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  1. Great post! I was thinking of posting something like this on mmorpg.com   Can I use your link to promote it?
  2. Thanks all.  Doing it now.  Hard to do with a single level 1 laser, but working on it.  Great game.  So many memories and friends that I cannot remember their names.   Thank you so much for bringing this game alive again. 
  3. Same here.  I was level 43 I think, now I am at 0.  Oh well.  This game has allways been my favorite.  Back to square one. How do I find quests to do?  Havent logged in for a couple of years. Thanks for keeping this game alive!!  At Loki Station Thanks all
  4. [quote name='Cerberus738' timestamp='1311956641' post='43791'] So what about leaving 'Earth & Beyond' off of it completely? Just have the website address and some space/earth background. Nothing that links directly to the game. Just to the website. Thats gotta be pretty safe. People will see the address and say ' oh! I wonder what that is!' Just a thought. I know it's pretty bland but safe I guess. [/quote] Good idea. Gonna play around with that (SAFE) concept. Thanks
  5. I guess I could create my own Design. They cant have a patent on "Earth And Beyond" . That is just a statement. Correct?
  6. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1311630728' post='43624'] That's kinda cool, but you might be treading dangerous grounds legally by selling anything containing the "Earth & Beyond" logo, as EA could call that a violation of their copyright, if I am not mistaken. Its unlikely they would, mind, but it could be. In regards to the website art displayed here or there, just send a PM to Slayerman, he should be able to find and give you what you need most likely. [/quote] If and this is a big IF, they do sell and I kept a record of it and didnt make any money, but donated the money, I am not making a profit. So what would be the harm in it? I am not into all that legal stuff, so bear with my ignorance.
  7. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1311636868' post='43628'] I like it but... for a bumper sticker wouldn’t some ships add a bit more description as to what you are trying to get interest? What I would do is Google some high res vector images of the earth, and items you wanted to be on it. Design it from scratch including the EnB font. There are web sites with free true type fonts and yopu can find one closer to the EnB font if you can't find the actual one used. Do your design at least 4 times actual size. then reduce to actual size. Vector images will give you the finished look you want. [/quote] I looked all over the net and could find a Hi-res. It was just an idea. I need to ne a little more creative, I know that. As far as EA, not sure if I am doing anything wrong. The EA logo is not on on there, maybe the font is, but that's all.
  8. I actually created and bought this one I made to see how it looks.
  9. I have decided to do some advertising on my own and made a bumper sticker. I do need a higher definition one if one of one you devs can give it to me. They wont let me sell them because of the quality. If I sell any, I would send the proceeds to you guys: Here is my sample: [img]http://www.outfctrl.com/enbbumper.jpg[/img]
  10. [quote name='will' timestamp='1311336066' post='43512'] That's the Menace skill, Sentinels and Profiteers also have it. Don't know whether or not its working yet for mobs. [/quote] Thank you. For a minute I thought I was immune to it or something because it never works.
  11. Once in awhile I will be fighting a certain MOB and this huge ghostly skull comes out, surrounds the MOB an vibrates, then disappears. It never does anything to me, at least that I notice. Is this some type of fear tactic they are trying to use? It has never worked on me if it is. I am an OL 64 TT, CL 17. Thanks all
  12. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1311287779' post='43486'] Their guild bank was most likely a few mules characters. [/quote] You are probably right, didnt think of that. I guess they just had people standing around called Guild Bank1, Guild Bank2 and Guild Bank3. Strange, but it works. You just have to log on to the toon to transfer stuff.
  13. I was doing some searching and came across this. I don't know how accurate it is, but if it is, it's a great resource for starting out and knowing where to go. [url="http://divinehierarchy0.tripod.com/mob_locations.htm"]Mob Locations[/url] There is also some other useful info if you navigate the site. Looks like from an old guild in EnB from some of dates I saw. 2003 I noticed they had a guild bank. Is this in the emulator?
