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  1. Kurigan


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!!!!!  :D  :D   :D  :thumbsup:
  2. sooooooooo guys fron the DEV team? um trick or treat? lol happy halloween? punkin chunkers and eyeball poppers for all?
  3. So any Devs able to confirm if we will see this soon and or when or if it is just not doable this year?
  4. not sure if this is the correct place to ask but here is my question. when can we expect to be able to get the chunkers and eyeball poppers again? some of us dont have them as of yet.  is this still doable?  :(
  5. Kurigan


    You know, im kinda mixed on this, i hear both sides and yet agree with both sides. but.... when i was a part of the staff (I dont see my inactive or former credentials who cares) our goal and thoughts were to bring enb to her former glory and once that was done maybe continueing the story beyond what we (me you all of us) seen in live... meaning we had no intent of changing her orriginality but adding to her later on. i feel it should be what it was in live, always did. now mind you the current DEVs for the most part (about 95%) i dont know them they were not a part of the team then. so i dont know what they wish to birth to her (enb), however i take my hat off to you guys, hell of a great job you have done us all proud id say. before i left we did speak of making a slight modification and this would effect the economy in enb, credit sincs etc etc and ive seen some of these very sincs im betting no else has lol.thats about the only non live extent of modification we plotted. but lets be realistic, would i myself like to see the warder on a trigger or the like? unofficially? no. it wasnt that way in live. officially? for the majority of the people? sure why not.. for those who "camp" it think of it this way brothers and sisters, aint got nothin to lose. i suppose it wouldnt be so bad in truth my only peeve is it wouldnt be the same.   Your friend and fellow pilot Kurigan
  6. This is what happend when you tweek a dinosaur desktop to run EnB when its not supposed to be able to. lol [attachment=989:ScreenShot01.jpg] this reminds me of when we were running around in stations and many things ingame didnt function. kinda miss spawning mobs for people lol. just thought id cause a giggle. the desctop is a pre enb hp 128mb ram barly 1.1 grz cpu n a 16 bit integrated graphic chip n 32gig hard drive lol
  7. [quote name='Rotgus' timestamp='1312831279' post='44332'] Bath - check brush teeth - check cloths washed and put away - check house cleaned - check spend money at the store - check Play E&B - <cry> [/quote] lol true story!!
  8. This was posted in the other thread but im posting it here for those who dont read the other. Realy? Come on now, were better than this...... First let me reintroduce myself so those of you who dont know me get a lil idea as to who I am, the name you see so no point in going there. I was a part of the content DEV team when things started cooking. It was Kenu and I along with a few others who were going through all the weapon, reactor, engine and device effects sounds and the like. Later we updated the value of items lvl ect ect. Later we moved on to sectors and the things you see in them starbases navs planets mobs etc etc. Due to personal reasons I stepped down after a little over a year of volunteering time and came back several times and did tidbits of things you all enjoy now. I (lil over a year ago) attempted a comeback and it yet again didnt go far. However... Theres a quick view of the past. Now about the BB, DT isnt even an open sector so it should of never been a part of the EMU yet imo. Now befor you go barkin hear me out. I am a PW and no PW should be without the BB and for dang sure have it printed (Wich I do not have it or ammo printed). The mission done to print it was NOT in live and again imo should not have been. Remember this IS an emulation of live (with some extras) and should for the most part remain that way. Bickering about an item in game is realy pointless imo. It wont solve nothing (on either side of the fence). They wont leave it out, it IS a drop from DT and its goons that live there. So why not be patient and wait for DT to be brought back? Keep in mind this team IS voluntary, if they didnt take time out of there PERSONAL lives the EMU would NOT exist. Now I understand your point on the topic, dont read me wrong. Put it in take it out was kinda, well silly on there part. But it was fun for those that did it. Now everyone wants in on it. Well that is kinda like wanting to see the sphinx get built in Egypt. It aint gunna happen. It shoulda never been to start with imo but it happend and thats the end of it, water under the bridge..... Now Im sorta new to this ADV thing, seems like the ADV is more or less the DEVs eyes n ears for reedback from the community. (wich I thought was what the forum was for) But the ADV I suppose would save them from having to literaly read a novel in the forums! lol Bustin his chops isnt gunna fix things either. He did what he was supposed to do. Thats all he was able to do. Im sure he cant just add something because someone says it should be. Know what I mean vern? lol Most of the players Ive met seem to be good people. The DEVs Ive worked with are a piller of our community and are great people as well. Needless to say they all have my respect and a online kinship. While the gamer in me has a respect and kinship to all other players in OUR ("our" being the DEV's and players alike) game. EnB has risen from the ashes left from EA's burning our "home away from home". That being said let it evolve and grow as it will and does. The DEV's got it this far, let them KEEP doing it the way they are. Personaly I think its great. Now that Ive given my view on this topic I hope it will be a vibe of good nature and in a small part helps to open a few eyes and ice any stress or anger. The BB will be back it aint going anywhere.
  9. Agreed could well be a bug due to the # of toons doing it all near at once.
  10. is here n there but everywhere!!!!!!

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