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  1. This was already in the game but never activated by EA. How would this make any difference seeing as EA own the game and they will be under the same constraints as Kyp. If you want the game to change as you say why don't you go and spend the 10 years reverse engineering the game and creating your own new pieces of software to program it. Then come back. Why should Kyp and his friends who did this for fun give it up to someone else? It is their game to run how they like, if you don't like it leave and create your own then you can run it however you like.
  2. As far as i am aware Mouli they cannot do any of the things you suggested due to the fact EA still own the game and they are not allowed to make any money from running the game. The server maintenance is all they can get money for. They also cannot change much of the game, only what is already there again due to EA owning the game still. EA will also not sell the game to Kyp so they can make more radicul changes also the code for the game is very old and from what i gather hard to change due to EA not letting them. That is my understanding but i could be off on a few things.
  3. Tolkenmoon

    Earth and Beyond Isos

    If you install the net-7 installer and the game download from the net-7 web site it should update the game to the latest by itself. That's all you need.
  4. Tolkenmoon

    a collector's dream mission

    https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Porcelain_figurines go here it lists all the drops for the mission. The jade dragon drops from an npc at the rd base and you will need help or ask as, someone might have one knocking around.
  5. Tolkenmoon

    New stuff in the 9/04/2018 Update!?

    I noticed that the npc that you see for the mars build project is now in Antares, haven't been there in a while so don't know if he is new there but he is a long way from home.
  6. Tolkenmoon

    Basic Tool Repair

    I worked it out, it is at a later mission it becomes available to get again for free.
  7. Tolkenmoon

    Basic Tool Repair

    I have started the missions for Lyle in Det Tod but cannot get the spare books from junior malik, which he states you can if you need them in the dialog. When you go to Malik there is no dialog for the free ones. The wiki says to do the Only the Essentials mission first. When i did the missions for Lyle on my TS I had not done this mission but still got the dialog for free books. I have started this on my PS and JE both have done the Only The Essentials mission but both do not get the dialog for the spare books. All the caricatures have over 2000 faction. Any ideas
  8. Tolkenmoon

    Assistance please

    I tried this last night and got the same message using my JE to see if it worked for me. I have no missions and am way past 150. Is it because they are JE and it is not for them?
  9. Tolkenmoon

    AA Devices

    I was wonder what people would think to making the aa devices that the explorer class use available to the trade class as they don't seem to have any dedicated modules. Can it be done and would it cause any issues? What do you think?
  10. Tolkenmoon

    Ready Player One

    Will try and get a copy of the book as i love reading.
  11. Tolkenmoon

    Ready Player One

    Never read the book but enjoyed the movie for what it was, something different and fun. It runs along nicely with no real dips in story and lots of action throughout.
  12. I tried virtual box after my installs stopped working on win10. It works fine as Cipher said check the ip in the box, only down side was it can only run one instance at a time due to the virtual graphics driver it uses which runs at 22 fps on my pc on a resolution of 2560 x 1440.
  13. Tolkenmoon

    Game won't start

    Hi Gwindor. I last logged in about 5 months ago ( decided to take a little break) and everything was fine. Since then the only thing that has happened is that windows updated to the 1803 version. Net 7 launcher points to the right location and all i get in task manager is the main (32). I don't believe this, i just ran the net 7 exe to see what was in task manager and the game has started and loged in, all be it in a small window, ran the config to set window size from the net 7 launcher as the one in the game folder does not work and it now wont login. There is nothing in task manager now when i run the launcher.
  14. Tolkenmoon

    Game won't start

    Yes have tried all these but still no joy. The e&b config file wont run. Everything is set to run as administrator and have tried running compatibility as xp, 7 and 8/ Thanks for the replies.
  15. Tolkenmoon

    Game won't start

    Hi. I can start the net 7 launcher but when i click play it will not start the game client. The link in the client box points to the client.exe but it will not start. I get the little icon bottom right which is the login attempt but that closes after a minute and nothing happens. I can go into the actual game folder and click on the client.exe and it will start the game as if you were doing it originally when it was run by ea, but obviously wont login as it was not started by the net 7 client. Have also tried a clean install, have tried with the fire wall disabled etc but no joy. Running win10 and problems seem to start after last big update. Any ideas?