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  1. I Recommend Getting your friend to go with O-gun's from L3 MLs til L5 ML's model X / Y /Z Shields - Nova Reactors - and a Rada for device for plasma debuff
  2. So I've just returned to the game about a week ago, and have noticed I DC about every 25-30mins or so on ATLEAST 1 of the characters I have online. Also don't get me started on crashing when I'm gating/Docking. I DC doing anything Combat, Waiting at a Gate or Station for group members, Gating, Docking. Happens with 1 avatar online or with 6. More times than not its a DC were I'm required to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and have to try and pick which client is the one that is DC'd and more times than not I End up closing all the open clients and restarting the game fully. I Guess with me posting this im just hoping there is some settings I can change or something that I'm unaware of.. my System specs are def more than capable to handle the game so not sure NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Phantom gaming (Board) 16GB RAM intel Core i7 If anyone has any suggestions on setting i can try to change via launcher or net7.config / EBConfig please let me know. thanks, Rorshock
  3. I Can do Alot of builds for progens shields, also almost anything a young terran would need, please private message me what your needing and ingame names. And i will get with you about everything.. my In-game names are - Rorshock / Avaxen / Partlow / Globe / Karm
  4. Very nice welcome to the Game Which race/class ddi you decide to start with?
  5. Wanted to start playing again, but it seems every time i look at the numbers of online players there is no more than 15 connections
  6. Hello EnB Community, I Didn't think I would be writing this post at anytime in the future atleast in a relitive near future.. I Post with bad news, Some people know me from when Brack and I played actively alot, some dont... I'm the son of Brack (his main character name ingame) Sadly the past few months have been very hard for the family, Brack passed away on 4/21/2019 due to natural reasons, I have so many fond memories playing this game and the Emulator with my Dad. was the first MMO he ever let me play and loved it. He taught me everything I know about EnB. Sorry to dump bad news into the community. but thought any of the friends He's made on here deserve to know aswell.
  7. I was a member of A99 as well, my name back than was Close (150 pw) Solex (150 je) Just found this emu and working on installing
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