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  1. whats the slash command to make a new guild leader
  2. Raiderman

    Zeke's Epic Builder/Miner Mission(s)

    see Marks at OMP vendor area down the ramp for building the comps as a Explore class
  3. Raiderman

    mail issue

    HI , I'm getting a full cargo bay error when I have open slots.. toons involved is raidermanpw and raiderspw. seem the device is stuck I'm getting same error message either way now.
  4. Raiderman

    Raid Rotations

    Thank you so far for the feed back ppl, I've always said if we don't have the ppl grab some ppl and get it done.. I myself don't get a lot of play time work, Family life, ETC..... I was trying to think of a way to pull the server together as a whole and create a more friendly playing time for all.. that is all..
  5. Raiderman

    Raid Rotations

    HI Everyone, Summer is here and with that and the low population of the server i think it might be time to put the Raid Rotation on hold. I'm thinking as the new month comes we make it FFA on all Raids coming forth till such a time a change needs to be placed in to keep order again.. PS Any other thoughts on this issue . please lets keep it simple and have fun out there everyone.. Raiderman
  6. Raiderman

    Raid Rotation Now Null And Void?

    HI Everyone , All Raid Rotations will stay as has been, for now ..I suggest a Guild Leader Meeting.. As of Right Now ..Static will host and Have the Gobb Raid come Sunday the 9th. before the turn on Monday. Until then. Raider out
  7. Raiderman

    Idea Of A Change To The Rotation

    works for me Monday at Noon it is
  8. HI Everyone ,    Here a thought. what do we all think of a Sunday 12 Midnight EST change to the turn for Rotation on Raids instead of Saturday Noon as it is Now... This is to give everyone a chance to set up a raid if they cant get in on one during the Week.. Raiderman Leader of Builders Inc.
  9. Raiderman


    The Warder has always been the best of the best. Bring your best  to the Warder and hope for the best...So bring your Best !!!! Cya there!!!  
  10. Raiderman

    Raidermans open raid

    Thanks Everyone,       Sorry about the short notice. I am glad it was fun and gear was shared. Efi hey thanks i wasn't expecting it back, but hey that's great i can make a Face and do a public Fishbowl for everyone with it. Also i hope others will do more of the same so that all can enjoy what the game has to offer.
  11. Raiderman

    New item suggestion

    A teleports device. no range limit, in sector only 
  12. Raiderman

    Login server down?

    Server Failed to respond to sector login.... im getting on my attempts to login......
  13. Raiderman

    Server Status (outdated)

    Poof there she goes
  14. Guild : Raiders Inc.   Founders Name: RaidermanPS