  14. [spoiler] [quote name='-Seeker-' timestamp='1303279668' post='39495'] So I got this idea from watching Bleach (Japanese animation) with the kids, and a little bit from character special abilities in Final Fantasy XI. Many of the "good guy" characters in Bleach have a second stage "turbo" ability called a "Bankai". Typically, this supercharges their attacks or summons a creature with very high powered abilities. What, might you ask.... does this ever have to do with an MMO set in space? I'd like to propose a series of race and job specific devices or core equipment called [b]"Limit Removers"[/b]. A long-ish mission could be devised involving the talents of most if not all classes to build the equipment, with the blueprints for the equipment as a reward. The way the equipment works is pretty simple: - It can be used only once per real-time hour - The effects last for a full minute in most cases - Using the equipment has an especially detrimental aftereffect to compensate for the bonus(es) of using them. - The equipment is largely class specific and unique (completing one mission for your class prevents NPC mission givers from giving you the missions for any other class specific equipment- so choose carefully). - The equipment is player manufacturable, but non-trade and unique. Some subcomponents will likely need cooperation from other classes/races to complete. - Overall Level 150 requirement/maximum skill level specific to the equipment's usage. - Build recipes would be from 6 components - 3 components/subcomponent devices that can only be farmed from raid mobs (CL60+) OR selected rare ore field guardians of equivalent difficulty to solo explorers, OR (very exceptionally Tatsu-Pride-like rarely) in a hulk; 2 "store bought only" comps (K3 or Warlock type non-manufacturable comps) and 1 potentially player-manufacturable component (with rare or difficult ores/subcomponents)... in short, getting a 200% final product will be exceptionally rare, like probably more than 200% CFB rare. We can't make this [i]tooo[/i] easy now, right? - That being said, the final reward is a build recipe: so a player with an excess of time, credits and subcomponents can try to rebuild the Limit Remover as many times as is needed to get a 200% item. Here is a rough breakout of the equipment: [u][b]Limit Remover: Jettison Reactor Core[/b][/u] [color="#800080"]Explorers only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] Use ALL of the player's reactor power, tops off all other player reactors within a 6km radius and grants unlimited energy for 120sec to players in that range when the ability fires off. [b]Penalty:[/b] Reactor Burnout* (user's reactor remains empty for the initial 120sec, and refills at half its normal recharge rate for the next 300sec thereafter). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] L8 Equip Reactor, Max Build Devices, Equip L9 Devices [b]Special Issues:[/b] Map awarded to the player is for a L9 device, "Reactor Core Ejector". *A 200% build quality will reduce the Reactor Burnout penalty by up to 120sec. [u][b]Limit Remover: Hull Interphase[/b][/u] [color="#8b0000"]Warriors Only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] - Creates a phase-shifting field around the player's hull for 60sec that grants complete hull invulnerability to all attacks - Targeted mob at the time ability is fired off gains unbreakable hate against user for at least 60sec. [b]Penalty:[/b] Weapons Malfunction* (user gains a 25% increase damage control, but incurs a -50% debuff to critical targeting and base weapons friction of -50% for 120sec). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] L8 Equip Devices AND Max Build Weapons. [b]Special Issues:[/b] Since Warriors typically cannot build devices, the enterprising warrior will be awarded a map for the L9 Beam, "Piercing Justice" from the mission NPC. The beam itself is a L9 Plasma beam, with 1450 damage, 3.5km base range, and an 8sec. reload, non-trade, unique, but of course, manufacturable. Speaking to the mission NPC with this weapon in the warrior's cargo will award the L8 Hull Interphase Adapter device at the same quality as the player's build of the beam. *A 200% build quality will reduce the Weapons Malfunction penalty by up to 20sec. [u][b]Limit Remover: Shield Over Charge[/b][/u] [color="#2e8b57"]Traders Only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] INSTANTLY restores all players shields to maximum capacity within a 6km area, and grants shield invulnerability to TARGETED PLAYER for 60sec. [b]Penalty:[/b] Shielding Transduction* (user incurs a -50% reduction to Recharge Shields for 120sec). