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  1. Have BL roll you back prior to 135 Hull upgrade and then force your Brother to complete the agrippa missions at gun point!
  2. Ye Think its the R but its really the C!   :)
  3. Arg Matey! Whats a pirates favorite letter?
  4. Thx all! It was a lot of fun! Im only sorry i didnt get to stay longer and do more raid with everyone! Next time though! : )
  5. Static, VGE and BI have all agreed to the new 4 week rotation! Public Raiders have an open shot at RD base all week!   Static  skip/Rd Base/GoBB/Troller BI -     Troller /Skip/Rd Base/GoBB VGE - GoBB/troller/Skip/Rd Base Pubs - Rd Base/GoBB/troller/skip   New weeks change over at noon EST every saturday.
  6. Not all the detail of what is happen or being discussed here have been make public. Also Static is again advocating for a method of public raids. Settle down and as Magoo stated earlier lets let the guild leader resolve this.
  7. Looks like the login server may be down atm.
  8. It's always the nights i find myself with some honest to goodness free time! LOL! No worries dev team!! Thx for working so hard for us!!!
  9.   Agreed. ( Although I'm not an admiral!) Yes. ( jk Skunky you are fairly close!)   Static will make time this week to speak with EG leadership. Myself, another officer or one of the admirals will PM you or maybe just try and catch up on TS!
  10. I at the very least we will have to add another skip week to the public schedule, as im sure no one want to start with with RD Base! :o   /accepted!
  11. It is only partly about capability, its also about consistency and diplomacy. Are they capable of doing the raids, yes they can. However, if you look back at this thread and see the post where Magoo offered EG GoBB the conversation became "Fridays are no good for us" and such other things. Can they consistently take these raids down? What if Goodhumorboy can't take that day off work? Capability and consistency are both still valid concerns. As far as not jumping in on raids... You might have missed it Lann, but they have already done that. Thats a tricky move, isnt it? I mean if you jump in and take it! You win! If you jump in and get trounced then you run to the forums and say "My bad, lets move forward another way." I'll let you concluded on your own which way it went for EG.   Despite any transgressions we arent here simply saying NO. We are offering up peaceful, fun solution and can provide everyone to get in on these raids and one in which Epic can put to rest any concerns other guilds might have about them. They can take part in the raids, prove themselves both capable and consistent as well as prove they can work within the confines of diplomatic agreement, and begin to work with all three guilds in this agreement, rather than just one.   We all know, or at least hope, that new content is on the horizon and that it may contain another raid. I see no reason why this proposal could not be accepted and implemented until such time and when it does if Epic is proven as up to snuff I would see no reason as to why they couldnt be added.
  12. Static has concluded a guild vote on this matter the result of which i will not post here, but instead will by request pm to any interested involved member of VGE,BI or EG. We feel EG is has yet proven themselves ready for a rotation slot, but that the following proposal, should it be accepted by VGE & BI, will provide them with ample opportunity to prove otherwise.     Static proposes we move forward with a 4 week raid rotation agreement in which the 4th week would be public raids led by representatives of VGE, BI and Static. Those selected reps can lead public raids on GoBB, Rd Base and the Controller during allotted public raid times. We would motion that those raid leaders also be designated as the credit kill and control all loot and lotto responsibilities until such time as they are no longer needed. We suggest that each guild (vge,bi,static) put forward no more or no less than 2 designated public raid leaders. Raid Conditions: - All members (including alts) of Static, BI and VGE shall be exempt from public raid winnings but are otherwise able to attend/assist the completion of the raid.   Should more than half the raid team be comprised of above guilds this rule is to be waved at the discretion of the raid leader. - Public raiders are asked to be overall lvl150. - Be present when the raid begins for lotto consideration. (don't show up during a raid and expect to win a skull shield!) - Be compliant w/raid leaders instructions. - No player may be turned away from public raids on the basis of what guild they are or are not in, unless that player is in a guild that has been black listed from attending. - Assigned Raid leaders reserve the right to disallow any player from lotto consideration! Meaning: Everyone attending is expected to behave in an adult manner, and not cause any problems. - Griefing, harassment, disruption or any act of interference with any part of the raid schedule will result in a ban of the offending player, and if deemed necessary, problematic guilds. Guild leaders are asked to plz post the names of your public raid leaders and have the nominees reply with /accept Below is the proposed future raid schedule. Static –Troller /skip/Rd Base/GoBB  BI  -  GoBB /Troller /Skip/Rd Base VGE - Rd Base/GoBB/troller/Skip Pubs - Skip /Rd Base/GoBB/troller
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