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  1. Awesome thanks. Yeah i spent pretty much all day at work yesterday trying to figure out how to make my PP lol.  Mission success!
  2. EnB was my first love.  Actually started playing this waiting on SWG to come out and just got hooked. Played on Andromeda, lots of alts but 150s were PW/TT Steelpriest and Stonepriest. Had a JD named Him too that I let someone else play. Last guild I was in was ION? i think, ended up merging with Static towards the end.
  3. I can't believe I never found this place before now!   By the time I maxed a couple toons in live and figured out what I wanted to do in the game it was yanked.   Im super excited to give it another go, but before I get all high on nostalgia I noticed that most of the forum chatter is a little dated.  Is this thing still kicking? I dont want to get my grind on just to endure another sunset.
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