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  1. Havent seen this with many people trying to login.  I think the issue is still persistant as I am also experiencing it
  2. I am having the exact same problem. Launch the game, put in my username/pw hit enter and it freezes for a second than crash to desktop. The command prompt window stays open for another minute to two until it says MVAS thread running and then closes. It usually works after 1-2 retrys but I have tried a dozen times so far today no luck. I even tried waiting until it sayd MVAS thread running before I logged in, no luck. I typically have alot going on in the background, plenty of IE, FF windows, a remote desktop session, trillian, antivirus (nod32), utorrent, rightmark CPU clock utility, CPUGenie, skype, feed reader, PDANet, hotspot shield, active sync, free download manager, depositfiles download manager. These are programs I always have running even when EnB works. Windows 7 Pro x64 Catalyst 10.8 (Radeon Mobility 4570) 4GB of RAM, with all my applications ~2.6GB Maybe we can figure out some common theme as to what we are running that causes it. As per a previous suggestion to run checkdesk, I decided to give that a shot, and there is nothing wrong with my disk. Intersting I closed deposit files download manager and I got in, random chance possibly? I will keep you posted... Weird, after i logged in selected my character I CTDed, second time around I got in..
  3. When I click on LaunchN7 the application loads btu is stuck minimized in the task bar. I have deleted the C:\Net7 directory and resintalled but the problem persists. Rebooted too. How do I fix this? Windows 7 Pro 64bit Was running fine before server crash. Edit: I can rlght click properties and select launch maxmized, and ti does take up my full screen btu that is not how it is supposed to work. Edit Never mind switching it to maximized then back to normal window fixed it
  4. I may have them hidden some where on one of my drives. If I find them I could upload them if people want.
  5. I remember the 12 days of EnB from years ago. I know I had the music at one point, I can fine torrents but no seeds.
  6. Does anybody know where I can download the Earth and Beyond Sound track? I did some searches here and I couldn't find it.
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