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  1. I'll check this out tomorrow and let you know when it's back up, sorry for the trouble!
  2. Is this a new issue on the PTR or are you experiencing this on Sunrise as well? None of the code around any of that was changed so it would be very very strange if it's unique to the PTR.
  3. May 24th - 1:00 AM EST Fixed a problem with the PTR project getting corrupted after changing user accounts. The server should now be back online after a very extended downtime (I'm sorry!)
  4. Hey all - the PTR server is back online as of now; I sincerely apologize for the very extended downtime. I had (and still do really) a lot of stuff going on but I should be able to stay on top of things a bit more easily now. If you have any problems getting back in then please let me know.
  5. Very sorry all, life got really crazy for me very suddenly (nothing really bad). I should have some free time to actually get this fixed tonight.
  6. It's been offline the past day and a half or so; it broke due to a software bug after a configuration change and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. I'll work on getting it back up today. Sorry about that!
  7. Fixed the bug when rendering the embedded topics, let me know if you still see it bug out on your end.
  8. Hmm alright, I'll look into this tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Oh dear; I'm not seeing this but perhaps others are? Try changing the Theme (at the very very bottom of the Forums) to something different then back to Default.
  10. That's pretty wild; happy that you didn't have any errors or glitches too. Thank you for running that!
  11. Proxy failed to connect to server to perform sector login. Although I haven't seen this happen in any PTR testing so far and have no reason to believe that it's a server problem, I went ahead and added a bit of extra logging server-side. Thanks!
  12. Replied back to this question in your thread in the PTR section. Unfortunately, the launcher/proxy used to access the Play server are incompatible with changes made on the PTR. When we move the PTR update to the Sunrise/Play server we will also be pushing an update to the Launcher and Proxy.
  13. Unfortunately the changes made to the PTR server are incompatible with the Launcher and Proxy used to access the normal server. When we move the new PTR code into production/Sunrise we will also be pushing an update to the Launcher and proxy at the same time.
  14. Hmm okay, I may have missed an exception handler for connection drops, I'll look at this today. Thanks for the update.
  15. Hmm, if this happens again attach the proxylog.dat file from your PTR Server folder to this thread and I'll try to figure out what caused the crash. Thanks!
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