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  1. I could not fix the clicks with two screens running. :-( I only multiboxed when I had the 1080p tv attached (and left my optimus laptop internal screen deactivated when playing like this). I've since stopped playing EnB for now. Good luck!
  2. Just copied the URL from the youtube address bar (i.e. youtube .com/watch?v=xyz) , it then auto.transforms it into an embed after a second (using Opera/Chrome). Only issue is that if you already have text after the link, it might get removed by the embed. Didn't test on the 2nd screen yet, will do once I have time again.
  3. So after trying out the different versions of AHK & reinstalling 1.1, messing around in the files I've got it to work. Still have to confirm it also works when the second screen is connected (when I got it to work I was away from the 2nd screen with my laptop). If it works I'll diff my files and see what made it break for me. About OBS: Its more for streaming than just recording. If you intend to stream, get the OBS-FTL variant so you can do low-latency streaming to Mixer (it has miliseconds of stream delay over the ~10 seconds that Twitch has) (https://watchbeam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000638643-Streaming-With-OBS-FTL) Alternatively if you just want to upload to Youtube and have an Intel i5 or i7 CPU that's 3rd gen core-i or newer, use QuickSync H.264 as Encoder (unless you are using the FTL settings for lowest latency). This will give you better quality/size than Nvidia Shadowplay combined with low CPU & hard disk usage. Plus it saves you time as you don't need to re-encode if you were saving it with a lower, fast compression. Tweak ICQ Quality till you are happy with the details quality. Just for capturing, I think using MSI Afterburner is much easier. Ingame just hit the record keybind, press again to stop. No setting up scenes, capture modes in OBS etc. MSI Afterburner also supports QuickSync via "configure external Plugin" then picking QSV.dll on the list. /OT
  4. Thanks, I'll try your the alternative, tho I really doubt that would be the issue. Because it seems you can click in the login screens of your alts fine, while I can't. Something is intercepting my clicks. (I've also tried different variants of left mouse down followed by sending a left mouse up, none of the mouse down events are received by the client, while mouse up plays a sound effect on ui elements and causes them to flicker for a couple of milliseconds) I've screen capped the character selection screen of EnBAlt* window with OBS. This is me first trying to click on "Edison" twice via the button using my mouse, then on the character itself, then back to the button tapping left on my mousepad. The EndMain window works without issue. I've not interfered at all with the startup, basically not touching my mouse&keyboard till the "script done" window popped up. Tho I think that it might be some issue with AHK itself. Just to check.. what flavor of AHK are you using? Cause there seem to be three different flavors that might not be all that compatible to each other. Maybe I'm just trying to run your script with the wrong version...? I've tried it with AHK 1.1.2600 (Unicode-64bit install option) on win10x64. PS: AHK 1.0 & 2.0a both throw different errors when trying to run the scripts with it so I guess ahk 1.1 was correct.
  5. The site is still up, it's just a typo in the link (remove the trailing dot). It's not a temporary outage: The link has a dot in the URL after the ".html" that's why it claims to be broken. Remove the dot and it'll work for everybody. :-)
  6. That was an important bit. So it almost works for me now, just one issue I have is that selecting&thus logging in the character is not really possible, I can't seem to get through the character selection screen since the game won't accept any Mouseclicks into the alt-windows (And I don't think there is a keymapping to select the character itself aside from clicking on it). Any help with that? Edit: It looks like the click event somehow does not "stick" in the client... when either I manually click on the name button it only flickers for a few miliseconds. Same if I tell AHK to do something like this: AltClick(TheAlt) { local lX,lY IfWinExist , %TheAlt% { CoordMode, Mouse, Client MouseGetPos, lX,lY WinActivate, %TheAlt% ClickOnWindow(%TheAlt%,473,225) ; Manually added the X/Y for char slot 4 here for now. Sleep 500 WinActivate, EnBMain MouseMove, lX, lY } } Ill see the cursor in my Alt1 window move to the right spot, see the button of Char4 flicker and even get to hear the MouseUp sound. Tho no camera move and selection of the character. :-/ IDK if that has to do with how the second client is started, since no mouseclicks are recieved by it, even if I kill the AHK script and the Main client. If I manually start two clients with the same Net7MultiClientUnlocker.exe (running net7config in between both clients to set the right res & have them on the right monitors) and without the AHK scripts - no issues with clicks on either client.
