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  1. Cipher

    Music and private collections of

    The version of the WW engine E&B uses supports .mp3, .wav, and .ogg audio, and the game's sound assets are pretty distributed between the various formats. The in-game music is broken up into a few mp3 files packed into the sound mixfiles ({RegionRace}Wander{ID0}-{ID1}, ex: TerranWander01-1.mp3 packed into mixfile_sound_09). It is possible to replace this music with your own mp3 files in the mixfiles, but you cannot add additional music that was not already there; you can only replace existing tracks with your own. To do so you will need a tool that can unpack and repack, or simply edit-in-place the appropriate sound mixfiles. I am hesitant to release my/our tools for this but you may find similar tools in the RenegadeTools pack or other W3D tool packs (although I can't endorse the safety of any of them). Note: This is completely unsupported by the emulator and the development team. If you break something it is up to you to fix it. (But if you send me a private message I'm more than happy to help you fix what you broke!) If you decide to attempt this, please be aware that if an update touches a mixfile that you have edited, you will have to re-apply the change you made to the newly-updated mixfile. Space Music Battle Music Station Music Bonus Music!
  2. Cipher

    Help with screen rez

    It does not make a difference in this case.
  3. Cipher

    Help with screen rez

    Try this: Navigate to the EBCONFIG folder: <E&B Directory>/EBCONFIG Right click E&BConfig.exe and click properties. In the compatibility tab, click "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Window XP (Service Pack 2) in the drop-down menu. Click Apply then OK, then run E&BConfig.exe as Administrator.
  4. Cipher

    Sign in issue

    Try following my instructions from this post:
  5. Is any software on your system injecting any type of overlay into the game? (think Overwolf, Discord, TSNative, or any other overlay really). These overlays generally hook into WndProc and, in some cases, can actually crash programs as a result when alt-tabbing and if the UAC (think: Run as Administrator dialog) dialog shows up.
  6. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this on any of my systems so I am unable to debug this. If someone is experiencing this problem and knows their way around a debugger then please attach a debugger and try to get the crash to occur and message me the call stack at the time of the crash.
  7. Cipher

    forgot EA game log in password....

    Glad that it worked out for you. Don't hesitate to post back or send me a message if you run into any other problems. See you in space!
  8. Cipher

    forgot EA game log in password....

    I saw your post in another thread as well - It looks like you are trying to log in using your forum/net-7 username and password. Your forum/net-7 login is essentially your "master account". You need to make sure you are logging in using one of your game accounts, which each have their own username and password which is used to log into the game. You can see which characters are on which game accounts using the Account -> Avatar Transfer page on the portal. If you forgot the password to one of your game accounts, you can reset it by going to the Account -> Avatar Settings page on the portal, selecting the game account from the dropdown, and clicking Forgot Password.
  9. Cipher

    Merry Xmas 2018

    Merry Christmas everyone! Please stay safe
  10. Cipher

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    Content Developers, at least in the Emulator's case, use graphical tools that we have created to add content (such as missions, items, mobs, systems, etc) to the game. No programming experience is required to help out with content development, just the time and willingness. The Donation Tracker on the forums should be updating in real-time, this is not something that we have to update manually.
  11. Cipher

    Need Windowed and Full Screen help

    I believe what you're recalling is that people used to append "-NoClassRestrictions" to the Character Creator tool in order to create the new classes. This is no longer necessary though as the classes are available in the live client. Note that you need to use the arrows at the bottom of the Character Creation interface in order to reach them - I still need to deploy the update that adds the buttons to the interface
  12. Cipher

    Patcher can't connect to server

    As Stranks posted, you should point the Launcher to client.exe in the release folder of your E&B installation rather than E&B.exe. E&B.exe is the old original EA patcher and no longer does anything.
  13. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    I don't have any ASUS systems or hardware, nor do I have any software from them installed. Unfortunately it is difficult to identify/resolve conflicts caused by random software; and I do think that it would be strange for your problem to be caused by ASUS software since you did say that it still doesn't work on a clean install (assuming you tried before installing ASUS software). What software from ASUS do you currently have installed on the system(s) experiencing problems?
  14. Cipher

    Patcher can't connect to server

    Welcome to the Emulator! What is currently happening when you open the Launcher? Do you receive any error messages or does it just hang while trying to connect upon opening?
  15. Cipher

    Join us on Teamspeak!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. TeamSpeak pushed a client update without backward-compatibility with the 3.1.x servers meaning that people who update to the 3.2.x client will no longer be able to connect to servers that don't have the latest update. Hopefully we can get the server updated soon so that you'll be able to connect again.