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  1. You need to be at Level 7 of your build skill (count the dots in Character Screen), not 'be able to build level 6 & 7 items'.  It is, and was confusing... A Rewording might be nice.
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    I have run E&B under both Parallels & Bootcamp, and it runs well under both.  It does (obviously) run better under bootcamp than Parallels.  I have done so on both 2010 Mac Pro & 2009 Imac.
  3. So, it seems to me, from the logic of some, that if I owned a restaurant and decided to feed a few needy people on Tuesdays..... That my restaurant would go from being offered to the public, to being OWNED by the public.  And that I might get sued for not letting enough people know that there would be free food, early enough for more than I could afford to show up.  If someone "Gives" you something, and you don't think it's good enough for you, or you don't like the way it's offered.. Don't Accept it.  But a "Gift" is freely offered, and should be freely accepted.  If you know it's happening Tuesday, and you really want to be part of it, Maybe you could make your ammo on Monday Night and park the toon you want to bring by the gate.  I figure you would need 2-3 of those ten minutes then.  The entire Raid system is imperfect.... It's what we got.   Nuff fer now,                  Sevin
  4. So, I have a question. Probably pretty obvious, but here goes...  Are these crashes a Software problem, or a Hardware problem?  People tend to blame the latest patch, but i have a server here at my residence which started acting up, and it took me several days to realize that a problem with 1 hard drive out of the 6 was causing all my issues.    Sevin
  5. Talar, I know you have a vision of your ideal E&B (or EnB2, as you have posted elsewhere).  I would say. go forth, build your ideal game, and enjoy it.  I'll be here playing this one, with all its "Faults".  Sevin
  6. Ok, I am not at the level to be involved in this content (Yes, I'm an Alt o Holic).  But I try to read all the forum content, and the question raised in my mind is this:   Why do 3 other guilds get to decide whether a 4th guild can partake of game content?  I get a vote in some things, on a server level (Like who is the player - dev go between), and I can vote on some things here on the forums to make my voice heard... But when did I decide (or get a chance to), that these three guilds would be in charge of what content any guild I belong to, is allowed to do?   Just my 2c, your mileage may vary..
  7. Ok, speaking of the Buckshot:  Where can one get one?  There are builders, so it must drop.  All the info I've seen points to it dropping in Deneb/Roc.  I drove out there last night, and the Appian gate appears to be defunct?  So did people get them before the gate went down? Are there other drops? Would love to pattern it & the ammo.  And: Will the Appian gate reopen? is this a temp measure? enquiring minds wish to know.   Thanks for any light you can shine.
  8. "Bigger is not always better, but it is always bigger"    Thats just a fact.  There are Many MMO's, and many guilds on them, and many small guilds or unguilded players who are left out.  I have yet to see a solution anywhere.. Not just here.  In most MMO's, the solutions I have seen are: Multiple instancing:  Not gonna happen here.. Deal with it.   Bring out new content, which the "Big" Guilds, promptly "own". Thereby allowing smaller guilds to start doing "yesterdays content". As new content is brought in, requiring better gear, gear through vendoring or missions is added that is equivalent to "old" raid gear, thereby giving non raiding groups a chance to upgrade their gear to the point that they can be competitive in old content.    Just as your level 125 toon cant solo L150 content, your L8* Guild probably cant compete with L10* guilds..... So, hopefully by the time your guild can, the big guys (Now L12 guilds) will have moved onto the new content.    I belong to one of the "small" Guilds (10 toons or so), and one of the "big guilds" (3 toons).  I personally dont care about raids.  When it happens, it will happen.  I still enjoy playing every day that I can, and am keenly aware of how much I missed this game after sunset (although I have had to be reminded of that).  SO, my advice is.. enjoy the game we have, and the content you can reach.... And dont get upset because someones reach exceeds yours today.   Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.      Sevin
  9. Not sure what you are asking for here?  For the capacity of JE only shields to be increased? Drops of JE Shields to be increased? For JE's to be able to equip the same shield as someone else and get more capacity out of it?  As far as Jenquai only shields having less cap, they have both equip & activated deflect buffs, which I think is a balancing act with the cap.    Sevin
  10. Quote: "Even in reality, companies that build hundreds of thousands, or millions of cars, etc a year, still put out a run of stinkers that need to be recalled from time to time."     Thats true... But, A better product is more likely to be produced by the individual worker who has years of experience, building 1000's of cars, than by the guy who was hired last week.  If you want a job done, who do you want to do it? the guy who has done 1000's of similiar jobs, or the guy who has his nose in a manual and says "I think I understand this.."
