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  1. Seeing the good vibes is awesome 😘
  2. Played on Orion with a JD "Megasaxon" a PW "MegaGT" and a TE "Megagtx" all at 150. I was a young idiot and spent skill points in places they shouldn't have been. Let's just say I was very happy when the SP re-roll was launched. Fixed that stuff ASAP! 😆
  3. Keep up the amazing work and take your time to get it done right (and also to keep your sanity). This stuff is not easy especially when it's this huge of a process with the very limited staffing/hours you guys have. When it's back up it's back up and that will be a great day for all of us to enjoy a game we all love and hold in a special place in our hearts.
  4. Lol guys the DEVS that are working on fixing the servers do have their own lives first that takes priority. They are working as best as they can to get everything back up and running. Just have to bare with it until all is well again.
  5. Patience is a virtue? 😀
  6. Everything is still down. Once they give the go ahead you'll need to wait.
  7. MieuxTS has now appeared under my account. Must have been a cashing issue. I do see other toons that I have deleted however (MieuTE and MieuzTE) but I am not worried about that right now.
  8. Hmm taking a look my account is very out of date on levels and items and my TS is missing :(. Oh wells...
  9. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for bringing the information to the forums instead of on FB. Greatly appreciated!
  10. Server just crashed, unable to change instances and launcher shows sunrise.net-7.org is offline
  11. 7/15/21 1757 CDT getting the INV-300 error when trying to log in, internet is fine, in fact working at home right now online :).
  12. Showing login server and main server online. Able to log in with all my toons at this time.
  13. looks like the server just crashed update, looks like it was just PRS that crashed
  14. Hey! At the moment Trent, Draftman, and YourPapa run Epic Gamers. Feel free to shoot any of us a message!
  15. Yes Zachman monitors the forum however keep in mind that we all have real lives as well as our game life here!
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