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  1. Good day folks is anyone else having issues logging into the wiki ? I keep getting an error message about wrong password, but it's the same login I've always used.
  2. Thank you Arthur for the offical word on this I knew something was bugged...... lol everyone i talked to kept telling they are there just wait. Happy to know it's FUBAR and will be addressed in the next patch so people doing the mission can stop banging their heads agaist a wall :unsure:   Many thanks to all the commentors that tried to help :)
  3. Thanks Holyman...............lol problem is i  see the Enforcers but they are CL 51 don't see no CL 52's...see 47's 48's 49's 50's and 51's ????
  4. Sorry gents have tried all suggested here and i still see no commanders...flying directly to the base don't seem to trigger them, and have sat and waited to see if they show up for an hour  (which you shouldn't have to wait for a mission spawn) can someone please check this.....could the mission be bugged after the last patch maybe ?? is this part of the mission working for antone ?   thanks for the help
  5. I dropped the mission and started again and did as you said, and warpped stright to the base and it still did not trigger...???
  6. Hello   I've done all the steps and am at the kill 12 chavez commanders part, most noteably this part ....(at the chavez HQ after activating by speaking with nav at appropriate time) there is no speech bubble at the base nav to talk to.....so how do i activate/trigger the commanders to come out ? am'I spouse to talk to the base nav or another nav ??   I got this info from the wiki here......   ((7. Gather friends/mercenarys to help you with the "6 Man Ecounter" at the chavez HQ after activating by speaking with nav at appropriate time. (You will need a healer... a Terran Enforcer helps a lot with area hack))   and yes i'am with a group :-))   Thanks for any help with this.
  7. Aftar this mornings patch I noticed grapichical bugs on some items in cargo and my vault (see screen shots below)   [attachment=3186:Graphic Error 5.jpg]   [attachment=3181:Graphic Error 1.jpg]   [attachment=3182:Graphin Error 2.jpg]   [attachment=3183:Graphin Error 3.jpg]   [attachment=3184:Graphin Error 4.jpg]        
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