  11. Another dynamic that might be possible with "Raid group" is extending looting rights to the raid group, not the immediate group. I know often there are 2 groups. Main group is all about DPSing mobs, and generally looters are in 2nd group.  Another thing that would be amazing (if possible) is further sharing xp, so the people in group II (who probably need it the most) could get xp off the kills.  I know this simply may not be possible due to client limitations, but if it was, it would be really cool.
  12. Ok, Had to Forfeit the mission, then reaqquire. You do not even have to dock at the stations in question.  The mission updates when you arrive at the station.  2nd time around, it worked perfectly.. So..        Sevin
  13. Seems like a great idea, but the trade goods vendor does not want them either?   Update: My TE and one of my TT's is doing this mission.  My TE went in, ran to everyone and tried to turn in the report.  Stiil no joy there.. But my TT never did more than land at the station, and his mission has updated and the 1st report is gone from Hold.  So, There appears to be some bug in the execution.             Sevin
  14. Wow, you guys are better than Good.... Problem reported, problem fixed... Can you rush some duct tape over to the guild forums now ;-)  In all seriousness, it wasn't that big a problem and not really affecting anything, but apparently an easy fix, so you just did it.  Thank you!   Sevin
  15.  I was looking to see how many points I could put into what on my JS today, and I noticed that There is Under "active" titled "Self destruct".  I know my JS doesn't have self destruct, so I'm wondering if there is a skill missing, or if Self destruct just needs to be removed.  Or should we just ignore it, and not put points into it when planning?   Sevin dragoon
  16. Ok, I read a lot about people not happy about no build ammo on Explorers.  Thats how it has always been, and I'm ok with it. But, what if we made it easier for a miner to carry / xfer ammo?  What I'm thinking is an "ammo Crate".  My idea is that a Comp Builder has to make the comps, a device builder has to build the crate, and an ammo builder has to fill it. But, you would then have a "crate" which when right clicked, would unpack to say 4-5 stacks of ammo. Basically, although not obscenely hard to get ores, a comp builder would need to build 3 comps, which should have some non rippable ores (Yes, the miner has to work for it). Then a device builder, would build a crate of the appropriate level. (oh yea, crates 1 through 9, different comps, different recipes).  Then The ammo builder could build 4-5 stacks of ammo, and drag ammo to  the crate to fill it.  Then an explorer with it in his hull could right click it with 4-5 hull spaces open to "unpack" the ammo.  And if he only had 3 spaces left, he would throw away any ammo that did not fit.  Maybe even have the crate still take up a hold space, but be "recycleable" with a 25% chance of getting comps back.  And my idea would be to have missions to build each level of comps, missions to build each level of crate, and missions in "safe packing practices" for ammo builders.     Anyway, theres my thought...   Sevin Dragoon
  17. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the recent changes to guardians.. I can now mine for EL / TL again.  The Guardians add a new level of complexity, but not insurmountable.  I can now powerdown, terrify, or just warp away. When they were 51's, if I didn't notice them, they just one shot me.  Thank you for listening to our concerns, and working with us to find a solution.    Sevin
  18.  hi, I analyzed all the manes refiners today.  I built a L3 one, figuring I'd use it to get the l3 manes essence neccesary to build the Level 4, and so on.  But when I kill a mane, and "prospect" the L2 essence, it's still l2 in my hold. So, for right now, although these devices are in game, and buildable, they do not appear to function as intended.     Thanks!      Sevin Dragoon
  19. I will add that someone gave me a reality check, when they said "I was so happy to find the Emulator".  It made me remember when I first stepped back into this world, and I think I could fly around, mine, and there were a few mobs to shoot.  Almost nothing worked, and I was SO flippin' happy to be back in my ship.  The development crew has come a LONG way, since then... And we do owe you thanks for that.  I'll try really hard to be extra tactful, if I feel I must disagree with something you guys did, and try to keep that in mind.    You gave us back an MMO, that we never found anything to replace, and if you will let us, and let us know how... We will do what we can to aid you into making it even better than EA's end product.     Sevin Dragoon
