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  1. Greetings. So currently im lvling my 1 character (PW) before starting any others. As such this is mainly going to concern the PW but i know the general idea will affect all classes. Buff abilities that are rarely used or are underpowered. For the PW. Self Distruct - pritty obvios, the damage done just doesnt justify effectivly destroying urself. A very significant buff to the damage and range would maybe make it usable. Gravity Link - higher levels should add increased chance for targets affected to be critcaly hit by anyone. Enrage - Highest level should be an AOE enrage, similar to Shield Nova or Sapping Sphere. Should be a good QoL buff for tanks at end game. Shield Inversion - When the ingame item buff to SI is working (waiting on next publish), the shield drain cost of Si will no longer be an issue, however the damage it does is an issue as it is to low at end game. Sugest boosting Si damage at max level. The one skill every PW uses alot is shield sap, but the rest, dont get as much use, if any. Gravity link is usfull for kiteing, but thats it. Enrage is single target and only usfull for tanks at end game specifical,even then its 1 target at a time. Shield inversion currently isnt worth the shield drain, even with a working 'improved shield inversion' buff, the damage it adds at end game is low. And self destruct, i never see used at all, its damage is laughable even at max level. Making other abilties for all classes more appealing will make skill point allocation more difficult, and allow for proper build diversity. What you all think ?
  2. HELP! - Zieg - 'Var's Indignation' lvl 7 Shield Missions.

    Update: I dinged 100 last night, i've just checked today and I can now get the mission. It would seem there is an additional requirment of being lvl 100+. I have updated the Wiki with the additional level requirment. Ill lkely do the same for the Mission from Soldier Canis for the Dog's Tooth PL, as i also could not continue that mission chain ether and suspect its for the same reason. Update: Nope Soldier Canis still wont give me the mission, i now suspect its a CL requirment this time. Probly CL 36 (lvl 7 PL requirment), ill find out later today. Update2: yes Canis requires Cl 36 for the mission to be available.
  3. Next 'publish' ?

    Greetings. Im new to the Emu, and was wondering how often updates for bug fixes release? Fo example when a bug is reported and then replied with 'fix will arrive with next publish', when could one expect to see it live ? I'm not asking about content updates, as i fully understand those will take a long time to do, this is purely in relation to small updates to fix bugs and such. Cheers
  4. Greetings. According to the Net-7 Wiki, the mission line starting with Zieg 'Close to Home' and ending with 'The Source?' with the reward of the lvl7 shield 'Var's Indignation' (Mission line continues on after) has no other requirments other than completing the prior quest in the chain. I have completed 'Close to home', 'Repossession', and ' Arms to Arms', however.... When i returned to Zieg and handed in the 'Arms to Arms' mission and tried ot talk to him again to get the next step.... nothing... He would not give me the next mission. I tried a /fmu but that didnt help. Is this a bug ? Is there another requirment, if so what is it ? My main is a PW, OL 79 as of the time of typing this. I was working on the mission chain to get the shield ahead of time. My ship is just about capable of handling the lvl 35 RD's required to destroy for the final mission. HELP! Please
  5. Net7Config.exe For Running Custom Resolutions

    Is there a limit to the numbero f resolutions it shows or a minimum resolution ? I normaly run at 1440x1080 full screen 4:3. But im going to start multiboxing at some point, and i would like to run 640x480 windowed so i can have 6 windows open across a single 1920x1080 screen (42" TV so size is fine) Problem is it is currently only showing 800x600 as the lowest res. 640x480 is available in windows and on NCP, but not in the EnB config. help please. Never mind, im dumb ..didnt have admin mode enabled >.< on the net7config .exe which DID have the resolution i want available, unlike the launcher config ..which is odd. That being said i now have a new oddity. I have a 1920x1080 screen. So divide 1920 by 3 and you get 640. if i make 3 640x480 windowed EnB screens and put them side by side left to right, i find that i dont have enough room, they add up to more than the screen can show. Even when overlaping each window to account for the border. The amount of screen missing is equivalent to the space between the arrows to quit or accept at the loggin screen and the edge of the window. I found out that the issue is the newer windows aero. if you set the windows theme to windows classic, the borders around windows become super thin and fit snuggly together.
  6. Greetings. So this is a technical question regarding the game emulation. When one fires a weapon, such as a projectile launcher, I am noticing that the visual effect does not match up with the Rate of fire of the weapon nor the ammo usuage. For example. if i start with 400 rounds, at a rof of say 0.63, 1 round per shot, the ammo counter will show 2 rounds usuage more often than not, and the visual rof is closer to 1.0 seconds rather than 0.6. In addition to that, if one staggers the fireing of say 4 weapons, with the intention of say 0.25second intervals, the 1st roudns r fire staggered, but the seconds do not stager andi nstead line up in pairs or in 3 + 1 shooting again at a rof close to 1second. Question: Is this intentional? maybe a performance optimisation thing ? Question: Can this be changed client side to better reflect true Rof and actual activation timing of the weapons ? Bonus question. Years ago on the emu i remember seeing Riffle lvl 8 projectile launchers fireing ingame, they 'should' fire 5 rounds per cycle, but visualy only 1 round was shown. is this still the case ? If yes, Why ? If yes, Can it be changed to how it was in live with all 5 rounds shown ? Cheers.
  7. Hi all I was looking through a bunch of game paperwork looking for a build list for a ps2 game i started playing again, when i came across some old E&B paperwork. Among other things like galaxy maps and skill sheets, i found a faction sheet. This sheet shows ALL the factions of E&B and which to kill to gain and lose faction with another. I have seen questions in game asking which faction kils did what in live. Now you'll know. I also hope this sheet will help the Devs when sorting out factions ( if they havnt already got a simular version of it) Anyway here it is I had to scan it as i no longer have the original file, and since it was laminated it may look at bit ..of.. .