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  1. Actually, for stations with two vendors, one of them is for Net-7. The Net-7 vendors buy and sell news updates, and nothing else. Good catch, there.
  2. Have you ever heard the expression "It takes money to make money"? The TT is the very personification of that saying. First of all, make sure that you are running trade goods correctly. You want to buy from the trade vendor, obviously, but you want to sell to the trade vendor on the destination station too. Do not sell to the weapons or equipment vendor, you won't get the same price. What you want to do is load up your cargo hold with as many O2 canisters as you can buy, and take them to Loki Station. Then sell them, and buy Manufacturing Robots or whatever is available to sell back at Earth Station. Keep running back and forth until you have enough money to entirely fill your hold with the Manufacturing Robots. Note this amount of money, because no matter what else you do, you never want to let your available credits drop below this level. Any time you need cash, you can at least run back to Earth and completely fill your hold with trade goods. Once you've built up a lot of money, you should be able to buy goods for Somerled Station. I think the Vac Sealant on Loki is what you want to start running. First you will need to find the gate to Somerled, though. It should be on the opposite side of the High Earth sector from the gate to Earth, down where the nav path makes a circle. Explore down that way first before you plan to start making runs. No, the TT can't mine, and combat is hard at first. But once you get your Recharge Shields skills and unlock Missiles, you should do okay. Honestly, I have found that in this emulator, just the trade XP I get from loot keeps me from having to do trade runs, as long as I trade everything I loot to another player before I vendor it. But you may still want to do trade runs any time you want to make a lot of money fast. Just remember, you have to have a lot of money to start with, or you can't buy the goods that make a big profit. So do the trade run BEFORE you're broke.
  3. First off, the usual, make sure all four checkboxes on the Net-7 launcher are checked, and make sure it and the main application file are set to run as Administrator. It sounds like, if it is only happening at Zweihander, that there might be some sort of glitch with your account. Maybe a GM can give more answers. Are you getting stuck going from Luna to Zweihander, or Freya to Witberg? Maybe you can "come in the back way", so to speak.
  4. A warrior/tradesman/explorer trio is always a good choice no matter the race. So for a TE and TT you could round your team out with a JE or PS. It depends on why you went with the Terran for your first two choices. If you're worried about combat, the PS nearly the same combat capabilities as the TE, and your TT can keep it supplied with ammo until he hits the level where he can build his own. (PS can build ammo now) The JE is not really crippled as a combatant, however, you just have to take it slow and have patience. All the reasons Flip gave for the JE are good ones, plus, they have no need for ammo and can go just about anywhere. The other advantage to adding an explorer to the mix is that you will be able to prospect. Mining is a relaxing and rewarding experience, and you'll never be about to try it out with another trader or warrior. If you want to stick with the Terran race and take the time to jump through the hoops to unlock the class, a TS is a lot of fun. In a nutshell, it's the fastest class in the game (just beating out the TT) it shares the Terran ability to kite at long range without taking any damage, and it gets the ability to build ammo sooner than the PS. Unfortunately, it is neither as heavily armed as the PS, nor as sneaky and stealthy as the JE. The TS does a lot of running away. OTOH, the TS has Hull Patch, so it can fix damage in the field, while the other explorers can't. It'll never be as heavily armed as a Enforcer, or as well shielded as a Trader, but if you think of the Scout as a light patrol craft I think that sums it up. It's probably the worst at mining (can't cloak or powerdown, low reserves of reactor power for the mining laser - get a Jenquai reactor) but it is the best at what it is best at, which is getting from point A to point B. (And the Afterburn skill just plain looks cool)
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but the above pictures show something I also noticed. When you make changes to your ship at the terminal, your ship always appears as the first hull, even if you have upgraded your hull. You can see this above; the bottom image shows two wings on the TT's wing structure, but the top image shows only one. I don't know if this is intentional, since I can't remember if it worked that way on live. Similar to the above post, I've also noticed that when I select the flat black color, the color is not selected when I go to edit it, and the color appears medium grey on the terminal, although it seems fine in the game. If I select glossy black, the cursor always in the center of the color selector, as if it is cyan. (But it isn't)
  6. Ulyydian did say that every price would be changed. The price of ore determines the price of the components they are used to make. The price of components determines the price of the systems they are used to make. The manufacturing cost of components and systems is determined by the base price of those systems. So those changes to ores were going to "bubble up" to every item in the game.   The price of ammo seems to be reasonably close to what is listed in the Prima Guide. On the other hand, those manufacturing costs look more like retail costs. Maybe the formula for conversion from retail cost to manufacturing is not correct. Also, Tengu ammo isn't listed in the Prima Guide, and is made of non-standard resources, and so that may be inflating the cost. Someone who knows a lot more than me about how the prices are calculated will have to answer those questions for you.
