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  1. Former member of Damage Inc, likely kicked a couple years ago for inactivity. Finally built a new computer and able to play the game again. Active once more. Decked out TE, TT, PW, and JE. All 150's and have most end game gear, only really missing Skull shields for my PW and TE. Returned to game and well, kinda boring solo so hoping to be allowed back in. Thanks for your time.
  2. Howdy Folks, Simple suggestion to fix something that was annoying even back in the old Westwood days. Add a time out timer on group invites so that they expire/cancel after 30 seconds the player who gets invited doesn't respond. Cheers.
  3. Personally, I think the balance deal between the classes is still skewed heavily by the fact that the Improved Handling and Improved weapon skill stuff still does not also increase damage. They patched that in back in 10/2003 and the affect it had was increased damage across the board yes, but it affected the Progen Warriors most of all. Six guns all getting a damage boost compared to 5. Which they then went and tweaked damages on the existing weapons, as well as tweaked the damages of all weapons added later, to keep a balance among the classes. Without that damage increase, the progen's, not just the end game ones but the leveling ones, feel that nerf the hardest because of the more guns deal. The argument I get back is "more accuracy means more damage," and sure, that is true to an extent. But then why did they (meaning original developers) add a damage multiplier to begin with? I can again link old patch notes to show you when this change was made. Without it, there is no balance currently.
  4. And this conversation seems to be cropping up every year, and there always seems to be an excuse of why things are fine. "It's only summer people will come back." "A new game released and they are giving it a try a while." "If it were free for all then a select few would control everything." But yet, nothing has changed. The agreement as it were, needs updated. Needs ammended. Needs something. Unless this game keeps a fresh batch of players once in a while, and thus a potential donator, it's going to die. Veteran donators did their part, and unless new ones come along to replace the old ones, no money, no funny, no honey. Lights go dim again and we all cry.
  5. I moved a few months back and found my old EnB 1 year LAN party T-Shirt. Thought I'd share since it's never been worn before. Anyone else still have one?
  6. There was still accuracy in WWLive, it existed.  The problem is that there was BOTH accuracy and a damage increase due to accuracy and handling skills.  Now we only have accuracy on it's own.  And it is skewing the damage of the higher end raiding weapons, all of them, most noticeably on the PW, and I don't even play PW yet.
  7. Updated, and am so glad that many of us former Galileans are into this, reading old names and remembering.  I enjoy my daily dose of nostalgia.
  8. That's sort of my point here Zackman.  By ignoring a change that they decided to go with in Live for balancing, you are in effect ignoring what those changes did for balance.  Now, I'm not saying the Live version of EnB was balanced throughout the classes, however they did try their best.  By not having these damage increases, it changes the scope of the weapons that were added to the game after the change was made.  The equipment added to the game after this change on 10/28/2003 kept in mind the damage increase due to Weapons Handling, and so they balanced the weapons accordingly with that in mind.  By not having it, the "balance" of things are becoming skewed.   And again, it seems very clear at least to me that "...Handling have been upgraded to include an increased damage effect."  means an outright increase in top end damage, not an increase in damage due to missing less. 
  9. Not talking about crit here at all, but purely based off of damage numbers, and the effect of increasing damage per shot through the classes.  I understand that by reducing the amount of misses, you are in effect increasing damage, yes.   However, it is the effect of what that damage increase per level of handling and accuracy did for the different classes.   You received more benefit in your DPS for having more weapons.   For instance, let's look at 2 similar weapons from 2 different classes, the TE's Zets, and the PW's Archo's, both using playermade plasma ammo, 200% rate of fire stats.   Archos:  223.6 damage every 1.39 seconds for a DPS of 161.33 Zets:  1339 damage every 7.5 seconds for a DPS of 178.6   Now, due to the classes, this isn't necessarily bad, as a Progen Warrior gets one more weapon slot than their Terran counterpart (weapons x 6 instead of weapons x 5).  But the interesting thing you see is what occurs to the weapons when you add flat out damage increases, similar to the effect of an Intolerance.  So let's calculate a 40% damage increase, and say that is what you got by raising your weapons 8 Levels (you start with level 1, raise your main weapon class to 9).  I do not recall if this was the actual number from Live.   Archos adjusted 40% increase:  313.04 every 1.39 seconds for DPS of 225.21 Zets:  1874.6 every 7.5 seconds for a DPS of 249.95   As you can see, the more flat top end damage increases you do, adds more to the DPS for a slower firing weapon, than it does to the fast firing weapon for the same level, as you go from a difference of 15, now to about 25.  But now use the multiplier of x 6, as class difference.   6 Archos non adjusted is a 967.98 damage per second.  Adjusted 40% is 1351.26 5 Zets non adjusted is 893 damage per second.  Adjusted 40% is 1249.75.   You go from a difference of 75 DPS to a difference of 101.51 DPS due to the plain fact, Progens get more weapon slots than a Terran.  The increase in damage numbers effects them more for the plain fact, they have more weapons to be effected by that change.  The more you increase that top end damage calculation, the more you see the Progen out damaging the Terran, as it should be.  It is not a huge difference, but it is enough to give them an edge.   This is what gives the Progen Warrior it's damage edge over the Terran.  The changes made to how Turbo Weapons makes those changes equal to the most part, and so the DPS increases due to 40 or 60% Turbo is the same for all warriors.  However, having that 6th weapon slot, gives them a huge advantage when it comes to Top End damage increases, and is the reason why it was changed in the WWLive version of EnB, because comparitively, Progen damage was weaker than that of Terrans and Jenquai.  When it comes to Jenquai, that's fine, the nature of the class.  Sacrifice damage for tank.  But comparing the Terran and the Progen, the Progen should do more damage.  This was one of the ways it was accomplished.  Sure, that meant strengthening all classes.  In my opinion though, that is a better way of going about things for balancing.  Not nerfing, but strengthening all in the same way, with the net result being strengthening one class more than others by that change.   Edited to Add:  At this time, I do not have a maxed out Progen.  I have two Terrans.  A TE and a TT.  However, I see and hear the issues the players who are primarily playing Progen are currently having in game.
