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  1. wtb server restart finally have time to play /cry
  2. So as the title states I'm in Jalalabad Afghanistan on Fob Fenty. The only internet service here is by a company called SniperHill if you do a quick search on the company you'll see a massive list of pissed off GI's and contractors about said service. This isnt a rant on my end but a request for SSH tunneling help. Is there a generic 3rd party ssh tunnel program. I did use WTFAST.com in previous tours to play WoW with but it was designed for that particular game. Or is there any other opitons I have to maximize my EnB time with the current situation. So any tech savy, dev, or gms help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Got to bagram in the wee hours this morning hopin a flight to Jbad shortly. Hopefully ill be back in game soon and settled in
  4. Ty for the replies believe it or not it does wonders for morale. I'm still stuck in Kuwait atm. Been bumped off the last 6 flights to bagram so maybe ill get a flight in the next day or 2. From what I've read and heard about the fob I'm goin to the net is suppose to be pretty good and stable so it seems ill get to play during my off time (god I hope so)
  5. Heading to jalalabad don't have any info on this place was hoping to go back to fob shank but oh we'll cant be worse than bagram
  6. Sup my fellow enbers just wanted to say hi from Kuwait haven't gotten my assignment to Afghanistan yet hoping it has Internet where ever I end up.
  7. So I ran across an old enb desktop theme for proggies jennies and terrans. So I downloaded a proggy one and tried to set it to active only to find that win 7 doesnt allow 3rd party themes etc. Did some looking found a small program that patches the required files to allow 3rd party themese but still no luck in getting the theme to come up still says "This theme cannot be applied to desktop". Was wondering if anyone knew of a fix for this otherwise i'll just leave the proggy symbol as a background pic
  8. I was on step 2 my group was killing pablo he was at like 10% hull and I crashed my group got credit but i didnt   this was on my pw dirtyntired
  9. awww man me and my bro was just gonna get on and hit it hard today
  10. i take it something bad happened i thought it was just goin to be a restart
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