  7. Just stumbled over this post looking how to multi box after many years of absence from the game. (it's so useful to have a packmule accompanying you on mixed mining trips) Still haven't tried out yet, as I still need to find a working download for the Net7MultiClientUnlocker, but the whole AHK and Logitech hotkey setup looks really, really sweet and elegant. And this is coming from somebody who worked in software test automation I have the Logitech MMO mouse and was already quite happy after setting up a macro to enter the client password for me, because damn am I tired of Megan telling me "I'm sorry, your log-in information wasn't accepted..." Thank you for sharing this and sharing it so clearly and well documented!
  8. A map marker in radar detection range of players near the the gate, that is located near the anomaly (labled "sensor anomaly" or something) would be of great help for new players to get their bearings. The difficulty of the first 10 levels of PP versus the other classes is immense, mostly because there is more stuff for people to figure out for themselves, without any in-lore hints (next issue would be the "suicidal critters" mission that also lacks this hint and has that 20 minute time limit that will even more frustrate and stress players that they'll just give up after 5 minutes of warping to nearby navs and then ask in chat). Edit: Woops, sorry for necroing.
  9. For now we'll both start out as PS to do the Sentinel newbie areas together. I might switch and level on of my other characters afterwards, depending how it goes. My PS is Lafiel My PP is Edison My PW is Taeromfurium My TT is Ean
  10. Fantastic! Here is hoping that this Biostruct are not too expensive to be used before reaching endgame (ability to acquire needed components&cash fast). Cause I know I will like to use it a couple of time before even reaching OL80 :-) So far my thinking is that we'd either playing same race units, perhaps PS/PP & PW combo or TE & TT or I dual something like a JE (for WH/Mining) & TE (Combat and selling stuff) while she goes for PW or PS (since it can mine, iirc self-jumpstart and still has decent firepower). I loved the low-sig sneaking & ninja-mining as a JE (and lesser degree the sneak/hunting-warfare of JDs) but I don't really think we'll be able to do this effectively in co-op since it needs good situational awareness, which you only get by playing the game for more time. What are the thoughts on the TS or PP tho? Most guides I've found so far don't have the PP & TS classes. When I played the PP it seemed to have extremely good firepower for a "Trader" allowing for a nice mix of trading and pew pew. Also I figure the PP could be really useful making higher quality ammunition for a PW. The question there is how quickly would we outlevel the ammo types in relation to the effort of getting good quality recipes. Is there a point or is this near endgame stuff? Are there tons of player around willing to trade low-mid level ammo against fair amounts of ore&cash for example? About the TS, I remember playing it and liking its look, that it was quite fast, but I think it might otherwise be a little lackluster and not too useful aside from building engines when compared to the PP, JE or a PS...
  11. Thanks for the helpful responses everybody! Good food for thought. I've just reinstalled and loaded up the game on one of our machines to try and remember what gameplay for the various classes was like. Looks like there was a wipe since 2012 and all of my toons were reset to lvl 0 and all items lost. Fresh start, then. At least I don't have to go through the character creator again. :-) There is still no way to reset invested skill points of a toon, right? (i.e. free up skill points from energy weapons to put more points into missles on a TE, or not waste points on a skill that you've found out you don't really use/find useful) Don't want us to stop playing because somebody gets annoyed after skilling him/herself into a dead end...
  12. Hey! After a long hiatus from EnB I'd like to give it a try with my GF after we are done playing through Avorion. I'm looking for a suggestion what classes to pick, so we can team up most of the time with good synergy (i.e. our class-specific missions will lead us to similar (near-ish areas) so we'll have similar progression, while at the same time being able to make use of more of the loot we find. (i.e the PWs gets first pick on the projectiles and the JD the energy beams) Since in our Borderlands 2 playthrough she's been playing Maya & me Axton I've probably had to res her 50x more than the other way around, I was thinking she could do some good berserking in a PW (or fuck it, just give her a JS and she can do the self-jumpstarting - if that's actually a thing, it's been so long!). I personally enjoyed playing a TE and JE back in 2002, but the TT (tho expensive), PP & TS were fun too when I tried Net7 some time ago (however I think I got a little stuck with the PPs progression at some point either it was a bug, or was pushed to do some player interaction to trade for a engine - can't remember :-) ). If I remember correctly, for the first 20 or so levels it's sorta hard to get to each other when you are from a different race (and in the first few levels/starting system even different class), right? I might still have some lvl 20-40 toons unless they got wiped for no logging in for 2+ years, so in that case I could resurrect one of those toons for the first hour or-so of easing into the game. I've never maxed any toon in EnB. Is there anything I should be aware of so we'll have a fun playthrough of the two questlines? We are just looking to casually play a dozen of hours or per week and go kill/farm some critters and not looking for a guild or to hardcore go raiding. Thanks for your advice!
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