  7. As a solo player, I can't attest to the Sentinel's use on a team. But I have always felt that along with the Terran Enforcer, the Sentinel was the most versatile and self-sufficient class in the game. I played the game Live for two years before I tried out my first Progen, primarily because I disliked the character designs. But once I gave them a try, the Progen Sentinel quickly rose to become one of my favorite classes. Like you, I find the ship itself to be beautiful, its "solar sails" make it look like some of the old concept art I have seen from the heyday of the space program, and to me, it looks like the penultimate "miner". In the intro to the game, it is the Progen Sentinels that we see mining asteroids, and to me, they are the stereotypical "prospector", the old forty-niner living out in the wild and working his claim. Unlike the Explorer, who is more concerned with seeking the stars and exploring the unknown.   The only drawback to the Sentinel as a solo player is its inability to make its own ammunition, and even in that, with a partnership with a Trader (and honestly, who here in the emulator doesn't have a Trader on their own account they can pair with a Sentinel?) making ammo and providing the ore for it is easy. I've never had to settle for vendor bought since I started playing here. It would be even better if trade between other players could be as easy as that trade between your own, but hey, beggars can't be choosers here. :D   Your treatise may mean much in encouraging folks to play the class, and to invite them to their teams, but for me, I'm sold just on the concept alone. Not that each of the classes don't have their attractions, but there is nothing wrong with the Sentinel.
  8. Really? I tried that out, and couldn't figure out how to specify credits, although I had no trouble trading items. That vendor in Venus sounds like something that a dev mentioned might work the last time this came up. I'll have to check it out. Maybe there have been more changes to this game since I was here last than I thought.   I'd appreciate any info on what I may have missed, on the interface. :)   I do agree, though, that this game does not need a player-driven economy. The vendor economy, which includes trade, should be robust enough to support the player economy. That's why I'm glad the pricing was straightened out. A healthy pricing structure helps all of us.
  9. I had been wondering if the ore prices had ever been corrected. It's unknown if the component and system prices have been adjusted as well, but from my research on live I believe that they were directly related. That is, there was a direct correlation between the vendor price of items in the game and the vendor price of the resources used to build them.   And there IS a way to buy ores in E&B. It has been in the game since the beginning, and it still is in the emulator. A Trader can buy components, tear them down for their component ores, and use those ores to build. So the player market and the vendor market are interconnected, if not joined at the hip.   Common ores, like Iron and Steel, are no more valuable to the market than they can be bought for in component form from the vendor. The player market is subject to supply and demand ONLY for those ores that are rare and thus cannot be recovered from components. (Or can only be recovered from rare components, which are themselves high in player market value)   EVE has a number of things that E&B doesn't have, including an auction house and player trade system. E&B's vendor system is needed to provide the bare necessities that the player market is unable to provide.
  10. That sounds like something that fits with the concept, although I don't remember ever running into one myself. That's really what the pirates were, though. They would gravity well you and ask you for an amount of money, and if you didn't pay, they attacked. I guess the players found it more acceptable to be stopped and fined by police instead of pirates. ;)   What specifically was the contraband?
