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  1. I know i saw somewhere how to solve my issue. Just reloaded the game on a w7 laptop, but, when i try to launch , i get the message Incompatible version of net7proxy. Latest version is 2.4.2...(i have version 1.9.9)   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. got the 3 parts, went back to planet Arduinne, went to the lab nav and i cant get the convo bubble to appear...
  3. hi installed windows 10 today, wasnt aware u had found a work around for win 8.1, anyways, i tried to follow your directions, im not very computer smart. I got the game to load a couple times, even though it was only 3/4 of my screen size. i couldnt get end config to work, was trying to do the performance test, kept getting an error. I deleted everything and started over, now, when i try to login, as soon as i hit enter, i get dumped right back to desktop. I will try all this again on the weekend, will try to have other laptop running, maybe i will get lucky and u will be on to assist me with the new os. You have been very helpful to me in the past.
  4. well, i tried debug launch, and, it seems to have solved my issue...
  5. hi, im trying to log in. I was playing last night without any issues. Now Im getting a INV-300. Seems maybe my local IP addy is wrong. How do I go about changing it. I know the game is online since there isn't anybody really on this forums site. Any help would be appreciated :)
  6. failed to connect to the global server...
  7. well, i still cant get back in past the galaxy map, and, ive tried several times...
  8. did it just go boom as i logged in?
  9. Dont know if this has been posted before, but, when i set up my signatures, my TS sig doesnt want to seem to update :( Any suggestions? Plus, no guild is showing for the TS either.
  10. hope they keep santa around for a couple more days...
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