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] L7 Recharge Shields, AND Max Build Components, AND L8 Equip Devices [b]Special Issues:[/b] Since not all Traders can build shields, the enterprising trader will be awarded a map for the L9 Component, "DigiApogee Transducer Casing" from the mission NPC. The component is a compounded component with many subcomponents (most are looted or vendor-sourced only), non-trade, unique, but of course, manufacturable. Speaking to the mission NPC with this component in the Trader's cargo will award the L8 Shield Recharge Transducer at the same quality as the player's build of the beam. *Since components are created at 200% quality, there is no special quality bonus. [u][b]Limit Remover: Perfect Shot[/b][/u] [color="#8b0000"]Warriors Only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] - Guarantees 400% critical strikes for 60sec for the user. [b]Penalty:[/b] Weapons Meltdown* (After the 60sec ability timer lapses, the user's weapons will not be able to fire for 120sec). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] L8 Equip Devices AND Max Build Weapons. [b]Special Issues:[/b] Since Warriors typically cannot build devices, the enterprising warrior will be awarded a map for either the-- --- L9 Projectile Launcher, "Vindicating Justice" from the mission NPC. The PL uses L9 Vindicator rounds in stacks of 1200, with 350 damage in either plasma, impact, or chemical rounds, 5.5km base range, with a 3.5sec. reload, non-trade, unique, but of course, manufacturable. - OR - --- L9 Missile Launcher, "Avenging Justice" from the mission NPC. The ML uses L9 Vengeance missiles in stacks of 300, with 1050 damage in either plasma, explosive, or chemical rounds, 7.5km base range, with a 12sec. reload, non-trade, unique, but of course, manufacturable. --- Speaking to the mission NPC with this weapon in the warrior's cargo will award the L8 Positronic Targeting Computer device at the same quality as the player's build of the PL. *A 200% build quality will reduce the Weapons Meltdown penalty by up to 40sec. [u][b]Limit Remover: Evasive Maneuvers[/b][/u] [color="#800080"]Explorers only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] - Targeted Enemy: Attracts maximum, unbreakable mob hate for 15 sec. - Targeted Self: No effect, ability will not fire (must target a mob or another player in the same group) - Self (while targeting an enemy)and adds 30% boost to combat speed, and reduces mob's accuracy vs. player to zero for 60sec. - Targeted Group Member: Adds 20% combat speed boost, and reduces mob accuracy vs. targeted player to zero for 30sec. [b]Penalty:[/b] Engine Stall* (Only affects user of the device: 120 seconds of base combat speed reduced to half, and engine signature doubled). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] L8 Equip Engines, Max Build Devices, Equip L9 Devices [b]Special Issues:[/b] Map awarded to the player is for a L9 device, "GETCo Engine Feedback Controller". *A 200% build quality will reduce the Engine Stall penalty by up to 40sec. [u][b]Limit Remover: Out of Time[/b][/u] [color="#2e8b57"]Traders Only[/color] [b]Usage:[/b] Grants zero-delay recast for any other device or skill except Shield Sap/Shield Leech/Energy Leeching type skills to the user for 60sec. [b]Penalty:[/b] Systems Overload* (user is unable to use skills or devices for 120sec after the Limit Removal expires). [b]Other Requirements:[/b] Max Build Devices, AND L8 Equip Devices [b]Special Issues:[/b] Map awarded to player for successful completion of the mission is a L9 Light Speed Inc. Chrono-Dialation Generator device. *A 200% build quality will reduce the Systems Overload penalty by up to 40sec. [/quote] [/spoiler] Not to hijack the topic, but How did you get to OL 165? I thought cap was 150.
  15. outfctrl


    [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1311226230' post='43462'] ok then, probably the best way is with a / command, where you can type your existing name but change the capitalisation. We'll have to have a limit on the number of caps because we really don't want people called: TaRnIsH McHoLlIs wandering around, that would just be annoying. ock, McTaggar-r-r-rt .. suumone's bin mur-r-r-rdud! Wut is thae wur-uld cooming too? [/quote] Cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh.
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