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  1. looks like the server just crashed update, looks like it was just PRS that crashed
  2. Hey! At the moment Trent, Draftman, and YourPapa run Epic Gamers. Feel free to shoot any of us a message!
  3. Yes Zachman monitors the forum however keep in mind that we all have real lives as well as our game life here!
  4. Server is Online and accepting login's as of right now. Can confirm I am able to log in. Does anyone from the DEV team know why the login fails? LDAP issues?
  5. Confirmed global server is down at this time when trying to launch. -edit Sunrise and PTR are now showing offline.
  6. I hope they will get it taken care of as soon as they are able!
  7. Yep I cannot log in as well with 22 online. Same issue. Has anyone made a ticket about this? <Edit> Created a ticket so the boys get the alert hopefully.
  8. showing online as of 1:58AM CST
  9. yep server is offline in the launcher...boooo!
  10. I need my EnB fix for the day!
  11. any idea on when it will come back up?
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