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  1.   Unfortunately for experienced builders only the penalty will apply, assuming they make all their stuff at 199-200%. If it's to be balanced the "reward" needs to be something other than a higher % on the built item (not saying it should be balanced, but you know what I mean :P)
  2. Horrendous latency the last hour, so for once I don't mind some downtime :)
  3.   Oh my, that brings back memories. ZX Spectrum was the small one with rubber keys, right ? Must have been almost 30 years since I fiddled with that one :) And no, you can't have mine to improve server performance ;)
  4. Boom, Magoo jinxed it with his talk of almost at 500 !
  5. As Matt stated above that the comp mission is stage 1 for PP, does this mean that HU 75 PPs are locked out of all Agrippa content ? I was under the impression that they all could be started as long as HU 135 wasn't achieved ? I sincerly hope you mean it's required HU 50 and capped at HU 100, or am I missing something here ?
  6. There used to be a consignment vendor in ST, floating around in Pluto iirc.
  7. I am surprised to see complaints about pricing for pm items as I have so far never been asked to pay more than button cost myself (have a couple of 100+ toons and always tip 50-100%). Of course if you want a rare/difficult, prebuilt to HQ item then you will have to fork up the dough, which is perfectly fine considering the circumstances (see Matts post).   There's already lots of players building low level stuff without charging so I don't really see where this "it's too expensive" attitude is coming from.   Getting someone to build the specific item you are looking for can be difficult though, as prints are still scarce, we have players split between timezones and most importantly, many players are still busy hunting for exp/items/credits themselves.
  8. If there was an AAA title with the same level of service as you guys are providing, noone would ever quit playing it...
  9. Tons of blackholing going on which eventually made the server commit suicide. Offline.
  10. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1354822179' post='68194'] This thread has nothing to do with mob linkage (like said, code has not changed) but with [b]mob scan.[/b] We are all not used anymore to have high sigs again because we all had our sig reducers from our uber gear before live (my PW was 1.2K, now i am 3.6K) - plus before live we didnt care since we simply killed all and everything bothering us. We check mob scan ranges soon™. [/quote] I am glad you are looking into mob scan values, as they seem to be completely different to what they used to be when I last played (about a year ago). I currently run lower sig (2.5k) on my PP than what I used to back then, but it's a worlds difference in how the mobs act. Mob scan usually was around 2.5k (regular, lower level mobs), meaning they aggroed from 5-5.5k for me, but now they come running from 8-9k away, sometimes more. Although "auto-pulls" are nice if you can handle them, they also mean that in general you have to fight almost trivial content (read much lower CLs) which dampens the fun factor for sure. I understand that to some players it's a "new game" starting over from scratch, but I'm also pretty sure many of the other people posting here have been around for some time and know the ins and outs of sig, scan and mob aggro. Saying that "we are not used to having high sigs" is overlooking the actual facts some people are bringing to the table, even if it's true to some extent. We can't argue with you wether the code has been changed or not, all we can do is report what we are experiencing in the game and hope for you Devs to add the numbers up Keep up the good work ! /Totte
  11. [quote name='Hobbs' timestamp='1354837012' post='68206'] I dont think he was referring ot the player as a bottom feeder but to what he was doing. If you are going to farm mobs a lot lower than you, why use the best ammo you can get? That would be a waste. If you are killing mobs looking for a drop and they really cant hurt you at all and you get little to no combat xp from them, that to me, is bottom feeding. Vendor ammo will do just fine. [/quote] Exactly. For instance faction farming low level stuff when you run L9 guns, which use ammo that need pm comps. Stuff will die equally quick with vendor ammo, hence you can save those precious ores etc.
  12. [quote name='Scyris' timestamp='1354796305' post='68180'] "JD can use some of their other ninja magic Jenquai woo-woo" This line made me giggle. I just like the pp cuz it gets most of the trader skills but can also kick the crap out of things compared to the other 2 traders. There a way to mail items in game yet or do I need a 2nd ID to dual log? [/quote] On the Net-7 site you can move items between your characters vaults (need to be logged off the characters in question) so you don't need a 2nd account unless you intend to dualbox.
  13. It's 30% more damage, well worth any extra trouble for sure (unless you are bottomfeeding of course). I have made L5-6 ammo for a few people asking for it, but considering mfg cost is like 500 credits for those I couldn't care less if I got tipped or not. One guy did "tip" me a few looted reactors to analyze, so being nice does pay off
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