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  1. Asperity of the Master

    I would also be interested to know as i have a 125% one sat in my hanger, never used it due to it being crap and of no use.
  2. Could a GM or someone in the know help

    Thanks for that Woodstock much appreciated. I can cancel this one as i have weapons on my pw and go looking for shields. Tolk
  3. Hi. I am looking for the backdoor into shields for my PP, i have found an npc and got a mission for kenzl but i think it is the back door for weapons. All i want is a yes or no answer i am happy to continue searching to find the right one if this is not it. The mission is called stuff for kenlz and the image is part of the first talk tree and all the stuff look like they are related to weapons. Thanks Tolk
  4. Chavez mission

    will have another look thanks
  5. Chavez mission

    Hi all. I am doing the chavez mission to get all the porcelain figures. I have everything bar the lvl 3 dragon and the lvl 4 rat. The wiki says the dragon drops from Mekong Freighter Red Dragon in shepard but i have killed it around 20 times and it has not dropped from it, anyone any ideas where it may drop? Also wiki says the rat drops from a lvl52 rd at the base in aragoth but i cant seem to find a lvl 52 there.
  6. Unimplemented Shield Inversion Buffs

    Thanks for the reply.
  7. Ok so i am curious, can you expand on this please. What is the buff or is it got from devices etc?
  8. Sugestion: Buff underpowered / un-used abilities.

    Grav link is pretty good combine that with cassels wither and you get a huge debuff, also grav link debuffs explosive aswell.
  9. These must be the extra missions or something as i have just done a pw a pp and a ps up to hull lvl 75 and not once have i run into the vrix at the yard or anywhere else to do with hull upgrades.
  10. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

    I cannot do any of these missions because they are stage 1 and the invite starts you at stage 2 with no option to do any of those first missions. So i never got offered the mission to anylize the waterloo shields. Also i am now at the point of building the lvl 8 shield on stage 2 so there is no way i can go back and do the first missions.
  11. Agrippa using the invite to shields on a 150 PP

    Hi Mouli It states because i have not done the mission 'Behind strong walls' which is a stage one mission and the invite lets you in at stage 2, so i cannot do this mission, i cannnot go to stage 3
  12. I started a new PP to do the agrippa missions and after getting the stage 2 invite i had the bright idea to give it to my lvl 150 PP with max build skills so that i could build all the shields with it but i am told by the npc that i will not be able to build the lvl9 shield because i did not do a bonus mission in stage one. I could not do the bonus mission because i could not start from the begining due to being lvl 150. So I don't see the point of the stage 2 invite if i ( or anyone else who wants to do the shields) cannot go to the end of the mission to get the lvl 9 shield builds? If this is correct i will put a note on the wiki to say that you cannot complete the stage 3 shield and i suspect that it may be the same for the other stage 2 invites but will look into that later. I will continue on my new pp but think it's a shame you cannot complet stage 3 with an invite. Tolk
  13. Session 4 dev meeting

    What is this wonderus device youy speak of?
  14. Ardus - do the weapons actually drop?

    Thanks for the offer Zarg, just wanted them to add to my build list, tried again for another 4 hours last night did the cloud rider another 3 times the gazer twice and the parasites around 4 times, still nothing. When i get fed up i will give market a yell. Would have thought i might have got a few pl ammo samples by now though and at least a weapon, very dissapointing.
  15. I have done the cloud rider mini mission 4 time on the trot and go no ammo and no weapons but 2 of the comps for the weapon, have also killed the random lvl60 that flies about. I have lost count of the stone parasites i have killed, have had the comp and around 6 ammo drop. I have killed the boss which i am presuming is the lvl 55 as it spawns around every hour about 8 times drops nothing but junk. I have killed around 300 gazers no comp no nothing from them have killed the boss 4 times on the trot and it dropped broken floodlights and a holographic emitters. I don't expect the weapons to drop every time or the comps but i would expect the pl ammo to drop and the gazer comp fo the beam and the fact i have killed around 16 bosses and got nothing is pushing it a bit. Can you check the drop rates to see if they are dropping at all. Thanks