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  1. I'm pretty sure I was bongangel haha. Oh college.
  2. How is the towing cost calculated? I got hit by a $2.1m tow fee last night when I was towed within the same area. That left me pretty penniless so I'd like to avoid it :)
  3. I"m having some trouble understanding this skill. I am a Terran Enforcer and I have level 3 of Repair Equipment but when I use it, it does NOTHING.   I have targeted myself and tried and I see no improvement. The hull level stays the same and all my equipment individually already says 100%.   I have targeted a group member and the effect is the same - nothing happens. Am I missing something?
  4. NEVER MIND!!!! I totally forgot that Kagiso's message pops up in that darn Messages tab when you get close to her!   I'll leave this up in case it helps somone else out.
  5. #3 will NOT trigger for my husband. He says he talked to her already and she didn't give him any additional missions. Now he's level 29 with no missiles! I can't figure out how to get it to trigger.
  6. My lovely husband didn't read his missions and has somehow lost his way.   He has done a lot of missions for Lt Raine, received a hull upgrade, made Lt, got hacking from Zembenio, and somehow completely lost the track to getting missiles.   He says he delivered the message from Raine to Kagiso at Nav Luna Hub but says he din't get anything after that. Now he's level **29** and doesn't have missiles. He basically got to 29 by just murdering things because he's mostly a FPS player and that's what he does :)   I just walked him through going to Jagerstadt to get projectiles and we went back to Luna to try to prompt that mission sequence for missiles but can't seem to get it going. Kagiso won't talk to him anymore and we don't know where to prompt that mission line.   I tried searching everywhere online but most of the newbie guides are different than what the missions actually are now so we're still pretty lost. After an hour of searching I thought perhaps you fine folks could help us out.
  7. I have forgotten damn near everything from when I originally played but I do remember I loved it. Obviously, I loved it so much that I thought about it 10yrs later and googled it. :) Now I'm hooked. I haven't built a new computer in about 6 years so all my equipment is pretty outdated and it limits my ability to play games. It was extra awesome to find this up since my crappy 2009 laptop is still alien technology as far as 2004 is concerned so it uses less resources than Firefox ;)
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