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  1. Win 10

    Works fine on windows 10 64bit i have 2 computers with this and game installed no issues
  2. /postloot Lite

    Yay thanks Zackman :), and Gwindor for great idea!
  3. Dev interfering on raids

    Why all the hate towards Damage Inc, Mouli? You probably the most hated Adv in history you approaching Pandatrol status with all the negative reputation.
  4. Dev interfering on raids

    Ahh thanks Thuvia, I got it all backwards then my comments would reversed
  5. Dev interfering on raids

    Removed by own comment as I had it backwards. It was duck who was watching and question why weird.
  6. Wasted Triggers !

    http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5904be30e4b06cb867ea4eec# I set this up in April it seem the majority don't want this raid agreement on but honestly Not sure why it has not be been removed. I am Builders Inc member and yeah my vote has been to remove lol but not sure why we can't just do it and Shaka if you search the forums this has been a topic every few months :). But definitely now would make sense to remove but in the meantime builders Inc leadership has instructed for a while now if we don't have enough people to invite public which we do but not sure then other 2 guilds in rotation.
  7. Players Advocate Role

    I have been back for over 1 year and lately been off and on but since I have met Mouli he has been nothing but a great person helping anyone he can and does not rest till he helps people. So I am suprised on the whole approach he has taken on the role. Perhaps just a mis understanding but you have come across as dictating stuff and not so much as someone who has here to help as advocate for the players. I believe he has good intentions on what he is doing but perhaps have to work on being more neutral and i think the whole rotation won't and get fixed by a single person and for sure not the advocate deciding on who and which guilds are in or out. It is true nobody wanted or was interested in position before he express interest on it. So perhaps we also being on hard on him but Mouli don't give people ammunition to hate on you. The posts i have read from you have been very hostile towards anyone who does not agree with you and that's not a good thing. I think you should take note on how old PA, Ben and Shadowalker only ones I know where PA and they are great communicators and talk and keep peace with community. I wasn't here when other PA where active. Either way this us just a game and perhaps we all take it way to serious lol. Ravina
  8. Wasted Triggers !

    Wow Mouli you give orders to GM and Dev now? Give it a rest and come down from imaginary throne you are not helping anything with situation dictating your orders what is wrong with you lol. I am ashamed i voted for you as PA. As you have posted you don't care about raiding and even in guild when we needed you it was hard to get you involved so leave the discussion to people that care for raids. My vote is remove the raid agreement it don't work anymore.
  9. Advocate nomination

    Mouli has many votes already why can't he be the adv since we all voted for him ? I say lets vote or how does it work ? Kyp has to post again or something
  10. Advocate nomination

    I vote Mouli
  11. Raid Rotation

    LOL nice you will take public troller as it's there turn
  12. Raid Rotation

    Yeah you are correct different browsers let you poll again. LOL just tried it well that ain't anti troll proof. Safari/chrome/Samsung browser each let me vote. Even with that I think still gives a bit of what majority of people think I guess.
  13. Raid Rotation

    Heh yeah I would agree lets see what we have in a week but yeah I was wrong not 3-4
  14. Raid Rotation

    Let's see what peoples Vote are to see really how many people are asking for change or just the 3-4 or if it's really big issue VOTE HERE CLICK Sorry to person who voted already please vote again as someone requested another option on poll Keep in mind I am not Builders Inc GM or have anything to do with other 2 but really if it's such a big issue lets vote and see what we have.
  15. Raid Rotation

    I agree maybe look at rotation changes or remove but the truth neither public or guilds have numbers. If the rotation was removed the same people that complaining here would be complaining that they never see Gobb or Troller cause they would not never see it. So frankly the complaining and crying getting annoying cause it's the same 3-4 people who complain. Pandatroll I have no idea who this person is but for sure all he has done or care about is forum trolling hard. If you crying about trigger take trigger and start a trigger war already and make the game fun :). But complaining about the same stuff over and over and blaming the rotation cause you bored of playing it's bull in my opinion.