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  1. Mouli has many votes already why can't he be the adv since we all voted for him ? I say lets vote or how does it work ? Kyp has to post again or something
  2. I vote Mouli
  3. LOL nice you will take public troller as it's there turn
  4. Yeah you are correct different browsers let you poll again. LOL just tried it well that ain't anti troll proof. Safari/chrome/Samsung browser each let me vote. Even with that I think still gives a bit of what majority of people think I guess.
  5. Heh yeah I would agree lets see what we have in a week but yeah I was wrong not 3-4
  6. Let's see what peoples Vote are to see really how many people are asking for change or just the 3-4 or if it's really big issue VOTE HERE CLICK Sorry to person who voted already please vote again as someone requested another option on poll Keep in mind I am not Builders Inc GM or have anything to do with other 2 but really if it's such a big issue lets vote and see what we have.
  7. I agree maybe look at rotation changes or remove but the truth neither public or guilds have numbers. If the rotation was removed the same people that complaining here would be complaining that they never see Gobb or Troller cause they would not never see it. So frankly the complaining and crying getting annoying cause it's the same 3-4 people who complain. Pandatroll I have no idea who this person is but for sure all he has done or care about is forum trolling hard. If you crying about trigger take trigger and start a trigger war already and make the game fun :). But complaining about the same stuff over and over and blaming the rotation cause you bored of playing it's bull in my opinion.
  8. yeah I have not seen Ben for a long while now not sure if work has him super busy
  9. Builder's Inc, Always recruiting if you are tired of flying solo and want to join us please ask in general for invite, it does not matter if you are lv5 or lv150 we welcome all :). if you want to raid high end content we raid if you just looking for help and not feel lonely we do that too We have Europe and north american players. http://buildersinc.guildlaunch.com/
  10. Thank you Plateau, and i would like to apologize to you and all the volunteer staff on my previous comment after reading Arthur's letter i feel my comments where not appropriate or fair to all you donating your time and effort to keep game running and helping us player.
  11. to add to this he is my guildi the toon that was affected ( HAWAT ) when i log this day around 10AM EST when he is work i would see him on my friends list but location was blank i sent him a message to see he was online but obviously he was at work so i never got response. when he got home and he log in he noticed all this things missing and the GM Plateau was looking at for him then next day is when get got this answer from him. i have to say the service provided by the volunter staff is lacking alot like i put a ticket a while back about toon name change it was almost 1 week before I got reply stating no! which is fine but 1 week??. as player and also planning to continue donating money for the game i am extremely disappointing with the GM support in the game. Only one that i have seen to fix issues is Arthur as far glitch missions etc. i really hope someone that was the power and willing to help my guildi fix this issue that happen to him with out him doing anything to contribute to problem.
  12. yeah unplayable right now .. clients disconnecting in minutes cant do anything.
  13. I have the same problem as everyone here , last week it seem to start its new issue anyword of what is happening or fix or aware of the issue?
  14. agreed politics have no place in game we always recruiting people just ask for invite when you online. or talk to one of us.. i am no officer or have inviting powers but usually someone online that can Ravina/Petite/Abstract
  15. agreed if they did that would help with donations