  10. I have posted this before in another thread, but I believe with recent conversations with folks, I would like to get a conversation involved anew.   First off, at the start of EnB, neither Improved Handling nor Increased Accuracy had the side affect of increasing damage.  Howver, on 10/28/2003, they did patch this in as can be seen:  http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/server/patchviewer.jsp-id=1167.html   Items with Improved Missile Accuracy, Improved Projectile Accuracy, Improved Beam Accuracy, Improved Missile Handling, Improved Projectile Handling or Improved Beam Handling have been upgraded to include an increased damage effect.   At this point in time, I had a few maxed out Terrans, a couple Jennies, and one Progen Warrior.  Now, after this change, I did notice increased dps on all characters.  But mostly, I noticed a large damage increase on my PW.  The reason for this I believe is due to the nature of a PW's damage.  They fire fast with Projectiles.  Faster than any other class (minus a beam user using very fast rate of fire beams).  With this in mind, they saw those damage increases more often than the other classes.  Every couple of seconds they would fire, and their hits would see damage increases due to the increased accuracy or handling.  This was great for the PW, more so for it, and brought a lot of it's damage in line with the other classes.   The other advantage to this was the fact, that if you were using Level 4 weapons, and while out in the field, you had gained enough level, and spent points into weapon handling, you would see an increased amount of damage being done by your lower level weapons.   This was good for all classes, especially since many level 8 weapons were good to use even if you could use level 9s, for the buffs provided, but you would still see an increase in damage.     I feel, that changing this to bring things in line as they decided to do in WW live, will yes increase all damage of every player, but the Progens would see the benefit the most.
  11. Updated all replying Galileans info
  12. The time limit would be key to ensure having enough miners for the job of clearing out the field.  Possibly some "hulk" or loot stuff, or even end boss, that you may only receive if you have cleared it out.
  13. scavenging stuff out of wrecked stations, like old Jove City, also comes to mind.
  14. Scavenging is definitely something that makes sense to me for a "pirate" in space.  Could even go to the lengths of being able to take a loot hulk, and rip pieces from an old ship from it using a skill of sorts.  Sort of "mining" the hulk.  Dunno if it should be on organic mobs, but would be a pretty cool idea especially for pirates, v'rix, or the big bogeril genril or cap'ns.
  15. Pron and Gaming, what else is the internet good for, oh yeah, facebook, forgot.
  16. Depending on your class/starting faction.  Was -12k for some, where as -9k for others.
  17. Aye, I know that they have been around for years Ross.  However, with the new CAS a lot of them have been popping up again, as CAS has been in the news of recent.
  18. Added Merlvin and Rift, the two winners on Galileo of EnB Icon contest back in Feb 2004
  19. I have heard that there is no bottom limit for faction, that you can go - forever.  Now, this I personally do not like, as I am having difficulties finding folks okay with doing a RD base raid because they don't want to take the faction hit.   Personally, I'm okay with the faction hit, and would like to do more than one, but would like some sort of minimum that I could come back from, and if I am -50k RD faction from having done 5 RD base raids, well, that's just not gonna happen.   We need that bottom limit, so yes, it is difficult to recover the faction, but not damn near impossible.
  20. Greetings All,   With the Copyright Alert System that went active this week, there have been a lot of new ransom/scareware malware viruses floating around the internet.  These programs come up, and seem to lock you out of your computer, and give a message saying "you are suspected of breaking the law" and lists some true articles.  Often times they use either the Department of Justice or a FBI seal to try to look authentic.   They are not, it's a scam.  They attempt to get you to purchase a Moneybookers deal, anywhere from $200-$500 and get you to send them the number you receive to "unlock" your computer.  Do not do this, as often times, it does not even fix the issue, as well as being out your money.   If you get one of these programs, the "best" way is to do restart your system in a "safe mode" and perform a system restore, to a point a week prior to when this pops up.  (In Windows, you perform this by hitting F8 during the boot up process.)  After this is done, highly advisable to still do a full system scan using any number of Anti-Virus software, or even the Microsoft Safety Scanner which can be found: http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx   This scanner only lasts 10 days, because they update the definitions within that time, and so force you to re-download it.  However, it is free to download, and is pretty good at catching some hidden bugs that other anti-virus' sometimes miss.   Again, this is just a warning, DO NOT TRUST these malicious softwares that are attempting to steal from you.   Here is a Pic of what one of these look like:
  21. I multi-box job with 2 toons, however I do not do this macro or grab any I see technique.  I read the jobs, and only pick the ones I want.  If there was a lower one that I picked up, and a higher Exp one shows up later, I will go ahead and drop the Lower Exp one to get the higher as long as no one else is at the terminal with me.
  22. In a nutshell, yes.  Not something overly complicated or anything.
  23. That's right DG, I had forgotten they had actuall changed it a second time, so it was no longer accumulative.  Is my fault, was looking at older calculations and notes.   Had thought was first applied was A(normally equipped), second B, so on and so forth.   So your dps would be (OriginalDPS + ODPS x TurboA)  = New DPSA NDPSA + NDPSA x Turbo B = New DPSB NDPSB + NDSPB x Turbo C = New DPSC     Having it total, instead of accumulative, our math works out exactly the same.
  24. The old patch notes from WWLive from when they made the changes:    http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/server/patchviewer.jsp-id=644.html
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