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  1. Have you completed all of your skill acquisition missions? You usually need to have finished all your other missions in the starting sector before completing your HU mission
  2. You might log in to the character(s) you're trying to move and see if they have any pending messages flashing at the top of your screen - next to the Emote menu. Clear those out and then try again?
  3. I love this! I want a 3d print of my ship now.
  4. I use a heavily modified version of Wolfie's launch scripts, which names each client window uniquely. Your tip is also useful to people like me, we just have to expand the process to see windows that are a child of the process. Task Manager will list the window name(s).
  5. Warrior's Resolve The description claims the device offers resistances to 'all' damage types on EQUIP. In fact, the device covers four resistances on activation. I'm not sure which is the intended effect. Offering my personal opinion - I love the device as an active buff and would like to see it kept that way. My first choice would be to have the description updated to match the current effects. "The Warrior's Resolve comes from the first line of professional DigiApogee equipment. When activated on a targeted group member this device gives an increase to target's chemical, energy, explosive and plasma resistance." Dream scenario would be for the effects to be modified to cover all resistances on activation and description changed to "...When activated on a targeted group member this device...". Next best would be the effects modified to match the description exactly.
  6. I've imagined something like this as well! I think it would be a great feature for reducing abuse and improving trust in some scenarios. In my vision, it was a 'family name' where all of a person's characters tied to the same forum account would share a single name that would be presented as a last name in game. I was also imagining that the forum account/lastname could be used similar to Blizzard's battle.net id on the friends list and in some guild management commands. Nice idea.
  7. Navigation Computer & MkII (L4 & L7) The effect ‘Improved Navigation’ is missing its active/equip annotation. Should be ‘Improved Navigation (Equip)’ ‘MkII’ as an abbreviation for Mark II, should have a period to be grammatically correct. “Navigation Computer Mk. II”. This would be consistent with many other items, like common InfinityCorp engine lines. The description text on L7 was likely pasted from L4, but the ‘MkII’ portion of the device name was added to the incorrect side of the ‘Navigation Computer’. Should read “When equipped, the Navigation Computer MkII significantly…”
  8. Items with notes in the description I've found several items that appear to have dev notes in the description field, mostly ores. I've provided one screenshot as an example and listed all others I've found. Duplium Ore Inderite Kronosite Ray Charybdis Voidstone Star Ash
  9. Items that are “Mark” variants Many items use the ‘Mark’-type designation to indicate variants but are punctuated incorrectly in some places. I’ve tried to document all occurrences here by performing a database search on the Net-7 website. Navigation Computer MkII (L7) Auto Stacker Mk I (L6) Auto Stacker Mk II (L7) Dragons Dread Mail Elite Mk IX (L9) DV-IR-X5 "Tower" Mk.IX (L9) Prototype Ore Compressor Mk VII (L7) Prototype Ore Compressor Mk VIII (L8) Prototype Ore Compressor Mk IX (L9)
  10. Terran Reinforcer Model II Novem The Enhance Missile effect on this device is far outside of normal specs for the same effect and is more comparable to Missile Precision effects. Enhance Missiles is typically in the range of 20-40% while Precision is 3-6%. As is, the effect will not stack with other Enhance Missile equipment a player would usually use, like Intolerance Mk. VIII or Shooting Star VIII. I believe the Enhance Missile effect was intended to be a Missile Precision effect.
  11. Command Interface DK 8 This item has build enhancement effects for all build skills of around 0.15, consistent with other items like Duct Tape that provide ‘Improved Build <x> Minor (Equip)’, but unlike Duct Tape, most of the effects are not suffixed ‘Minor’. I’ve confirmed that device and weapon bonuses from this device do not stack with other build enhancement devices like Ego/ID Matrix. Presumably, engine and shield enhancement also would not stack with Shield PROM and Mechanics Toolbox. This item also lists an energy use and effect range, while not having any active effects. I believe the effects on this device were all intended to be 'Minor' effects and that the energy/range should be removed.
  12. Hi All, I was inspired by a recent post by @oakman that quickly received a positive reply from @Riia to begin compiling some issues with items that I've observed in the game. As Oakman noted in his post, I've found the Bug Tracker tab linked at the top of the forums to be non-functional. I wanted to start this topic for myself and others to share items that might have spelling, grammar, or attribute/effect issues for the Item Devs to respond to. I hope that a single thread to track these issues until the Bug Tracker is restored will better serve us all. I'm thinking a few ground rules might help. So if you are going to contribute items too, I ask that you please: Post one item per response to this thread. Each post should contain the item name, a description of the issue and a screenshot if appropriate. Responses to second, or confirm that you've also observed a previously reported issue should be done as upvotes on the original response. If you have additional information to contribute to another person's response, quote the original response and then elaborate. Use the edit functionality if you are elaborating on your own report. So without further ado, here are my first contributions!
  13. Server is offline, 4:45PM PST. Confirmed by multiple guildies across multiple geographies.
  14. So this did not resolve the issue on both characters... I found that the issue was fixed for Kerry, but remained for all other characters on that account. I took it a step further and transferred all characters off that account onto a new game account and have been problem free on all characters since (so far, ~2 hours issue free). I had two game accounts impacted by whatever this is.
  15. This was(is?) afflicting two of my characters as well! I first noticed it yesterday evening while playing... I usually multibox and two (Kerry and Ranor) of my six characters just could not be played - they would silently disconnect after a few minutes online. I eventually gave up on them and played the others just fine. Today the issues persisted so I tried a few things on my end: Didn't help / no change: Followed advice by Zackman in this post: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9192-att-everyone-having-gatectd-issues-tso-settings/ to disable hardware offload and disabled prototype reorder (i'm on wifi, no choice). Ran the /packetopt on command Seems to have solve my issue: Finally, I transferred character Kerry from one game account to another. This seems to have resolve my issues on both faulty characters, interestingly.
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