  20. My question would be: "What can we, as players do to deal with this, freeing the devs to do more important stuff"?    In Live, my guild had few hard and fast rules... But one of them was, if a guild officer saw you in New player chat, telling someone that they were a "stoopid noob", or harassing new players in any way, while wearing our Guild tag, that was it.  If they were feeling really tolerant, or they knew and liked you, you might get a warning ONCE.  If they weren't, you just found yourself outside the guild.   That, my friends and neighbors.. Is called "self policing'.  Face it, you probably take it much better when your friends whisper to you that you look stupid, rather than feeling threatened by a dev.  That's normal.  Well, what I'm suggesting is be a friend to more people.  If someone is out of line, tell them so. I know we've all seen the guy who tells us "we just can't handle his awesomeness". and yes, a GM may have to deal with that.  But for our friends and guildmates (if they truly value our friendship), a quiet word like "hey, that's not cool, and we don't do that here", can be very effective.    I know that not everyone is in a guild, and some guilds may not care about their image.  But if we can keep ourselves, and our guildies and friends in line, it helps to set a tone.  If someone is annoying to me, I generally ask them to be cool once (in a tell, not publicly). Sometimes, I wind up having a really nice conversation with someone, sometimes I wind up with someone new on my ignore list.     I suggest:  Take it OUT of the public forum (Send them a Tell).  Be polite.  Understand that elsewhere, being rude IS socially acceptable, and they may not yet know we are not looking for that environment.  If it doesn't work, don't try to teach a pig to sing.  It's a waste of your time, and it annoys the heck out of the pig.    These are my thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to adopt or not.  Your mileage may vary, no warranty expressed or implied.      Signing off,             Sevin Dragoon
  21. Thank you, Stanig!  A: for your clear reply on #2.. I now know what to work towards, and yes, I need 4 CL's.  B: for pointing out that you don't mess with another developers work. Wouldn't expect it, but would love to hear his reasoning at some point. C: OL 80 / CL 35 ? 45 points split between TL & EL?  My Beams would fire great... Once.     You guys get it right 75% or more of the time, which A: makes us expect more of the same, and B: makes the times We "Think" you goofed, even more painful..   Sevin dragoon
  22.  I posted the comment that brought this response:  "We have 130 (ish) ore fields in the game, and there was a mob spawn (Manes) added to ONE(!) of these fields lately (that is 0,76%). There was a whining thread after the change like the sky was falling...like the end of the world. Taken WAY to far."   I will attempt to moderate my input so as to not offend Zackman any further.  I thought that A: It inconvenienced "legitimate" miners, more than l150 Botters. B: When I couldn't mine the gas fields in glenn, I went to other Fields, and found l45+ mobs there that weren't last time I was there (before posting my "whining thread". C: I attempted to ask if WE (the community), could help craft a solution that did away with botting without inconveniencing non bots. D: I never said the sky was falling, and i never said I'd quit.     Sevin dragoon
  23. Ok, 2 follow ups... 1:) I got all 3 of my Progen to L75 recently... And rushed over to Nostrand vor to continue on Stage II of Agrippa.. But wait, I cant.. I need to be able to build level *8* items... Lets look at that math.. I'm L75, and I cant do it because? Oh yeah, !45! of my 75 levels aren't in trade... Silly me.. And, just to make things interesting, I have to get to L45 trade, to do Agrippa Stage II... Without getting my l100 Hull Upgrade...  But, my other problems are addressed (My PS, who wants to do agrippa, and be a miner), by telling me that my toon should be "balanced".  Ok, let me get this straight.. I would have NO Mining problems if my L75 PS had been 25/25/25... Never mind that he would only then qualify for L I Agrippa.  But also, upon reaching l75, he should have 45 points in trade.. pick a story.    2:) I would love to be able to buy and analyze L6 items from Drostan McClure.  My JT is Level 104, has good RD faction, and has the tails in his vault.  But Kaitya Neely will not talk to him.  Asking in Market, I was told that you have to be L150, to get that mission.  So whats the point (other than "ubercentrism" [Thanks Packratt]), in "oh no, you must be l150 to get those LEVEL SIX items".     No, I'm not doritoed.. just steaming        Sevin dragoon
  24.   This is not intended to be a "suggestion", per se.. More of a reminder.  I've noticed a lot of attention being paid to what High level characters do (the so called "end game").  But we are not all in the end game.  One of the things that brought this to my mind was the l47 manes in mining fields, and specifically peoples responses to it (just take your 150 along, you should be CL40+ to mine there anyway, etc).   But another thing is that many of the missions in game REQUIRE you to have an alt (or friend, or guildie), do your quest for you (try soloing the L30 HU mission, or the TT shield build mission).  And another thing is that most of  the people who try to exploit the game (botting, etc) are in "the end game". So solutions, while possibly annoying to them, are many times worse to lower level players.  I'm doing Zekes mission for Duct tape. Requires l50, and L5 device build  (Which is TL 25).  That means 1/2 my Levels have to be trade at l50, and gee.. the other 1/2 (or more) would have to be EL's to be able to mine the L9 GRAIL WATER.  But, Now I need to have CL 40+ to go into those fields... Presto, we have just created a L50 mission, that requires you to be L90 minimum.  And, when I talk to guild people about group play (I am in 2 guilds), what I get is "Sure, get your toon to l150, and you can raid with us".  But there is so much more content, below that l150 "end game"... And I'm afraid that the actions of those in the end game, and the responses of the devs, are going to ruin the experience for everyone who is not there yet.     Thanks, guess I needed to rant a little.   Sevin dragoon  
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