not spent a real life cent on the ones I have unlocked as I make things that sell for high prices and use that to buy them as the main currency can be converted to credits and credits can be converted to "paid credits" or the converted credits can be used to pay for "paid items" on market (which would be equal or less than on the "store")     I think this will be my final post here, at one point I wished I could win the lottery and buy out this game and force the changes I felt would make it greater than live. Yet now I would not spend a single penny on this game as today I have more fun playing Freelancer than here or even Independence War 2 - Edge of Chaos.   I absolutely loved the expansions and new sectors but DEV's that do not take into account even a majority of their own and players to keep one single DEV happy that their "baby" is not "defiled" is a joke... Feel free to delete this, lock the thread, or ban me.... I have no plans on even looking back here now, if I get bored I will just go watch some anime or read some manga.... Farewell for ever and glad I never wasted money here
  7. And Yes Mynd that was my main char after I leveled my PW
  8. I have been saying it since live and continued on here till I stopped playing at all (now happy playing firefall and just came on to see what was going on, kind of more morbid curiosity than anything) ...... Make it activated instead of timed! This exact same issue plagued live also and no DEV on live had the guts to do what was needed  (or just did not care).   It was always the same group in live killing it in  5-10 seconds as they had an entire fleet there, mostly cloaked JDs with energy weapons waiting for the exact time it would spawn. Even once they had so many that it died before a guildmate's missiles even hit it and he was virtually on top of it.
  9. Got the PM but redirected to errors. Not your issue I am sure and EnB is long dead to EA and I am sure they could not care less about maintaining a forum for a inactive game as I am sure they consider it. Or if there are errors, Maybe I was registered as shadowlordxsx if you can read them. But yeah I was an advocate of it before instances were in live
  10. OH and BTW yes I did quit playing here a long time ago, but you know what? I played live and till the day I die I will remember it. So if you have an issue go the the old enb forums from EA, if still active and look up my posts. You will find I was advocating this a very long time, if that forum is still alive.
  11. Exactly, that way no one guild can own it. IIf it spawns at 3pm you kill it and it respawns at 3pm 72 hours later, well you have the advantage as you know when it will spawn again. Plus/minus will reduce that some but there will be campers, if you do activated well campers are screwed. But oh well my word is worth a grain of sand in the sahara
  12. I call BS on that one. Once a guild got the spawn they always owned it, at least on my server. They never invited anyone other than their own guild as it was not that big of a boss spawn and if done right could be done solo by a PW and JD, JD flies off and once PW gets sheilds gone summon PW and rinse and repeat. A guy in my guild and his bro took it in that exact setup right before sunset. After I said it was up they took it upon themselves to do it and nearly got kicked for not letting the guild go for it and do a /random, which  is why I did not PM someone and announced it to guild chat. All but near the end you could go to ardus and see multiple campers at it's spawn, most of the time from different guilds and it was based on who knew when it would spawn. Many times I saw many sitting on the spawn just waiting, to get KSed by a guild with many JDs cloaked and taking all but 3 seconds to kill it.   That was and has been why I was an advocate of either activated or a random spawn timer since, if you know the exact millisecond something is going to spawn sure you can coordinate it. If it is  +/- a few hours it is far mosre difficult and if it is activated, well good luck there as it can be whenever the person who can do so can do it.
  13. The only way I would "sub" to an EA game is if they promised in the EULA, that it would never be canceled and there would be montlhly (at the least updates) . But That would not happen as the model for games EA seems to have is 2 years and the only option is an "upgrade" to the latest, or you can "****off"
  14. ;) Well the same can be said for me. I have multiple types of "weapons" as I am kind of a collector. If someone comes to my house with a grudge IRL weilding a weapon. Well GL and  hope I do not pull one out for you.
  15. Glad to hear that that the majority of the larger guilds are lending help to smaller guilds. Guess the competition factor after the alliance was called null and void helped.   I remember back when my old guild tried to get into the "rotation" and were ignored by the big 3. But after we "got nasty" and kept the big 3 out or the raids, did they even take us serious and add us in.   I think it is great that the majority of the big 3 are mentioned as being helpful and not as elitist jerks.   Back in my old guild we tried to be nice about it, only when we were told "you are not good enough" did we get nasty and ended up with complaints about our actions by locking out the elitists.
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