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  1. Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    Yes, all of our services are currently experiencing intermittent network issues.
  2. Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    ISBoxer does not play well with EnB, but I have gotten in working in the past. What version of ISBoxer are you currently at? (Build of InnerSpace and ISBoxer)
  3. Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    That address should be now.
  4. Tradable items on Blockchain

    Glad to hear you seem to be doing well, Tienbau; I had concerns after not seeing you about for so long. Although I do find the concept of Ethereum tokens to be quite interesting, I personally don't see the value of such a system in the emulator, especially when you look at the amount of time and testing that would be required before it could be enabled and utilized on sunrise. Regarding your Tienbau account: if you still have access to the email address for the Forum account then you should be able to reset the password still.
  5. Win 10

    As Ravina stated - I haven't seen any issues with the game running on Windows 10 on any of my systems. One thing to note is if you need to use the E&BConfig utility, you will have to go into it's properties -> compatibility tab and set it to be compatible for WinXP or Win7 for it to work.
  6. TL;DR - Windows XP can no longer be supported by the Emulator due to it's age and limitations. Users still using Windows XP will find that they are no longer able to log into the Emulator. Simply put, Windows XP is very old now and no longer supports modern encryption ciphers which most certificates use. With Microsoft also dropping support for WinXP in 2014 and no official (from Microsoft) workarounds for this, we can no longer support Windows XP. Although third-party patches may exist to address this issue, they could cause significant security problems or be outright malicious and so we cannot and will not officially support them. If you cannot upgrade off of Windows XP for whatever reason but your system is capable of running a Virtual Machine well enough then you may have more luck getting the Emulator running in an VM (Win7 or later preferred), although we cannot guarantee good performance when doing so.
  7. Can't log into game

    As posted by Kyp above you; as Microsoft has dropped support for WinXP, so we have also. Windows XP lacks support for some modern encryption ciphers which certificates use now which prevent the client from being able to log in. Currently there is no supported (by us) workaround for this, sorry!
  8. Can't log into game

    Try following the various possible solutions I provided earlier in this thread. What operating system are you using?
  9. Can't log into game

    You have to log into the game in order to create a character. What problem are you experiencing exactly?
  10. Can't log into game

    I've seen this happen with other players using Windows XP although I only have a theory on what's causing the problem. From research that I have done, it would seem that many certificates no longer work on Windows XP, particularly those from LetsEncrypt which we are currently utilizing. I'm not sure there's really anything we can do about this until we find a workaround for XP users but I will try to figure something out to sort it out for you.
  11. Can't log into game

    What operating system are you using? I've only seen this behavior on systems running Windows XP lately.
  12. Can't log into game

    As Yinder brought up, you should make sure your local IP is set correctly in the launcher. If you run "ipconfig" in the command prompt, you should see a list of your adapters and ip addresses. You should be using the one for your primary Ethernet adapter. Alternatively, you can find the appropriate adapter in Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections, right click that adapter then Status -> Details
  13. server status

    In the future please keep reports like these to the official server status thread (available here). This helps keep the forums clean when multiple people go to post that they can't get on and allows us to stay subscribed to that thread and get notifications when there are problems. Thanks!
  14. It looks like your settings file for the launcher got corrupted somehow. To fix this, please navigate to the "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\LaunchNet7\LaunchNet7.exe_Url_1s3lfwn3oah0la3quxp3x5v4fyoq4mlz\\" folder then delete the file you see in that folder (should be named user.config). Once you have done this, the Launcher will recreate it with default values and you should have it working again. Note that it is normal for you to have to point it towards your EnB client again after deleting the file.
  15. Happened to notice that your response was posted on your profile rather than the thread. For archival purposes I will include your response here.