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  1. Ich bin Deutsch diesem Semester zu Schule lernen. :)
  2. I cannot log on to any of my characters. They are all getting the "Server failed to respond to sector login"     Nevermind, Net-7.org says server was starting, the launcher said other wise though.
  3. The issue between Static and Epic Gamers on that GOBB raid have be delt with.
  4. EG has been talking with members of static, BI, and VGE and hopefully there will be some kind of deal finalized by December first, but the holidays may delay it.
  5. well EpicGamers has a item drop list, but its only for members. I believe that BI has knowledge of an open one, I dont off the top of my head.
  6. If this is how this thread is headed it needs to be locked, and private negotiations held only. This does not need to be about who did or said what about who or to whom.
  7. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ich studium Deutsch!
  8. Epic will announce to guild members about the RD raid Thursday, so long as our raiding players are good to go we can hit it. If not can we enter the raid rotation starting on Saturday? It might be too shot of notice.
  9. Indeed it was a good raid and Epic is thirsty for more. GOBB gave out a good bit of treasure and cant wait for Epic to hit it again!  
  10. I will keep it short and sweet, I appreciate all the work the development teams do. I have enjoyed enb since it came out and now in the "live" emu. I still believe that all the features that the devs have implemented are better now than live, basicly because they love the game and want others to enjoy it too. Not sure why some people feel the need to be so critical of the N7 team when they are doing their best. Im sorry to hear that a member of the dev team quit, just means less hands helping out.
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