  11. This might be doable as an NPC/jobs use for ores. As part of the economy, I think anything that makes the trade of ores harder, instead of easier, is going to make them less valuable, not more. If you make the supply too scarce, the consumers simply move on to something that has a more abundant supply.   There are ores that aren't used in crafting, though, like Tazeron or Mordanite, which are unique to certain missions or quests. This could be expanded into something "radioactive" which would decay or even potentially explode if exposed to forces such as combat or Wormholes.   Alternately, give miners the ability to create "isotopes" from raw ore in a process similar to refining. Should transport of these materials fail, they revert back to the refined version of the ore. So they aren't lost, they just aren't useful to the NPC any more.   On live, there were pirates who would intercept traders running goods. This was met with massive resistance on the part of the players, but I've always through if CERTAIN goods exposed you to risk of pirate attack, like contraband or something, then you would know that was a possibility and stay close to the keyboard instead of going AFK. This could be a similar thing, certain ores or "isotopes" could attract pirates that want to steal your cargo. As long as you don't deal in those items, you avoid that possibility.
  12. I'll also note that the four least played classes are all the hybrids between Explorer and Trader and something else. The three Warrior classes are all sufficiently well represented, and the Terran Trader and Jenquai Explorer represent the "best" at their respective roles. So maybe the issue is not that the others do not bring enough to combat, maybe it's just that there's not enough interest in the other aspects of the game to allow for that much diversity.   That being said, I DO appreciate the devs unlocking the additional three classes, like Mouse said. I don't care if they're popular, I like 'em. :D
  13. I'm not sure where things got confused. Yeah, the PT has 16 skills. I believe the replacement skill should be something unique, NOT Build Devices.   It's the JT that has 17 skills, and thus has no more room for additional skills unless you add a L135, drop something, or adapt an existing skill to give it additional capabilities. The PT doesn't have problems finding a role on a team, though, the JT does. This thread should be about any of the least played classes, that includes TE and PE as well as JT and PT. (Although JT seems to clearly be the lowest from Shaddex's numbers)
  14. Wow. Your ideas here are bound to be unpopular, plus, you are obviously calling for a nerf to Jenquai and a boost to Terrans. That's bound to start an argument.   I'll start with your second post, simply because I don't know where to start with the first. Jenquai weapons typically need a very long rate of fire because of the mechanics of Combat Cloak. You want to uncloak, fire off a volley of weapons, and then Cloak while your beams are recharging. Too short a fire rate, and re-cloaking during combat will reduce your DPS. But perhaps that is the point. I will say that at low levels there are a nice selection of fast fire rate beams, and I love using them. Beams actually vary greatly between high fire rate and massive alpha strike capability.   IMHO, it's projectile weapons, and thus the Progen, who should have the greatest rate of fire. The role of the Progen is sustainable DPS. Missiles, of course, should have the longest range.   Your description of shields and engines pretty much fits the way the game currently is, except that Jenquai shields are below average in all respects. Remember that Jenquai can also use Terran shields. The JW is able to stack Psi Shield on top of his standard shield, if he could get access to Progen shields, even at level 8, he'd be considerably tougher than he already is.   I don't think visibility is currently working, but I like to see it working, as that's one of the things I really liked on live. I'm not sure where you are getting that Progen engines should boost reactor rates. Progen get some pretty good reactors, for not being able to get to Jenquai reactors. And I notice you don't even MENTION reactors. Jenquai reactors tend to have high capacity but really low recharge rate, which works great for beams. Progen reactors, like Terran shields, have a much lower capacity, but recharge faster. (And now that they can be player built, they can even compete with Pirate models)
  15. Besides, let's be honest, just how much benefit does the TT bring to the team with Befriend? :D The Trader is mainly on the team for Shield Charging, and because you would need a PT/JT and TE to bring both Shield Recharge and Hull Patch otherwise. That makes only one skill the TT has exclusive access to, with another two which make for good synergy.
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