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  1. it is almost mid dec. content push? or just crash issues?
  2. Well since the in game timer is already in place and if you don't loot the corpses in that amount of time then the loot is open for anyone..... While I don't agree with taking another's persons loot without asking. ( it is just common decency to ask that person permission ) The timer if i'm correct was initially put in, in live, to give folks a chance to loot them without the ninja's jumping in and stealing their loot when killing large amounts of mobs especially for like the shield inversion skill etc. But it also created alot of lag when folks would have like 200+ corpses so the original devs found a compromised time limit for the corpses if you didn't grab your loot in that time then it was free for all. I honestly think the time limit is fine the way it is.
  3. Selecting "Local Cert" Seemed to work I am in game
  4. So here i sit at work hoping to get some trade runs in :-( But No I fear I will have to actually do some work.
  5. ok so the reboot did NOT work. still same issue.
  6. I have read some of the other posts and used a couple suggestions and didnt work. Nothing has changed on my end since yesterday. yesterday i was on and playing fine. I do see people are on the server playing. no matter which account i use upon login i get the EA.com is unavailable message. Any Ideas? I will restart the computer and try again and post back here if it fixed the issue or not. if it does feel free to wipe this post or keep it for future ref.
  7. OMG there are some serious funnies in this thread but WTH I took a nap and the server is still down........... I think im gonna haz to check into loony bin
  8. ya the DT's are stqarting to affect meeee, shakes are getting treal bad
  9. out of those listed and or have shown interest of their own. at this point, i would be for vaden and Cpt Gemini, as far as the other politics going on in this thread I DONT CARE, im a fan of it, and dont support it if there is an issue that one person has with another deal with it with that person leave others out of it, if that dont work start climbing the ladder of authority until issue is resolved, no need to air any issues in the public domain. this keeps the B.S. to a minimum and allows everyone to continue having a good time. magoo has never done or said anything that has effected me in anyway in or out of the game and therefore i have nothing against magoo. but just from everything i have read in this thread and have heard from other players; IMHO I do not think magoo would make for a good advocate. the advocate needs to be a person who can be and remain nuetral. I would love to be a com. advocate even though I do not have the time, I was an alpha and beta in live and played until sunset. But with a 40 hour a week job wife 4 kids and the fire dept, and EMS schedules im pretty much tapped out. I am from a small hick type town and have seen what the little corner secret discussions and taking side and the internal politics can do to a fantastic organization and EnB is no different. thank you for reading my rant and i look forward to the vote. STOLI
  10. I must admit i like the idea of having 3 people whose main toons are and have much knowledge of each race, terran, progen, jenq. i think it is clear that vaden is a nominee. and as ive posted earlier i definately concur with that.
  11. i would be split between vaden, greensleeves, and wizaster. But I love the Idea for sure.
  12. my work day is terribly boring when the servers go down. I NEED MY FIX
  13. RD faction or any faction for that matter should be based on level of mob
  14. ok C DEL this fix worked wonderfully, Thank You Very Much.....
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