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  1. Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl, preferably bacon.
  2. I use my TT a lot in battle.  I use a tangs Alacrity for the shield recharge skill and a TA9 for hull patch skill. Most just want you to keep there hulls up and with the TA9 you can spam HP every 2 secs. There is a lvl 8 ML that has the same HP buff it is a funnel weaver I think.
  3. It would be nice to have for JE, PS, and TS, the ability to give yourself enough juice to JS yourself when dead with no reactor. I was thinking a one time use device or a device you had to bring to a NPC get it recharged. 
  4. A invulnerability device. When equipped if your hull drops below 25% it would give you 30 seconds of invulnerability.  
  5. I remember the ones in Endriago that's how my PS got his rd faction in the old live.  Seems like they were around the repository though.
  6. Nice.  Thank you for sharing.
  7. Have fun and enjoy your vacation!
  8. Login server seems to be down.
  9. [quote name='Sirious' timestamp='1335437344' post='57068'] Retired USMC GySgt...small town in Eastern NC USA, near a small town called Jacksonville; home of MCB CLNC, the Carolina MAGTF and Forces in Readiness! One of my SSgt's was playing the Beta for this weird little space mmo, started playing after it went Live when I needed a distraction during med leave from back surgery...anyway, Han's Dynasty (Outstanding Guild on Orion-sorry Pest, et al...), A.W.O.L. and finally GSX Elite at Sunset. Absolutely amazed at the work of the DEV's to bring this much-beloved game back; and as always-EA Sux! Siriouser Sends [/quote] I was in both those guilds. I had a buddy named Nairb we played together a lot. Good to see you!
  10. Thanks Kyp, Merry Christmas and a big thank you to the Emulator Team for a great year!!!
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