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  1. Yes, it seems to be working for me now too. Finally! Thanks to whomever fixed it.
  2. I agree.. this is a server issue (or at least it appears to be). Why? Because it's happening just since a few days ago and to many people... it's not just one or two of us and it's all happening at the same time... this is clearly not an issue on our ends. If I am wrong, I apologize in advance. But I do not think that is the case. We would really appreciate someone looking at this, as the game has become totally unplayable for quite a few of us now and no dev or GM has bothered to update us in the other thread, so you can't really blame @DaveOMac for wanting to get your attention in this thread.
  3. It's obviously a server issue and not us.. if it was just us, you'd expect 1 or 2 people maybe.. but this is affecting quite a few people and all at the same time - which seems to be after the server restart. Therefore, no point trying anything else on our ends... Perhaps someone fiddled with some settings by accident? Who knows? If any dev does have a chance to look and fix this, that would be much appreciated. However, I know it's the holidays; so we may have to wait a while.. in which case, please consider extending the xmas mission for a little while longer, so those of us who can't get in at the moment can actually get to finish the missions, if this is not resolved before the 4th. Thanks
  4. Still the same here too.. I was okay for a couple of minutes and then it just froze up.. @Kyp any chance you can get someone on the case?
  5. I tried again a couple of hours ago and it's still the same.. is anyone looking at this?
  6. Nevermind! It's finally back. Thanks anyway
  7. Hopefully the server is just taking longer than usual to restart, but I suspect it needs a kick.
  8. Yep. It's not right for us to expect the devs to cover the costs themselves.. and especially if we want to ask for new content.. the very least we can do is reach the donation goals.
  9. The bug tracker seems to be broken again. I've been attempting to access it a few times over the last few weeks or so and can't see anything at all.
  10. No download link? @Huron, I can't find version 2 anywhere. Could you please post a link to it? Thanks EDIT: Nevermind; I just realized that the original version 1 link was replaced with a version 2 download file. Confusing, but... okay. Nice tool, thank you very much.
  11. 6 hours and counting... geez this blows. Come on guys.. just let us know that you know about it.. 🙂
  12. No updates yet on the cause and an ETA on when it should be fixed? Or maybe just let us know it's being looked at?
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