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  1. Up until a couple days ago, I didn't have any issues logging my main three terran toons in. Last night, I couldn't log three of my toons in. Mindy, Sandyte and Manfredts. I am lucky if I can get them past the galaxy loading screen. If I do, they freeze or lockup right after getting into the game. I had a friend try and log them, and he had a lot of trouble. So, I don't think this is necessarily on my end. I did try and log bank toons in from these same accounts, and, they froze shortly after appearing on a station. So, it seems I have issues account wide on 3 accounts. These same accounts are on the same master account. I have terrans on other accounts with no issues, and, I have no issues logging other accounts in from this same master account. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Amen to Overtkill, I physically switched my two monitors and it works like it used to...now, to figure out which part of my security software is causing all my hanging with the clients...I use whatever comes with win 10 and a couple avast products...
  3. Hi, On a side note, before the upgrade, if i had a toon idle more than a minute or so, I was going to task manager to log the client off, since the game was freezing up. I kinda thought it might be an intended thing, considering it was happening more on Nostrand vor than the other stations I work out of. But, since the upgrade, I am noticing it happening on OMP as well. Doesnt matter if it is one, two, or three clients running.
  4. Hi, Thank you for the quick response. I run 3 clients on main monitor. I have one in upper left corner, one in upper right corner and one bottom middle. Same set-up I would run on the second monitor before I did the upgrades.
  5. Hi, I decided to update my PC, new RAM, CPU, MOBO and SSD. On my old setup, I could run 3 clients per monitor. After the update, when I went to slide clients to another monitor, I cant interact with anything. When I move the client back to the main monitor, they work fine. I have had a friend who is IT Professional, remotely try to figure this out and he is stumped. We have tried it in different compatability modes. I am using Windows 10 Enterprise (release 20h2), Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte B550M DS3H, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 GPU, 2 x 8GB 3600 (O.C.) RAM and a store brand Samsung SSD, Logitech keyboard and mouse. I did a fresh install of the game on the SSD. My friend erased all that and tried copying the files from my HDD and we are still having the same issue of the game not working as soon as I slide it over to the other screen. I can play other stand-alone games on the other monitor and can access the internet fine from both monitors. Please, if you can assist, I want to be able to fly a whole group again. Thank you.
  6. I know i saw somewhere how to solve my issue. Just reloaded the game on a w7 laptop, but, when i try to launch , i get the message Incompatible version of net7proxy. Latest version is 2.4.2...(i have version 1.9.9)   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. got the 3 parts, went back to planet Arduinne, went to the lab nav and i cant get the convo bubble to appear...
  8. hi installed windows 10 today, wasnt aware u had found a work around for win 8.1, anyways, i tried to follow your directions, im not very computer smart. I got the game to load a couple times, even though it was only 3/4 of my screen size. i couldnt get end config to work, was trying to do the performance test, kept getting an error. I deleted everything and started over, now, when i try to login, as soon as i hit enter, i get dumped right back to desktop. I will try all this again on the weekend, will try to have other laptop running, maybe i will get lucky and u will be on to assist me with the new os. You have been very helpful to me in the past.
  9. well, i tried debug launch, and, it seems to have solved my issue...
  10. hi, im trying to log in. I was playing last night without any issues. Now Im getting a INV-300. Seems maybe my local IP addy is wrong. How do I go about changing it. I know the game is online since there isn't anybody really on this forums site. Any help would be appreciated :)
  11. failed to connect to the global server...
  12. well, i still cant get back in past the galaxy map, and, ive tried several times...
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