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  1. Cipher

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    Content Developers, at least in the Emulator's case, use graphical tools that we have created to add content (such as missions, items, mobs, systems, etc) to the game. No programming experience is required to help out with content development, just the time and willingness. The Donation Tracker on the forums should be updating in real-time, this is not something that we have to update manually.
  2. Cipher

    Need Windowed and Full Screen help

    I believe what you're recalling is that people used to append "-NoClassRestrictions" to the Character Creator tool in order to create the new classes. This is no longer necessary though as the classes are available in the live client. Note that you need to use the arrows at the bottom of the Character Creation interface in order to reach them - I still need to deploy the update that adds the buttons to the interface
  3. Cipher

    Patcher can't connect to server

    As Stranks posted, you should point the Launcher to client.exe in the release folder of your E&B installation rather than E&B.exe. E&B.exe is the old original EA patcher and no longer does anything.
  4. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    I don't have any ASUS systems or hardware, nor do I have any software from them installed. Unfortunately it is difficult to identify/resolve conflicts caused by random software; and I do think that it would be strange for your problem to be caused by ASUS software since you did say that it still doesn't work on a clean install (assuming you tried before installing ASUS software). What software from ASUS do you currently have installed on the system(s) experiencing problems?
  5. Cipher

    Patcher can't connect to server

    Welcome to the Emulator! What is currently happening when you open the Launcher? Do you receive any error messages or does it just hang while trying to connect upon opening?
  6. Cipher

    Join us on Teamspeak!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. TeamSpeak pushed a client update without backward-compatibility with the 3.1.x servers meaning that people who update to the 3.2.x client will no longer be able to connect to servers that don't have the latest update. Hopefully we can get the server updated soon so that you'll be able to connect again.
  7. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    My apologies, I was in a bit of a hurry when I saw this thread was updated and didn't have time to properly read through the thread before responding. Some research shows that exceptions / access violations being thrown directly from wkscli are actually quite rare, but can be caused by Explorer Shell Extensions (you can use ShellExView to see what extensions are enabled) or from security software (Antivirus/malware/etc), which you have stated is disabled. The fault offset from the E&BConfig error leads us into the _output subroutine of the *printf functions and can't really be used to diagnose the problem without a call stack or trace. (Note that E&BConfig is the original config tool that released with the game, we have no part in creating it and no access to the source code) You seem to have indicated that this happens for you even if you try installing/running on a clean Windows installation?
  8. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    E&B Config generally needs to have it's compatibility mode set to around Windows XP SP2 for it to run on W8 or later. To change the Compatibility mode for E&B Config: Right click the file Click Properties Open the Compatibility tab Ensure that 'Run this program in compatibility mode' is checked Select Windows XP SP2 if available, or Windows Vista if WinXP is not available. I have a few other questions: What is the hostname shown in the Server Host field on the launcher? It should be sunrise.net-7.org Does the Launcher show you how many players are online under the Host dropdown? Have you verified that your local IP is still correct in the Launcher after reinstalling? As a side note, I would recommend running the Windows System File Checker: Open the Command Prompt w/ Administrator privileges Run "sfc /scannow"
  9. Ensure that your Local IP is set correctly under 'Debug' on the launcher after installing VirtualBox.
  10. Cipher

    E&B unplayable

    I'm very sorry that so many of you are experiencing this problem, we'll definitely try to get this resolved as soon as we can.
  11. Cipher

    E&B unplayable

    You can use any file upload service that will accept the file and link it here or link it in a private message to me. One such service you might use is mega.nz
  12. Cipher

    E&B unplayable

    If you can get this to happen again, then could you create a memory dump before closing the process? You can do so by right-clicking the process in task manager then clicking 'Create dump file'. The file will probably be close to 100MB.
  13. Cipher

    Microsoft buys Github

    Seems that a lot of people are jumping ship and headed for GitLab and one or two others. I think I'll do the same. For what it's worth, GitLab has a feature to automagically migrate your GitHub repos over to GitLab.
  14. Cipher

    Cant log in.

    I've moved this to a more appropriate section of the Forums. We haven't, at least to my knowledge, had any reports of people not being able to log into the game in the way that you are describing. In case you decide to give it another try (and I would definitely recommend reaching out for help rather than just giving up, that's what we're here for): Was Megan telling you that your user/pass were incorrect, were you experiencing an INV-300, or was there another problem? If you were being told that your user/pass were incorrect, are you sure that you were logging in with a game account and not your net-7 / master account?
  15. Cipher


    Welcome home! If you run into any issues please don't hesitate to let us know. Hope to see you in space.