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  1. Lquan

    Volunteering -- wanted? how to?

    Kyp ... "content developers" doesn't communicate much to me. There are a profusion of languages, database systems and scripting tools out here. Plus graphic tools. I can't even find a link to which ones EnB uses. I'm retired and income is fixed plus somewhat scant -- limits my donations. What I do have is time. And a bit of willingness. Might be that our game could use some added ingame publicity regarding the need for donations, too [when was the donation tracker last updated?] --- what comm channels to us players are available for that?
  2. Seems that many of our esteemed DEVs, GMs, and web fellows are volunteers who donate their time. What I don't see is how more folk can volunteer ... and what skills are needed. {this has confined my activities to improving the wiki ...}
  3. Lquan

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    re: these Forums It seems that the "sort by" mechanism [upper right of main page] does not work. I'm using Firefox [don't think it matters] and the "last update" and "reply date" choices appear to do nothing
  4. Lquan

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    seems to me that the process for new players starting up with EnB is unclear from the web portal access. Suggest a new icon/entry [on the master net-7.org webpage] to further page(s) titled "Getting Started". Within this the usual suspects could be listed: link to download/install instructions, multi-boxing setup instructions, link to and discussion of the wiki, link to the most used EnB maps, etc.
  5. Lquan

    V'rix -- too difficult [Oct 2018 plus]

    I'm talking about the pre-EA intended vision of the then independent DEVs. I could be wrong -- I wasn't one of them and thus have to rely on my memories of what they said back 16 or so years ago. My guild [whose name I have forgotten] was unofficially allied to that of the DEVs -- we helped them in testing various features of EnB. [For example; I distinctly recall that it was possible to build a Progen capital ship in Mars at what is now the construction site and for a player(s) to pilot it.]
  6. one of my lesser toons just had a disconnect while in a system without a station. When he logged back in, I found that the arbitrary spot the server placed him in the system was in the middle of a mob ... who promptly tried to slaughter him. I think this is too much ... and unfair. I didn't voluntarily disconnect; server dropped me. Putting me into the middle of a likely or certain 'death' is a bit much. *** I suggest that the default location for player placement when the server/client didn't save the player's location be changed to a neutral location in each system without a station. [I think, in systems with a station, the default location is just outside the station -- which works fine everywhere except Primus Planet.] {This actually happened in Odin Rex ... and the location was near the Chavez Camp. I recall it happening in similarly difficult location in other systems but didn't make note of it at the time.} {How to replicate ... I was making a wormhole to another system when I was dropped -- old location was gone from where ever it gets saved butt the new location (weft) wasn't enabled since I'd not yet gotten there.} Cheers
  7. We players notice that trying to play solo as a Progen has become excessively difficult due to the V'rix infestation of first Primus and our shipyard and now the west side undock area at Arx Spartoi [Endriago]. All Progen need to periodically upgate their hulls and having a pod of six high level V'rix sometimes atop the shipyard quickly becomes frustrating. Similarly, all Progen have some skill missions operating out of Arx Spartoi .. having the undock from Altair gate, the Genetic Repository, and the Lagarto gate camped with six CL 40 V'rix who all respond to aggression as a team, is similarly frustrating. After three to six times being incapacitated, Progen players who lack multiple high level alts might tend to quit the game in frustration. If possible, I suggest that the level of the V'rix be scaled [AI?] to the level of the player ... maybe twenty percent lower than the best player in the local group. This would present a challenge without it being impossible. *** I know we're following the guide path laid out by the original DEVs. And I know that overall game play wasn't so compelling that huge numbers of people paid for the game. This suggests that the original DEV vision wasn't the best ... And thus, that we can and should deviate from it in the interests of playability.
  8. Lquan

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    interesting ... very interesting. I unpinned the taskbar icon [right-click] and then made a new one from the desktop shortcut [after verifying that the shortcut does indeed point to "LaunchNet7.exe" and I'm back in. Sadly, I failed to test before doing this if the problem still existed this morning [24 August], so I'm not sure if I fixed anything, or if my ISP did it, or if there was some server side change that did the trick. Y'all might try again without my little taskbar fix -- if you still have the issue, then we'll know that my fix did it (at least for me). {idea: what could have happened -- the taskbar shortcut was accidentally disconnected from the Net 7 launcher by some process [automated disk cleanup program?] and then reconnected to the old EA launcher. I had forgotten that such cleanup programs run on my machine once every few months at startup -- could have been yesterday.} [hmm ... related idea -- what if we recycled the old EA launcher entirely? Would that interfere with the Net 7 launcher?]
  9. Lquan

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    I also pinged sunrise ... took an average of 20 ms ... all four pings worked fine. [of course, i'm only about 400 km from the server.]
  10. between last night and today, with no known changes to my system, I get following message when I try to log in ==> "EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300)" net-7 website comes up just fine, as do other websites. Forums seem to work. Looks like I can do anything I want on the Internet, except play E&B. {Obviously, EA.com does exist. It is at ... I have no idea why the emulator launcher might be trying to reach EA.com ... unless the script for this error hasn't been changed and it should be referring to the address of the emulator instead of EA.com} cheers [I'll check back in a day or three] -- Lquan and 30 other 'toons
  11. Lquan

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    yes, I also have this. I'd guess that the web interface to the game database is having issues
  12. Lquan

    Rebooting the economy

    I'm a slacker ... only one L 150 JE so far. Like Thuvia, I have mules for multiple purposes. Mostly it's convenient. I have other 'toons building up slowly -- as each tops out, I turn to building. But, in order to build, I first must have the item to analyze ... so my mules save a few of each item as I loot them so that my designated builders, when they reach the target level, can analyze them. And yes, I have ore mules as well ... their function is to feed ores to ammo builders as they need them, plus to component builders as they need them [unless I happen to have the component in stock ... too many possibles to do that for all but the most commonly used]. And, being naturally thrifty, and a JE, I also have a girl who saves materials that can be turned in to npcs for standing gains. Never know when I might get the bug to go to der Todesengel and to do that, my 'toon would have to improve standing with the Bogies. *** Not to speak too much about another game [horrors!] and EVE Online started their market system with npcs buying AND selling ores. One bit is that EVE has far fewer refined minerals ... which automatically makes the buy/sell action more concentrated. EVE's free market prices are now well above what npcs will pay to buy minerals in and npcs selling minerals was phased out long ago. They do adjust their economy [and ore spawn rates] several times a year.
  13. Lquan

    enable Arrojar Array

    with the Progen Republic taking steps to actively oppose the V'rix, I suggest that it is time to enable the Arrojar Array [which I recall from live]. For those unknowing, anyone who had completed the Array's explore mission could use it by entering the code learned in the mission; it acted as an accelerator to instantly move your ship to the vicinity of the Gate to Roc [now called R4c in V'rix-speak]. In the spirit of enabling anyone who wants to fight the V'rix go out to R4c, I suggest making the criteria to get the mission that enables the accelerator something like: 1. Sabine Explorer faction > +5000 2. V'rix faction < -5000 3. OL > 100 [or CL > 30] 4. [implied] 'toon's race immaterial thereafter, I'd simply have the Array work like other accelerators -- faction [Sabine] must be > +2000 [green] to access
  14. Lquan

    Running Windows 10, game wont start up

    EBConfig has to be run in Windows XP [sp3] compatibility mode
  15. 30 sept. cookie not working here. have to log in each day -- used to be that the cookie allowed me to just navigate to www.net-7.org and i was automatically logged in. not a big deal, just annoying since I know it used to work over days and days just fine. I did change my forum name to that of my best known character somewhen before this began to happen ... is that related?